Enjoying the pain

Train journey is preferable for long distance travelling. High fair for bus had made people to opt for train journey whenever they can. The ticket booked in advance also doesn’t get confirmed as the confirmed travellers list will be huge. I felt the same while coming back attending the Yahoo! Open Hack India 2011 from Bangalore. Even though I booked the ticket as soon as I got the confirmation on registration, my ticket was in RAC status. (RAC – Reservation Against Cancellation) It didn’t get converted into ‘sleeper’ even after the chart preparation. In railway station also travellers were more many couldn’t get seat to sit in general compartment. General compartment was like fully crowded bus.

Train travelling with confirmed ticket is fun only if everything goes fine. Sleeper coach will be in demand always but sleeping near side window seat is difficult. The side upper and side lower seats are difficult for tall people to sleep. Only people with height less than five feet can sleep comfortably. Otherwise the difficulty with sleeping folding the legs is like enjoying the pain. RAC ticket if doesn’t get converted into sleeper or any other class one should sit and travel with the co-passenger. Luckily, my co-passenger in the train journey had his wife in other coach indicating his liking to travel with his wife. I was happy as I can sleep and travel but the happiness didn’t last for long as I had difficulty of travelling folding the legs. Didn’t get proper sleep as I couldn’t turn legs or turn myself in sleep. Reached Shimoga by next day morning and it took almost a day to become normal from all pains!


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