Two years of Blogging: 227 Posts and 51000 Visits!

As mentioned in earlier posts, I started blogging as a hobby to spend time at home shifting from Goa. But blogging in a way changed myself, making me to describe the things in a more simpler way. Blog posts of mine has all type of content which interests me. Because of that mine is not a niche blog and it is having information shared which I feel in a way useful to others.

Compared to last year, visitors to my blog have increased from 10000 to 50000 making me happy that content I wrote was of use to some visitors. Apart from the increase in number of visitors, Google page rank has also been increased to 2 from 0.

Now a days with the increase in the work pressure and winding up of graduate project work, was not able to update content on a regular basis like earlier. But I have made sure that every month i posted some useful content either of places or of few tips. I feel 50,000 visitors in two years is not a small number as mine is not a niche blog.

Thank you very much for your visit and I look forward for your valuable suggestions.

Mallela Theertham Waterfall

Mallela Theertham is one of the popular waterfalls of Nalla malla forest, a perfect spot during summer to get drenched in the water. The location of water fall is even though remote, one can easily reach with the help of sign-boards and an advantage is the presence of a single road to reach the water fall. One has to take diversion towards left in a village on the Srisailam road, on the way to Srisailam. Identifying route will not be difficult as display boards are there and villagers are also helpful.
entrance to waterfall

view of waterfall 

The location and surrounding of Mallela Theertham is maintained well with facilities to park vehicles and a small botanical garden with canteen. I guess the canteen will be open during the season and may not be there in other seasons as visitors are less. Greenery and pleasant environment allows relaxing brain and body!
waterfalls from a distance

on the way to falls

One has to step down to reach the water fall. Cement concrete steps (may be 250) are made with railings for support while climbing up. As the water fall is nearing we can feel the cold weather. It is advisable not to get in to water as it is very slippery. It is not allowed to get into water during monsoon as water flow will be high but during other season one can take bit risk as the water flow will be less. The rocks on which waterfalls is slippery with sharp edges, so be careful while getting into water.

Presence of temple next to water fall makes it even a spiritual place. Shivalinga along with Ganesha, Dattatreya and Durga make this place unique. Mallela Theertham is a must visit on the Srisailam route.