Every question can be reduced to have answer - Yes or No

Holiday also irritates if no work is there. Unusual holidays are welcome on week days but regular one on Sunday sometimes creates a big question how to spend whole day. I was in same situation yesterday as am in Hyderabad. No known places or people to visit so had to spend all the time in room. Thanks to the internet and television, yesterday spent much time on these. Browsing through the columns of news paper editors and some bloggers is my favorite job when I don’t have any idea on how to spend time. While browsing I was landed on a page having some information on Richard Branson owner of nearly three hundred companies with a brand name ‘Virgin’. Even one year is not enough for him to visit his companies even if he visits one company per day. I don’t know much about his company or its success. His Virgin group of mobile didn’t do that much well in Indian market. But his principle of business and decision taking capacity is amazing.

One of his article aroused interest in me in which he justifies that every question can be answered just by two words Yes or No. Whether the question is complicated or simple but it can be answered. A complicated or a complex question can be divided into simples ones and can have answers with just Yes or No. I started applying same to whatever question I had in mind and also on things which took years to arrive at a solution.

Richard Branson also describes how he took major decisions on his business just by answering a few question Yes or No. When every question can be answered by just Yes or No then why do people takes days, months or years together to arrive at a solution is the prime question he throws at us! The problem is fear of taking risk. After getting into a comfort zone we fear to look beyond. We will be soon inspired by Richard’s way of thinking and taking decisions even on complex issues.

There are many books and articles published on Richard’s works. They are all best sellers and he has a group of followers too. Over all he impress readers by doing things which he loves to do listening his heart.

Also, the speed in which we take decisions is also important as it keep us front. Taking decisions quickly on complex issues just by Yes or No really helps when we are truly ourselves without wearing any masks.


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