You can be Healthy by Dr B M Hegde

Do you want to know how to lead a happy life as long as you can? Do you think Cholesterol produced by body is the main reason for all the diseases? If it is not good for health why the body produces cholesterol? Taking tablets daily for different ailments really has meaning? Is it the physical food we eat is the reason for all kind of diseases? Does continuous exposure to sun light causes cancer in human skin? Whether modern hi-tech hospitals are really important for making people healthy? To know about all these things you must read a book ‘You can be Healthy’ by Dr. B. M. Hegde.

Dr Hegde clearly tells how disease mongering is done by the pharmaceutical industries to create fear among people and sell their products. It is creating false knowledge and belief that taking drugs will keep the diseases away but it’s not the truth. Another much debated topic is production of cholesterol by the human body. If human body is not benefitted by cholesterol then why human body is producing cholesterol? The interesting debate goes on. Diseases like cancer, ulcer or any other ailments are caused by the food what we eat, it is not the rice, wheat or ragi we eat, but it’s the egoism, jealously, selfishness are the real culprits causing cancers. Also Dr Hegde suggests people to have heart transplant it’s not the one done at Hi-Tech hospitals, but it’s the one to have sympathy towards people and let’s make the life of other people on the earth happier. It can also serve people as Health Wisdom Guide and good book to have in your collection.

On a personal note Dr B M Hegde is an internationally renowned cardiologist, being retired as Vice Chancellor of Manipal University heading Bihar State Health Department Association. Dr Hegde is recipient of numerous awards, honors including Padma award from Government of India, he continuously educate people through All India Radio and Doordarshan. He is probably the only Indian to work as an examiner at the Royal Colleges of England which is rare to attain that eminence.


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