Free Anti-Virus software for Genuine Windows

Computer viruses have become very common and found either in computer or with the pen drives. Pen drives have become popular as he active carriers of computer viruses from place to place. Computer virus is also a program written in any of the programming language similar to the writing of program for the development of some useful software. Virus in simple is also computer software developed with an intension of destructing data or interrupting the work going on over the internet world. Coincidently these viruses are having the names of celebrities, making these celebrities to scratch their heads consulting the hackers to prevent popularizing their names in the other way. The demand for anti-virus software is high and many companies with a label of providing 100% virus free software companies are competing in the market.

Some of popular anti-virus software in demand is Kaspersky, McAfee, Avast, Qucik Heal and Norton. The list is changing with respect to the parameters and every year some new anti-virus software will be added to the list. Many of these software are available free and it provides only limited protection against the threats. Having Anti-Virus software without internet also doesn’t help as all anti-virus software requires periodic updates. In the periodic updates, new anti virus definitions will be loaded and gives protection to the computer.

Microsoft is also providing a free anti virus software for the genuine windows users. The anti virus provided by the Microsoft can be easily downloaded from the Microsoft website or the downlink can be easily got by searching ‘Microsoft Security Essential’ in Google.

‘Microsoft’ security essentials provide security against some of the computer viruses and keep the system in a good performing condition. More over its freely available and it updates fast compared to the other anti virus software. Computer Viruses mainly spoils the data i.e. corrupts the data making it inaccessible. Also, there are viruses specialized in hacking the data present on the computer hard disk. Be careful about some of the software which scans your documents online there are chances that they may be the hacker’s tools for accessing your data.