Summer Camps or Money making factories

Summer schools or summer camps have become very popular in the last few years. It has almost become a trend that each and every school makes it compulsory for their students to attend. In the name of summer camps schools like to make handsome income apart from the regular yearly school fees. If students are not willing to attend, school stick the summer school name with scoring good marks in board exams and start to teach subjects from the beginning of summer camp so that students can excel well in the board exams. Recently I saw a new banner in which they have carefully made statement that they will help in career building and personality development of students. I do not know whether students who attend will make use of what they have paid or not, but schools will fully utilize money collected in name of camps or schools.

Summer camps were started with an aim to develop extra curricular skills among kids and children so that the young minds will relax without regular exams or home works. Usually classes would be of learning swimming, painting, horse riding, photography, bird identifications, astrophysics combined with star gazing activities in night etc., but now everything has vanished and summer schools have become money making business. Whatever may be the reason or justification summer schools give, the main agenda is to make money out of it. I we look at outer world, we will find numerous schools and colleges which teaches students indirectly that making money is the main aim in life rather than developing thirst for knowledge. What can be done in summer vacations which will be of beneficial to our children.

In vacations, plan properly so that children can enjoy maximum as far as possible. They will be stresses out of regular exams, competitions and home work through out the year, again don’t let them in the same pool. Engage them in extra curricular activities like gardening or culturing plants in the pot. Always develop activities that encourage children to develop love or liking towards nature. Always love with the nature is the best way for children’s mind to nourish and best learning is always from nature. Our children are not knowing human values like sympathy, love towards fellow children, kindness etc., All have developed to see others as competitors or enemies rather than universal brotherhood or world is like a whole large family. Try to remove the feelings of hatred, jealously kind of negative thoughts from their mind. If the children are not taught with our own heritage and culture, years are not so far that we will be sent to old age homes, where old people will be admitted to taken care of by our own children. Everybody will teach about making money but no body speaks about imbibing values and culture in children. Tell them stories of great epics such as Ramayana and Mahabharata. Don’t forget that children of today will be the citizens of tomorrow. Please try to make mother Earth a heavenly place for tomorrow, it is our responsibility.


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