'Telangana' state is not required

Andhra Pradesh particularly Hyderabad region is burning with issue of declaring Telangana region as a state. Telangana region is consisting of only ten districts and the remaining districts will be the left over Andhra Pradesh. Major demands of people who want Telangana to be a state is to include Hyderabad in it and are not ready to form the state without the Hyderabad. Hyderabad is the capital of undivided Andhra Pradesh state, people of all twenty districts will come in search of job or for any purpose to Hyderabad as it is the hub for many industries particularly the IT companies.

If the Telangana region is declared as state then the central government will be under pressure to declare many regions as state. A small district in Karnataka, Coorg is also demanding for ‘state’ status and the same with the people of Hyderabad-Karnataka region people, they will get strong reason to demand for the ’state’ status. The cost involved in forming a state is enormous as a state requires all the governing bodies to run the administration smoothly headed by the Governor.

Andhra Pradesh was the IT hub before Bangalore came into picture. Andhra Pradesh has more than seven hundred engineering colleges and majority of students are opting for jobs in Hyderabad region itself. Many IT companies are located in the vicinity of the town. If Telangana is declared as state, people of other region (excluding Telangana) will be treated as other state candidates and will be considered as non-locals for availing many of the schemes (mainly educational fees reimbursement) currently running by the Andhra Pradesh Government.

Presently the cost of living is quite cheaper at Hyderabad compared to other cities of India. The main food crop of Andhra Pradesh is rice and it is also considered as ‘rice bowl’ of India. The districts coming under the Telangana region are not having good agricultural lands with high yield. But the regions excluding Telangana are the major rice growing areas. Also the ports which accumulate a very good source of revenue to government will not be included in the Telangana. If the Telangana region is declared as state then the food has to be imported or purchased from other states which in turn increase the burden on common man.

Only a few who are interested in enjoying the political power are demanding for the Telangana state only for their benefits misguiding the youth and general public. Common man struggling for two course meal per day will don’t get any benefit and in turn it will become difficult to lead life on his small earnings making life miserable. It will be better not to consider the request of only few people demanding for the ‘Telangana’ state for their political benefits, undivided Andhra Pradesh will be much better than divided one.


  1. The person who wrote this article might be from andhra region or he might be paid by andhra leaders to write this kind of article

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    thanks for your comment but am not from Andhra or not paid from Andhra Leaders. Can I know which point of above made you to feel that?

  3. Yes you are right. it is 100% acceptable. it is political game.

  4. @Technophilo.. you have any idea what was your article about? did u really have knowledge why people are suffering and getting hard to get Telagana? just a qucik points to ask its not a debate though.
    1. Did u see any water storage when two rivers are being flown
    2. Land of coal but no power for major region
    3. Did you see or have idea any job holder mostly in government sector from telagana region?

    there many ways the entire political system robbed region and no one has belief that leaders will do good.. it just that when state divides atleast the same regional people will get benefit rather than other people its simple as why need a telagana