Don't keep simple passwords

Online community is growing very fast. Everyone is getting exposed to online transactions as it is considered to be convenient and easy than standing in the queue waiting for the turn. All kind of utility bills, any kind of purchase and transactions of few hundreds to lakhs can be performed online with the help of internet. Getting desired usernames for email addresses or anything online has become difficult as the simple possible probabilities are exhausted making the new users to experiment with the combination of digits or some special symbols like ‘ . ’ or ‘ _ ’ or with some kind of extension to the desired name. Similarly, passwords may be same even though different usernames. The chances are high that the individual’s passwords can also be same.

For many banking transaction it is mandatory to have combination of upper case - lower case letters and special symbols, this itself is enough to know how important it is to have strong passwords. Many hackers working online 24*7 to access secure information causing disturbance to your work. All the companies have felt the heat of hackers and have high level skilled employees to work on the security architecture in an unbreakable manner. But still hackers peep-in by hook or crook. Somewhere, in the last year even the Orkut one of the popular social networking site at that time was hacked and created havoc in its users. Also, the popular websites and email addresses of celebrities were hacked and misused. It is high time to choose strong passwords.

Many times it so happens that for the sake of remembrance we keep passwords simple and keep birthdate or loved ones name as passwords. Hacking need not be done by any unknown hacker, it can be by known persons also for having fun or for the curiosity to know what is there inside your accounts. Don’t keep such simple passwords. Even there is software which can hack your account just by knowing how many digits are there in your password. Also, many companies provide two kinds of passwords, static and dynamic. Static will be the one which will be same always and dynamic will be the randomly generated password by a dongle.

Have password with combination of upper case and lower case letters, minimum of one or two numeric digits and special characters. It is better to have upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers and special characters alternatively rather than keeping them in order one after the other.


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