A small note on increasing the Ad impressions

Was running an experiment with my blog, trying to have maximum impressions on the advertisements displayed in the blog. Number of visitors to the site depends on the quality of content. But increasing impressions on the advertisements depends on the bloggers or designers. Increase in impressions also helps in increasing the reach of audience to the advertisements and in turn increase in revenue. For the beginners or the newbies, increasing the advertisement impression is making more people to watch the advertisement getting displayed on your website or blog site.

Usually most of the bloggers put advertisements either on the right side of the blog (reader’s right side) or on the top of the blog and rarely a few place advertisements at the bottom of the blog. It is the human eye mechanism that visitors to your site mostly concentrate on looking advertisement on the right side than on the left side. Also, readers won’t be interested in reading all the contents on the page unless they are very much interested in the blog’s content, otherwise they will just turn to other pages quickly. Getting accurate and quick information will be the aim of readers.

Having maximum advertisements at the top of the page before scrolling the screen only increases the advertisement impression. Many websites will be designed such that the top of the page will be full of advertisements, even though it is considered not a good web designing practice. Money also matters! Having good content or hot topic on the page drives the traffic however may be the content and layout design of websites.

When more than one advertisement is present side by side, definitely different advertisements will be appearing. Interested people may click on any of the advertisements, that way the probability of people seeing the advertisement will be more.One more issue currently being discussed everywhere is about recession, how hard it may hit the employees all over the globe. Many people will look at blogging also as an alternative job in case they are thrown out of the company. Competition on providing good quality posts will be more than ever.

To look the web page to be decent and also to receive high advertisements impression, have one Ad at the top of the blog o website page and the other on the right side of web page and if the page doesn’t look ugly or too much glued with Ads put one at left side of the page also making the content to appear in the middle of page.


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