Rebel Movie Review

Rebel is one more Don kind movie from the same director Raghava Lawrence, only with slight modification in story. Don movie starring Nagarjuna was having the story of killing the villain losing his close associates except heroine. The same sage continues with Rebel movie too. Apart from direction, Choreography, screen play and music direction are also done by Raghava Lawrence.

Even though movie tends to have few humorous situations, we can clearly make out the dry dialogues lacking actual humor and the difficulty with which Hero and Comedian trying to keep the scene lively. Story and song are not different from any other Tollywood movie.

Story is not so impressive but visuals are good, new stunts really make you stun for minutes. Rebel Movie is a perfect watch for Prabhat’s fans. The story has many illogical things difficult to visualize and makes no sense. Movies are made to entertain but it should  retain minimum reality.

First part of story is all about hero searching for the villain and the second part is of killing the villain by narrating his flashback.

Tamanna has acted boldly in this movie, compared to her earlier movies. Duet of Brahmanandam and Kovai Sarla is seen much often till the interval. Even the simple thing like cut wound spots changing their position is seen in every scene.

I felt the movie resembles Don in many aspects. One time see for those who have not seen movie Don.

Passport Renewal through Passport Seva Kendra

Even applying for passport renewal can be done online through passport seva portal. Like applying for fresh passport renewal can also be done by following almost same procedure.

First, register through online seva portal and upon login select renewal of passport, there will be various options such as change in personal particulars, validity expired within three years / due to expire, exhaustion of pages, damaged passport, lost passport and validity expired more than three years ago select the appropriate one for your case.

You will be asked to enter some basic mandatory details, fill them carefully and importantly fill the earlier passport details such as date of issue, name on passport, validity etc.

Once you are done with it, proceed for slot booking for at passport seva kendra. Book the convenient slots and be present there at least half an hour before the scheduled time to get used to the formalities followed. Carry the printout of slot booking for document verification.

Many times it so happens that, servers at passport seva kendra will be down unexpectedly and create havoc among the people came for document verification. In those situations to carry out the process of document verification, seva kendra officials announce the manual document verification process in which the applications will be distributed on the spot, so be ready with the information whatever you have entered while filling the online application form. Be ready to face such situations.

Carry passport size photographs and documents required, be prepared so that things will go smoothly. It is better to carry a set of photocopies of documents, you can’t run at the last minute to get the things. Most importantly don’t forget to carry a good writing pen, remember no one will be there at your service (of this kind!)

Update: Passport application rates are revised, for fresh passports it is increased to Rs 1500 from Rs 500, for tatkal passport it is increased to Rs 3500 from Rs 1000 and for minors it is increased to Rs 1000 from Rs 600.

Murudeshwara Temple and Beach

Murudeshwara has become popular mainly because of its location. Temple and beach present next to each other and just one and a half kilometers distance from the National Highway connecting Honnavar to Bhatkal makes this place unique. Murudeshwara is about twenty kilometers from Honnavar of Karwar district

Rajagopuram of Temple

Statue of Lord Shiva on the banks of Arabian Sea

Rajagopuram of temple is having 21 floors of 249 feet height and from each floor outside view can be seen. Another popular reason of people visiting this place is the statue of Lord Shiva present on the banks of Arabian Sea. Below the statue of Shiva, entire Ramayana is depicted and information on how Murudeshwara evolved has been beautifully visualized.

Some clicks from the surrounding of Temple:

The temple, garden and the entire place is developed and maintained by  R N Shetty trust.

Change the Position of Blog Title in Blogger

By default the title of blog in blogger will be aligned to the left in most of the templates. Very rarely templates except the customized ones will have the title at the center of the web page.

It is as simple as posting as posting blog to make the title of the blog to appear at the center of web page. Go to Edit HTML section of your blog if you aware of path if not follow this:

Go to Template -> Edit HTML -> Proceed

Irrespective of any browser you are using, type Ctrl + F and search for


Replace the above code snippet with

#header-inner {text-align: center; }

Click on preview to see, how the title at the center appears for your blog. If you are ok with it click on save changes otherwise just close the opened window without saving any changes!

Also, you can align your blog title to the left of Web page in case you are placing advertisements or any other widgets to the right of your blog title. Just change the word ‘center’ in the above snippet with ‘right’.

#header-inner {text-align: right; }

Jharani Narasimha Cave Temple, Bidar

Narasimha Jharani is a pleasant place in Bidar, Karnataka having temple of Narasimha Swami. People coming to Bidar make it a point to visit Bidar fort, Narasimha Jharana and Guru Nanak Jharana. Ususlly people from Andhra Pradesh (especially Hyderabad) and Maharastra visit this place as a picnic spot which can be covered in a single day. Specialty of this temple is, to visit God Narasimha Swami one has to walk about five hundred meters in cave canal having stagnant water. Frequent Government buses also operate from Bidar central bus stop to Narasimha Jharani.

Entrance of Narasimha Jharani

At the starting point of cave canal there is an idol of Naraismha Swami. Few stone steps are there to enter into cave canal and after that only soil.
Narasimha Swami idol near the entrance of cave canal

Walls are of red bricks and because of stagnant water, water stinks a little. Bats and Cockroaches are common as seen in any other cave like structures. Sanctum sanctoram is having the stone carved Narasimha swami is present and to the left of it is the Shiva idol. Aerators pump fresh air into the cave canal making it free from suffocation.
Narsimha Swami - Sanctum Sanctoram
(observe the above pic carefully just below the upper aperture, you can see the slight of tongue of idol in almost red color) 

Shivalinga to the left of Narasimha Swami

In front of temple is the water falling from the mounted mouth of Nandi, water is clean and can have bath. 

water falling from mouth of Nandi

Dressing rooms are in pathetic condition not maintained properly. Some steps to maintain cleanliness have to be maintained as many waste things were floating in the water in the cave canal.

VLC Media Player - Best Video Converter and Compressor

I used CamStudio to record the how-to video for applying online application for passport. The problem I faced was that the video file created was about 1.5 GB. It is very difficult to compress that video without losing quality and also it is difficult to upload such a huge file on any video sharing platforms including YouTube. I tried many video converters to compress the video maintaining the quality but all went in vain, if the file size reduces, quality decreases so that screen is not clearly visible. 

Again uninstalling all the installed software was head ache as many tool bars and additional search bars won’t go away so easily. Finally searching a lot on Internet, I got to know that such kind of compression without losing much quality can be done using VLC Media player itself. Even though VLC Media Player is widely used for playing video and audio files, other usages are less known.

It is easy to convert the video and audio files to the desired format using VLC Media Player. It not only changes the video to desired format, it also compresses the video size without losing much quality.

You may be surprised to know, 1.5 GB file was compressed to just 10MB and it was easy to share on YouTube.

Steps to Convert and Compress using VLC Media Player:

1) Open the VLC Media Player, select Media in Tool bar and in that click on ‘Convert/ Save’ option or you can use short cut key Ctrl + R

2) Select the file which you want to convert and click on Convert/Save

3) Select the Destination folder where you want to save the converted file, while saving the file name save with the extension (suppose if you want to save file name as abc converting into MP4 format then give name file name as abc.mp4 not only abc )

4) Even you can select or change the Audio or Video codec by using the Edit Selected Profile option present next to profile selection drop down menu

5) Click on Start, within few minutes you will get the converted file in specified format and you will see that size of file will be reduced

Applying for Passport Online and Passport Seva Kendra

Applying for Indian passport can be done through online but still one can apply for it through offline visiting nearby District Passport Cell.

To apply for passport, first register through the official link of Passport Seva Portal giving some basic mandatory details. A link will be sent to the e-mail id provided, click on the document to activate account. Log in to your account, providing user id and password.

Online application for passport can be done in two ways either download the form, fill it offline and then upload the XML file generated or enter the details online through the interactive form.

First Method:

Download the soft copy of application form and fill the details offline (the file downloaded will be zipped, extract and save it on local disk) No need of internet connection to fill this form and also it can be copied from one system to other. Carefully fill all the details and click VALIDATE & SAVE button. You will see a XML file generated and saved in the same folder in which form is stored.

Upload that XML file using the link present below download application form. Once you have uploaded the file, you are done and next you need to proceed with booking a slot for document verification at Passport Seva Kendra (PSK)

Make sure that you are using Adobe Reader version 9 or above, otherwise it will not possible to generate the proper XML file.

Second Method:

It is quite simple and interactive as filling any other form. It alerts when some wrong entries are made.
Select the number of pages and mode of passport required (normal or tatkal), based on selection made application will be opened upon clicking next button.

Enter the details and click on submit. Once the application is submitted successfully, you need to book slot for document verification through Passport Seva Kendra.

In both the process of submitting online application form, one needs to take appointment for document processing. Click on manage appointment, you will be directed to select PSK location; you can select the convenient ones from the drop down menu. Select the convenient date and time, on which you can visit, take print out of appointment confirmation page to produce at PSK.

Your application can be deleted if you don’t make it to attend the process of document verification on specified date, you may need to fill the entire form again. Make sure to cancel the appointment if you can’t go on the specified date.

Present at least one hour before the scheduled time and understand the happenings at the venue such as details of counters etc,

Fees for passport have to be paid at counter through cash only and cards will not be accepted. Also, don’t forget to carry photograph, as sometimes server will be down and chances are there that PSK’s accept application forms submitted on spot with photograph. To be on safer side take a print out of submitted application form also, it will be helpful if you are asked to fill all the details on separate application if server is down.

For the set of documents to be produced at the PSK, find out from the link – document adviser present in the left side menu of screen providing few details of your whereabouts. If you require any more clarifications, feel free to call to Passport Seva Call Center at 1800-258-1800

Visit to Mirjan Fort, Kumta, Karnataka

Mirjan fort has become quite famous place after the renovation works done by the Central Archeological Department. The old fort which was almost near to extinct by the negligence of local and government has been abandoned for many years. But recent interest by the Archeological department has resulted in keeping of last remains of the fort.

To imagine the present state of this fort, only the outer boundary walls are present in this fort and other inner walls are destroyed for the search of some valuable goods or got affected by natural factors like heavy rain fall. I got to hear many things about this fort in childhood that there has been enormous wealth in this fort and being stolen by many and ran away from this place. Seven big wells present inside in this fort are worth seeing because it has stair case kind of steps so that one can reach till the bottom of well. After the renovation the steps to bottom of wells is being locked and can’t go till down.

Entrance of Mirjan fort

One can see the remains if you enter inside the fort, only evidences of some buildings (foundations or marking made on land) are found. Machicoulis – balcony like projections are found by which stones and boiling water was dropped in order to attack on enemies. Also the fort is surrounded by Moats to avoid direct enemy attack!

Tri -color flag will be hoisted on Independence and Republic days 

inside fort no walls, only remains of marking on land

View Point (small window like structure) at the top to see the entrance of fort

According to the display boards found at this place, this fort was one of the major godown or ware house during the time of Portuguese, Dutch, French and even British till the stored goods were sent to port.

the place where the meetings were conducted during the Raj

Large amounts of spices and sandal wood were stored here and they were sent to the nearby ports (most probably of Goa or Mangalore as they are on the same coast). This fort was ruled by Samanthas of Vijayanagar dynasty and also ruled by Rani Chennabhaira Devi of Gerusoppa (popularly called as Pepper Queen by British) In the later part of 1600, this fort was under the ruling of Maratas, Adil Shahis and Tippu Sultan before it was occupied by British.

Mirjan fort is 13 kms from Kumta in Karwar district of Karnataka. Once has to go two kilometers to reach this fort after reaching Mirjan. Government has appointed full time employees to take care of this fort at least the remains.

Domain Name Transfer from Present Registrar to New Registrar

Recent GoDaddy DNS outage created havoc among domain owners and made them to look for alternatives if any, at that time the transfer of domain name registrar came as a salve. Domain registrars are the authorized dealers for providing domain name registration services to the general public (Even referral based resellers will also be affiliated to one or the other registrars) Even it is possible to change the domain registrars if you are not satisfied with the present domain registrar.

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) had laid few rules for transfers of domains to the new registrar.

Steps involved in the process of transferring domain from present registrar to new registrar:

1) Contact the new registrar to which you want to switch (usually all domain registrars provide this service as it adds business for them) from your present domain name (or website address) along with Authorization code provided.

Authorization code will be given or send by the present registrar to the Admin or to the e-mail id provided during the time of registration of domain name. Uncheck domain protection if you have enabled to get the authorization code and make switching easier.

2) Once the request is initiated, the new registrar will contact the admin through email which have to be confirmed through mail. If this is not done or the mail is not answered domain registrar transfer process will be cancelled.

3) Even the present domain registrar will contact the domain name owner or the admin of the domain through mail seeking confirmation regarding the transfer request. This is also done in order to avoid any fraudulent requests. Even this mail has to be answered positively to proceed with the domain transfer.

The domain will be transferred successfully once the domain name owner confirms the requests of both the new registrar and the present registrar. Necessary information about the admin and the payment of charges has to be made in advance for the transfer of registrar in accordance with the new registrar pricing.

4) The control of domain settings will be with the new registrar and necessary domain server information will be taken from old registrar, if not the domain server information need to be updated manually.

The transfer of domain registrar may take two weeks time. There are few restrictions on transfer of domain registrars, it is not possible to transfer domain from one registrar to another within a period of sixty days from the date of purchase and this condition applies even after switching to new registrar.

The present domain registrar may charge fees for making the domain registrar transfer to a new one. Also, new registrar will charge fees for their service with effect from the date of transfer.

Sunny Leone's Journey to Bollywood

I didn’t write anything about movies in my blog as of now, thought to write few posts about movies and its impacts, heroes and heroines, craze of people towards movies. I used Google Insights to see what is happening in Bollywood and to know about recent hit movies. The result I got for that is Sunny Leone.
I got to know that there were significant searches for Sunny Leone and its still increasing. I googled and got to know many things about her. I will start my posts on movies and related things starting with sudden star Sunny Leone utilizing proper opportunity.

Sunny Leone got famous with her entry into Big Boss reality show series and her role in recent release of Jism 2 directed by Mahesh Bhatt made her more popular. Her entry to Bollywood was with Horror – Thriller film Ragini-MMS. Her twitter follower’s count is around 3,00,000 as of today and still counting. Before stepping into Movies she was working with porn movies.

Sunny Leone was born to Punjabi Sikh parents in Canada. She wanted to enter into Bollywood as a long term dream and want to get settled in her life by the age of 30. She previously worked with many brands as Ambassador and model gaining the popularity of “Most searched Babe on Web”. She has been featured on various TV shows and magazines published all over the world.

Even she has participated in the half marathon conducted in order to raise funds for American Cancer Society. Wish her Good Luck with Bollywood!

Get back your Money spent Online through ApnaCashBack

Indian Online Market is offering its best to the customers with competitive prices. Recent addition to new way of customer benefit approach is by ApnaCashBack. ApnaCashBack will give cash back for the purchases made choosing online merchants through them.

How ApnaCashBack works?

this is how the cash back works

1) Register / Login through

2) Select Merchants from the list based on your purchase plan

3) Click on your interested merchant image, you will be directed to the respective merchant’s website with specific referral id (Don’t do any changes here as the purchase will be verified only by this referral id)

4) Complete the purchase at Merchant site. You are done!

Apnacashback will verify your purchase and gives the cash back if specified threshold is reached.

Also, friend referral program is offered by apnacashback. Refer your friends to apnacashback through email or facebook using referral id, if your friends register you will get referral bonus of Rs 30 and also your friend will receive Rs 30 as joining bonus.

Images and information are taken from

Apsarakonda, Honnavar: Monsoon made Water Falls

Many are not aware of this magnificent and enjoyable water fall situated very near to Honnavar. One has to take left way near toll gate present before entering Honnavar from Bhatkal side. I visited this place once in summer but didn’t like it much as it was dry without water. This time I made sure to visit this place in monsoon as this region receives good rain fall and there will be full of water in all water falls of this surrounding.

There is a wrong sign board displayed on way to Apsarakonda with distance as 1 kilometer but it is more than that nearly three kilometers. 

Water falls from a height of 8 to 10 meters and makes it perfect place to enjoy and play in water. Just behind water fall there is cave like entrance, don’t know where that will head to.

Only at the place of water fall t is more deep may be 6 to 7 meters. Other than that it is normal may be 5 meters so no problem to walk in water. But be careful as there are small stones inside pricking while walking in water. Even running water pull is less so even children can enjoy nicely.

This water fall present behind Umamba Mahaganapathi and Ugra Narasimha temple, a branch of Sri Ramchandrapura Matt. Forest department takes care of this water falls and recently a park is also being constructed with boating to attract visitors.