A Video which kept me off from blogging

Was not in a mood to post any blog from few days. Recently was watching a video sent to me from one of my friend. Had no mood to write any blog or anything watching the video. YouTube has vast collection of movies including some of the award winning movies, documentaries and personal videos. The video which I watched recently is still haunting me, the innocent kids eating the food which was thrown in to dustbin at the star hotels. Don’t know how many children are living their childhood in this condition.

We human beings have advanced so much even we can reach the Moon and come back. But at the same time there are fellow people who are struggling for meals. I am not speaking about the condition of a single country, the countries which are thought as rich also have people who struggle for a single time food. The agricultural lands are also getting reduced in the names of townships and modernization. Don't know how the future will be, if at all any war takes place again on this Earth that will be only for food.

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  1. A humanitarian post ...
    everyone coexists with us, only few realizes