Teaching Biology with a bit of Evolution Theory

Continuous preparation for teaching biology to second PUC students has been routine from the time I took teaching assignment. Usually I manage to take class in the morning from 8’o clock or sometimes I will take class in the afternoon. Morning classes will go smoothly as students will be fresh and can teach them any topic, they will grasp easily. But the class is scheduled in the noon then it will be a problem. Students will get bored or get tired listening to classes from morning. Teaching in this noon classes making students to listen is very tedious task.

I like to make class interactive in the afternoon rather than we teaching concepts continuously. I will ask questions regarding how universe has evolved? Who was the first man to take birth on earth? Whether any relation is there between Tsunami and Earth’s formation? These kind of questions not only makes students curious, they will try to know answer to these questions on their own. Once they get interest in subject, it is not so difficult to teach any concept. Along with students even I feel like telling them new concepts daily referring to books or internet. With all these I don’t forget to finish the class five or ten minutes before the actual scheduled time.

Finally, I have got adjusted to teach students in vernacular language and a happy news for me is student’s feedback about my teaching is good and class strength is slowly increasing!


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