Images always speaks better than the textual content

I always hate to read lengthy textual content and find it irritating to read whole lot of sentences and understand it. If the text matter is of simple words or contains simple sentences, I can read couple of pages but if the content or text matter is with usage of complex words and sentences. I just hate to read such contents. If any popular or best seller book is available in market, first I will search reviews about the book on the internet, what the book is all about, what it contains and its description then only I will proceed to purchase or even I will try to find whether anyone has translated the book. Hope at least by now some of might remember having difficulty in reading any book or best seller written by some popular author.

On the other side, if the same content of the book is expressed in an image, we won’t have difficulty in understanding things better and accurate. It is always easy to explain anything to anyone with the help of image rather than breaking head in explaining it just with words let it be house blue print or world map. One more thing I observed is we can recollect things from an image better than textual content.

If you are planning to remember something or preparing for any examination make sure that you will try to figure out the concept you understand i.e. express whatever you understood in the form of an image. Draw a free hand sketch including important observations or points you made while reading such that if you just look at the image you should be able to recollect whatever you have read in the form of text. If your kids or anyone is finding it difficult to understand any concept or subject or failing to recollect something, teach them the way of understanding or recollecting with the help of an image because images will always speak better than textual content.


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