Beware of Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras have helped in exposing many of the scams and bribing cases which might have gone unnoticed or public. Hidden cameras working as spy cameras are being used in show rooms and shops to keep a watch on happenings in the premises. Hidden cameras are available in many shapes making it very hard to identify. Danger of such cameras is when the same is used for illegal purposes resulting in spoiling the dignity of anyone.

It is common that now and then everyone will be hearing of some scandals and video clips of celebrities or college students. Most of the times these kinds of video clips will be fake made using some image mixing software to spoil the reputation or dignity of a person in the society but if at all true those will be captured using hidden cameras. Easy availability of hidden cameras is also one more reason for the misuse.

The videos or the pictures captured will be used for blackmailing the concerned persons for money or for any kind of favors. If the demands are not met, the videos or image will be published on websites damaging a person’s dignity in society. Even though strict rules are there against this kind of illegal use of electronic media, they are going useless as the affected fear to move forward approaching cyber police.

The affected people of such cyber crimes will undergo lot of stress emotionally and there are chances that they lose interest and belief on everything and everyone. Always prevention is better than cure. Be careful when you are out of house. Some of the usually targeted places for taking videos or images are dressing rooms in some show rooms, hostel rooms and resorts which all like to spend time freely.

Many devices can detect the presence of hidden cameras based on some signals or waves which these cameras make use of. But availability of such devices is difficult and also expensive. It is better to be careful always outside as many invisible non-living things can be watching us!


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