Keesaragutta Sri Ramalingeshwara Swami Temple

Keesaragutta as the name suggests it is a hill (in Telugu, Gutta means hill) Keesaragutta is in city limits and one can be there early in the morning or evening to breath and feel the cold freeze. On the top of the hill there is Sri Ramalingeshwara temple. It is believed that the Shivalinga at this place was installed by Lord Rama. It is believed that Lord Shiva had appeared at this place before Lord Rama and hence the name Ramalingeshwara came to this temple.

Keesara entrance

Legend says that after killing Ravana, Lord Rama had come to this place atone for the sin of killing Ravana. Lord Rama asked Hanuman to get the Shivalingam from Varanasi but it was late by the time Hanuman arrived from Varanasi with Shivalingam. As the auspicious time of pratistapana (installation) was nearing and Lord Shiva himself appeared before Lord Rama and presented Shivalingam for installation. 

Keesara temple

temple buildings at Keesara

Shivalingas outside the temple

By knowing this Lord Hanuman on arrival threw all the Shivalingams in anger (101 in number), he brought from Varanasi and they are scattered all over at this place. Since Lord Shiva himself presented Shivalingam to Lord Rama at this place it is called as Swayambhu (self manifested) and the temple is popularly called as Ramalingeshwara temple as Shivalingam was installed by Lord Rama. Also, Lord Rama to console Hanuman told that he will be worshiped after Lord Shiva at this temple.

Hanuman statue outside temple

temple with moon at background

The presence of Shivalingas outside the temple (many in number) justifies the fact of what legend says. Even the view of city from the top hill looks beautiful. During Shivaratri festival special pooja will be performed at this temple and fair will be organised. 

Beside the hill there is a children park and can be used by public. Keesaragutta can be reached easily by the public transport as many number of buses ply from ECIL.