What city's Children of today require?

Children of cities today get so many resources for entertainment like comics, television channels showing full day cartoons, video games but it’s not the scenario in the rural areas. Children in rural areas have fun in playing healthy village games which makes children stronger and may be this only makes children stronger psychologically too in the future. Children of cities may get the mental or logical development but not the Emotional Intelligence which is much required than the Intelligence Quotient.

Emotional Intelligence is the attitude shown by any individual when they come across tough situations in life; research has shown it can be developed by involving ourselves in the group games, living together in big joint families, learning to do different things and enjoy the fruits of labor. Intelligence Quotient or IQ as it is popularly known has gain significant importance over the last decade. IQ determines the brain’s capacity of a person. There are many tests which are used to measure IQ of a person but none of them proved to be unique to determine it. Many claim that there are medicines, techniques and tools to develop IQ but none of them are proved to be authentic.
Some of the major behavioral changes showed by the children of cities as a result of tight schedule in schools, less relaxation time at home, lack of physical exercises, exposure too much electronic gadgets are as follows, these are just indicative and list grows on -
  • Children are not able to live in harmony in a group as they are grown up in the divided family system
  • Lack of physical exercise has increased Obesity rate
  • Exposure to cartoons has created an imaginary world among them which is far from reality, when children are exposed to real time scenarios they are dumb shocked and not ready to accept the reality
  • Exposure to electronic gadgets has significantly increased cruelty levels in children, some video games are so designed that killing co-players in the game is a pleasure. (Recent shootout cases in the schools indicates the scenario)
  • Children are slowly losing the love, sympathy, brotherhood and moral values, indirectly parents and schools are pressurizing children to aim at Money making jobs
  • Children also can’t tolerate tough situations of life once they grow up and react too much for simple problems
On the other end children of rural areas are not getting good education, access to resources, what can be done further to improve themselves through education etc., These are just the indicative problems, list is endless.

By popularizing group games in the city children, we can improve situations much better. Village children will get love, care and facts of real life as there are no electronic gadgets or divided family systems. They are much exposed to life and dream of having better future rather than creating hypothetical world around them. Village children must be given access to resources and opportunities to nurture the talents among the rural kids. Schools which are taking donations and fee in 5 or 6 digit numbers should also look at developing moral values and emotional intelligence in the kids rather than making schools as just commercial factories which will have only buyer-seller relationship. Role of parents is also important in this matter, so a balanced approach will keep children happier. After all whatever parents do is for the betterment of their children’s life itself and nothing else!

Stress should be given to cultivating moral values in the schools as the children are like white papers on which you can write anything, if you educate children about this then you are educating an entire generation as children of today will be the responsible citizens of tomorrow


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