Think before using spoons for eating

Eating using spoon has been considered as standard and regarded as one of the table manners. Using spoon not only helps in keeping our hands clean but also helps in keeping food into mouth at a time in a limit. Without spoon one can eat more or less depending upon his capacity of holding food in fingers or palm! Eating with spoon reduces the embracement to a certain level as one can only eat according to the food holding capacity of the spoon. Don’t take spoons of larger size, it may seem to others that you are eating with serving spoons. At the same time increased use of spoons in public places raises the questions whether the spoon is properly cleaned or it is just crow bath! Crow bath is a popular term used in south India for the people who take bath as that of crows just to sprinkle water and claim they have done with the bathing.

Spoons will be made up of stainless steel and at public places care will not be taken that good quality steel spoons are used. Spoon will be held with the help of small handle like structure and used to eat food. The problem is sometimes the spoons will not be cleaned properly they will have sticky oil like substance on it or if you just look on the other side of spoon you will see some food or detergent material get deposited in the corner joining spoon handle with the spoon base. There is good chance that the deposited material will be swallowed while we keep the spoon base inside our mouth or chances are also that it get mixed with the food when we take food from the plate. The deposited material mainly consists of left over food particles without cleaned or of detergents which are not washed properly. Take care that the spoon you choose is free from such deposited material on its backside.

It is advisable to boil the spoon in hot water to remove oil stains on the spoon after washing with the detergent. Keeping spoon in the hot water or just pouring the hot water on spoon doesn't help much. A recent trend in hotels is to keep the spoons in a bowl of water (may be hot water turned into cold by the time users take it), it will not do any wonder it will just keep the spoons wet. Avoid spoons which has deposited material on its back side, it will get mixed with food resulting in many diseases.

At home as we are living in the divided families it won’t be of much risk as the users of spoon are less. But the liking to eat outside is more in the divided families compared to joint families. Whenever you got to hotel or restaurant make sure that the spoons are cleaned properly. Don’t get any diseases in midst of having fun eating outside food.

Better idea is to use fingers than the spoons but the wise use of it for eating food without embracing people around us rests only with us!

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