Mobile Phones and Love Marriages

The usual complaint by the people of older generation is their children of younger or new generation are not listening to them and love marriages are also happening against their wish. Love marriages were considered to be an offence earlier and now it is slowly taking place everywhere even in the families who claim themselves very orthodox. The education and the qualities which are being imparted to our younger education is making them confident enough to choose what is best for them. In the middle of choosing a right option, chances of getting into wrong hands is also not uncommon. In middle of all these, electronic gadgets are also contributing to the era of love marriages. Social Networking is another channel through which marriages are happening better than through the marriage brokers. With the demand to access where a person is, mobile phones are very effective and it is also responsible for the so called love marriages.

Mobile phones will have option to send text messages popularly known as sms and sending messages is called ‘texting’. It is quick to get chat friends also as simple as sending messages. Texting gives an opportunity for the youth to share themselves with the friends and one or two in the friends will slowly become close and depending on the mutual conditions it will be turned into ‘Love’. Also, for one or the other reason parents, elders or teachers may scold in the adolescent age, or there may be small reasons of unhappiness or depression making these younger people to rely on someone for sharing their feelings. Texting is a very good option for sharing one’s feelings with the loved ones without actually disturbing anyone. Speaking over phone may disturb others or at least it will make the surrounding people to hear what conversation is going on.

Relying on ‘someone’ for psychological needs creates a feeling that the ‘someone’ will be the better choice for the lifetime and the friendship over the message will gets converted into love without thinking much on the pros and cons of it. Adolescent is the mixture of all feelings, variation of mood over silly things will be common. In addition to that mobile phones are becoming inevitable part contributing their own share in the love marriages.

Yahoo! Open Hack India 2011 and Karnataka Politics at hotel Lalit Ashok, Bangalore

Had registered for the Yahoo! Open Hack 2011 looking at a post on internet. The registration got confirmed and was invited to attend the Tech Talk to be held at hotel Lalit Ashok, Bangalore. I reached the venue on the time and proceeded for the registration. The introduction and the talks began quite well and the talks were really interesting. Many hacking teams were ready for the hacker’s session and without any other option they were listening to tech talks after that only the hacker’s event was supposed to start.

Tech talks started in three parallel sessions first by Praveen P N on developing high performance websites. The talk went well with a brief presentation. Some of the powerful tools on testing the performance of websites were presented. One among them is Web Page Test ( using which one can see how the website loads from different geographical locations. Adding high definition images for websites takes more time to get the page load, one thing can be done is compressing the image without losing the clarity of the picture or by lossless compression of the images. It not only saves the space on server but also improves the speed of websites getting loaded. He also spoke on including iframe codes on websites as it takes much time to load. Many of you might have seen in websites which have like buttons of facebook or twitter will get loaded slowly after all the content loaded on the page.

The nest session was on Accessibility challenges and Innovations by Srinivasu Chakravarthula of Yahoo Accessibility Lab. He spoke in a pleasing manner from the basic definition of disability. Disability doesn’t mean the physical disability it can be of a person’s inability of doing what he actually wants. The talk went well and he demonstrated how they are trying for making the life easier for people with disabilities. He also invited us to visit his lab and see the work going on by their team. After the session I got a chance to interact with him.

Hotel Lalit Ashok was not only the place of Yahoo Hacker’s event on 30th July 2011, it was also the place of happenings of Karnataka politics. Many elected members were residing in the hotel for their discussions with no symbols of giving it an end. Luckily the attendees of Yahoo event didn’t get disturbed by these political activities. By the time I was coming out, there were many media reporters waiting to report from Lalit Ashok with lot of curiosity and to cover the happenings lively.

Domain Flipping is growing as a new business

Domain flipping is purchasing a domain name solely for the purpose of selling the same for a higher price. Online community is growing very fast and everyone is trying to have their brands, logos and domain names suitable for their brand. When there is a need, there exists an opportunity, few people utilizing such opportunities will make money. A new way of making money online is from domain flipping.

Like any other business domain flipping also requires an initial investment depending on the capacity of the investor. Domain flipping can be started from as low as $ 10 or ` 500. More than any capital the domain flipping business requires intelligence and a bit of common sense. Some well versed business men have taken domain flipping as the full time business.

Domain flipping as I mentioned in the beginning is purchasing of domain names. The domain names can be purchased from any of the domain name seller and keeping it for quite some time until someone is desperately looking to purchase the same domain name. When there is someone looking desperately to purchase the same domain name which you own, you can sell it for a higher price. Domain flipping is also termed as the best business on web of the 21st century.

While buying domain names, one should carefully purchase the names which may be in need in the future. For example, suppose you own a domain name some months back and a new firm is started which is planning to have the domain name same as you own then the firm has no other go than purchasing the from you paying as much as you demand.

Sometimes it so happen that some companies like to purchase domain names which are almost similar to their company URL. Many times rival companies like to own a similar domain name for the purpose of misguiding customers indirectly making the rival companies to undergo loss. A bit of smartness and making use of common sense earns the money.

It also involves risks and scams. Many times it so happens that you give all the details you have regarding the domain name (such as user name and password) and the purchaser won’t pay you the money as the purchaser will have full control over the domain management received by you. At the same time, many purchasers will have doubts that suppose the owner of the domain name cheats without giving details (such as user name or password) of the domain name. It is best or recommended to have a middle men or a domain buy-sell agency (which are plenty over the internet) so that the chances of frauds or getting cheated are less.

Professor Calyampudi Radhakrishna Rao

Statistics has application in all aspects of subjects irrespective of science, commerce or management. A highly respected Statistics and one of the living legend in Statistics is Professor Calyampudi Radhakrishna Rao or popularly known as C. R. Rao. His works have not only influenced Statistics but also influenced the fields of Economics, National Planning, Geology, Genetics, Anthropology and many more. The Times of India listed Dr Rao as the one among the top ten Indian scientists which India has produced.

Calyampudi Radhakrishna Rao was born in a small place Hadagali in the Bellary district of Karnataka. Rao received master’s degrees both in Statistics and Mathematics. He received M. Sc. in Mathematics from Andhra University and M. Sc. in Statistics from Calcutta University in 1943. In 1948, he acquired Ph. D. degree from Cambridge University under the guidance of R A Fisher. He started his career at Indian Statistical Institute and served the same for the forty years retiring as the director of Indian Statistical Institute. Rao introduced many advanced courses and training programs in the curriculum of ISI during his tenure as the director.

Dr Rao has thirty honorary doctorate degrees to his credit from the universities of seventeen countries all over the globe. He is on the board of all most all the high level committees related to Statistics. His best known discoveries are Cramer-Rao bound and Rao-Blackwell theorems related to the quality of estimators. He has worked closely contributing to many areas of mathematics and statistics such as Multivariate Statistics, Estimation Theory, Statistical Inference and linear models, combinatorial design, biometry, statistical genetics, generalized matrix inverses, functional equations and orthogonal arrays. He has more than 400 publications in referred journals and published fourteen books.

Some of the awards conferred on him for phenomenal work he has done in Statistics are Guy Medal in Gold (2011) of the Royal Statistical Society, India Science Award 2010 (the highest award in scientific field presented by government of India), International Mahalanobis Prize (2003) of the International Statistical Institute, Srinivasa Ramanujan Medal (2003) of the Indian National Science Academy, National Award of Science in the year 2002, Padma Vibhushan (2001) by the Government of India, Mahalanobis Centenary Gold Medal of the Indian Science Congress, Wilks Memorial Award (1989) of the American Statistical Association, Meghanadha Saha Medal (1969) of the Indian National Science Academy, Guy Medal in Silver (1965) of the Royal Statistical Society, S. S. Bhatnagar Award (1963) of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, JC Bose Gold Medal of the Bose Institute, Gold Medal of the University of Calcutta and many more.

US government has honored with National Medal of Science for his pioneering contributions to the foundations of statistical theory and multivariate statistical methodology and their applications, enriching the physical, biological, mathematical, economic and engineering sciences. Dr Rao is working as the visiting professor in many of the universities including Pennsylvania State University, University of Buffalo. Pennsylvania State University has established C R Rao and Bhagawathi Rao prizes in Statistics in his honor. Also, C R Rao Advanced Institute of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science is established in India in his honor.

The Secret of Astrological Predictions

I often wonder at Astrology how it can predict something which is going to happen in future. People go for astrological predictions either to find a soothing answer from an astrologer or to satisfy their ego. No one can predict what will happen tomorrow, anyone who claims that they predict will only do guessing and nothing else. Astrologers have a well defined way in predicting. A recent trend is all TV channels have started astrology shows and have gained popularity. Astrology can be seen as a way of making money utilizing the ignorance, fear and lack of confidence in people about themselves. Nature has many things in its treasure and phenomenon in nature like solar and lunar eclipses have nothing do with Astrology.

Coming how the astrologers predict things, one can easily do that even without any knowledge of planets and stars. Predictions will be done by following a standard path depending on the age group of people asking questions. Everyone has to undergo different stages in life and the commonly faced problems in the different stages include matters related to education, employment, marriage, having children and health etc. Our life should go through all these stages and no one can escape from it.

Questions commonly asked by the people of different age groups will be, in the age group of 18 to 24 youth will be having queries related to education and employment so whenever a person of this age group contacts any astrologers it will be easy for astrologers to tell the person is facing difficulty related to education and employment, if the contacting person tells yes the astrologer can proceed giving solution! If the contacting person is a girl of the same age group then the query will be more likely to be related with the marriage.

People in age group of 24 to 35 will have problems related to marriage, employment, getting adjusted with in-laws and not having children. People of age group 35 to 50 will have issues related to their children’s education, employment, marriage and constructing house. People of age group 50 to 70 will be related to health, property issues. These are the general or the standard questions which the people of above said age groups will have. At the first stage of conversation itself Astrologers try to get information from the people contacting them.

I can bet no astrologer can predict what will happen in someone’s life without date of birth (helpful to know the age) or any information. I never came across any astrologer who can tell what has happened in the past. The only thing I can make out with Astrologers is they are earning their rice without any investment only on the capital of people’s fear and greed.

Engineering Graduates ending up with Management or Finance career

Engineering degree is the dream of our younger generation. Other jobs are losing attraction in front of engineering jobs especially the software jobs. Every year more than one lakh engineering graduates come out of our universities. Many find jobs as soon as they graduate and a few step towards higher studies. Almost all engineering graduates try to join the software industry and works in a condition not better than any skilled labor. Last year only twenty four Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) degrees were awarded by Indian Universities in the field of computer science. In the higher studies, some students opt for specialization with a masters degree relevant to their under graduate engineering study and some for management course. The management course i.e. MBA can be taken up by any graduates but in a recent survey majority of engineering students are taking up management course. Why students dreaming of having career in engineering field are joining for management and finance course ending up with business analyst or economic analyst or finance analyst.

NASSCOM is repeatedly announcing its report on reducing quality of engineers produced by Indian Academia. One among three engineering graduates is not fit to be employable by any IT companies and lack the skills required for being engineers. The universities should include learning by doing approach than the entire course becoming just a bunch of technical subjects. Students coming out only with theoretical knowledge are not competent enough to apply the same to the practical problems of real world.

With no proper skills engineering graduates are finding it difficult to get into jobs and try their luck in other fields. Management or economics requires applying some statistical techniques which engineering graduates can actually do well than others without any difficulty. Applying already developed tools and techniques to the data and making inference out of data is the basic thing any analyst mainly and largely do. Non necessity of high level technical skills attracting many engineering graduates towards other fields.

Authorities should make stringent rules to improve the quality of graduates it produces. Situation is so worse that the graduates in a subject are not having even the basic knowledge of the subject making them to search for the jobs not requiring the skills or knowledge gained during graduation.

To become an economist or finance analyst or a business analyst engineering degree is not at all required. Candidates aiming at simplifying the lives of people taking up engineering course ending up with some other job are just a tragedy.

Don't market your blog more than required

An alternative definition to the word marketing will be promoting anything. Anything can be promoted, either using online media or press media. Marketing through online media gained prominence in the last few years. Social Networking sites and also some dedicated companies exclusively work on marketing online. Marketing online also includes marketing blogs. Marketing blogs is mainly done through online marketing companies and self marketing.

Online marketing companies market the blog on many social networking and popular sites having huge traffic. Online marketing companies also market the blogs receiving the blogger’s requirement. A company can market a blog based on geographical area, age group and gender. The information on age and gender can be easily got by data mining the information with the social networking or email offering sites, which users had entered during registration. Many event management companies sell their attendees list to the marketing companies for a huge price. The marketing can be done for an hour, a day or for a certain period of time. Marketing through social networking sites have also gained popularity making these sites earning their major source of revenue.

Self marketing is marketing blogs by the bloggers itself for free. Self marketing can be done by commenting or sharing the link with the contacts list. Commenting on popular blogs and leaving a strong or appealing comment with a link to your blog gives a back link to your site, making many to visit your blog and profile. Commenting on popular posts is also called as back linking as it involves linking back to your site indirectly marketing your blog. Sharing the link with contacts is also a good way to increase visitors to your site.

Marketing blog can get you one time visitors but to make the same visitors to visit your blog often is difficult. For keeping visitors to visit your blog often one should supply the visitors with the fresh content. To provide fresh content one should update blog regularly with posts. Marketing your blog is necessary but over doing it will result in drastic down in visitors after a certain period, making you feel frustrated and worried. Update your blog with good posts entertaining readers that will keep readers to your blog forever.

Towards Satellites with Love

Recently GSAT satellite was launched by ISRO and it landed successfully on its orbit. Entire country celebrated the joy and scientists at ISRO were on clod nine. The satellite will be controlled from the International Satellite Control Unit at Hassan, Karnataka. The big antennas placed in the Hassan campus will send and receive signals from the GSAT satellite. The hard work, dedication and knowledge of scientists saw its fruits. The satellite will help in telecommunication and related aspects. GSAT is the one more to the list started by the launch of Aryabhata in the year 1975. In the thirty six years of India’s journey into the satellite launching there are many success and failures and the citizens of country mourned when there was failure. To build a satellite several millions of money is spent. The benefits which we are enjoying by these satellites are tremendous.

Every year in budget a considerable portion of money is invested on the technological development and many claim that it is too less compared to other countries. But in countries like India we are spending on technologies more than what we require and none of the projects and schemes are aiming at the development of common man. Rich people are getting richer and the poor becoming very poor. Instead of spending so much on technology and related things, it can be spent on improving the condition of rural people. Death of our rural people is mainly due to the hunger and the lack of even one time proper food. Millions of our children are suffering from nutritional deficiency. Not only children even the pregnant women are suffering from Nutritional deficiency. Scientists speaking on improving the condition of science in India will never even think of creating a better living condition for the people of the country.

Pregnant women are not having nutritious food. The development of foetus will start from its fertilization and by the end of nine months the basic development of all parts of foetus will get over. Once the baby is delivered, it will have poorly developed organs such as heart, brain or any system in the body with the possibility of death within the age of thirty. The idea of feeding pregnant women proposed by Dr B. M. Hegde, a very wise man and the retired Vice-Chancellor of Manipal University is not considered seriously by the state and central governments. The idea proposed by Dr Hegde is quite simple, it is to feed the women from the day the first menstrual cycle stops indicating the occurrence of pregnancy. It will result in proper growth and development of delivering a healthy baby.

A part of money what we spend on military and technological development such as satellites, space shuttles, landing on moon etc, can be spent on education and providing basic requirements to the less fortuned. We will be here on this Earth for only few years, at least make others also happy like us. There are many unfortunates around who don’t have two course meal and basic requirements like toilet, a proper house etc. No one is going to stay here permanently but at least we can contribute a little to keep the fellow men happy.

Why we need Doctors

I was looking at an online health care store which was launched recently. It has all the possible collection of electronic gadgets and instruments helping to know all the parameters of the human body. A wide range of products were being sold on huge discount that the list of recently sold items was getting updated for every minute.

A few instruments which I could make out from the store were blood sugar level testing device with minimal incision and accurate result display, digital thermometers, blood pressure checking box etc. There were so many models that they can be compared only with jewelry shop which will have many ornaments design.

These gadgets even had guide on maintaining normal levels of all parameters. Free guidance book on all symptoms of diseases, standard or ideal values of all parameters. One can cross check their own test results with standard values and diagnose disease based on guidelines in the gadgets user and guidance manual. The companies market their product creating a belief in buyer’s mind that gadgets are essential to be carried everywhere and should be incorporated as the part and parcel of life.

This is the story of electronic gadgets and on the other side there is a huge pile of books claiming to give information on health. Without any information on health, many of these books will have information on what kind of drugs to use to cure ourselves. If one looks at the publisher or sponsor of book it will be either companies manufacturing gadgets or the pharmaceutical companies.

Doctors instead of treating patients with their consoling words are acting as the agents of pharmaceuticals prescribing long list of medicines for simple fever. If everything was available on internet and books what is the necessity to have doctors and hospitals in the world? Doctors should keep patient’s belief on them. Patient – Doctor relationship is reduced to business, doctors are selling diseases.

All the medical sciences have proved that faith heals better than anything else and doctor’s common sense, experience and consoling tone plays major role in healing the diseases than the electronic gadgets and drugs.

Don’t forget to have enough balance on your mobile phone when you are going for other state

I had scheduled two blogs to get published automatically using blogger option. Am happy that I published two posts on time even though I didn’t access the internet. In a way made my readers satisfied who love to see fresh content on my blog site. From Hyderabad I came to Bangalore by Kacheguda - Yeshwantpur Express. I liked Hyderabad, being a big city there is no much vehicle traffic in many areas and at some places traffic is more but the people are in a way more sensible without pressing horn unnecessarily contributing unknowingly to the cause of controlling sound pollution. People are also co-operating guiding to places and bus routes. I stayed at Sree Anand lodge near to Kacheguda railway station. It is quite good and also an advantage is its location near railway station. I also liked the rule of City Corporation which has banned the usage of plastic covers and the vendors are also following it quite strictly.

Only difficulty I faced at Hyderabad is with my mobile phone. Mine was Karnataka sim card and as I entered Andhra Pradesh it was on roaming, charging for both incoming and outgoing calls and messages. Few calls I didn’t answer as balance was low but couldn’t restrict messages. I had subscribed for many free sms alerts which deducted mobile balance till it reached zero! In roaming at zero balance even you won’t get incoming calls and became a bit difficult for my parents to contact me. When I called home from a coin box got to know their effort in reaching me on mobile phone went in vain. I searched shops to recharge my AirTel number but didn’t get any shops having AirTel currency. Tried to text my brother and friends but it didn’t go as my cell was having zero balance. I didn’t find any cyber center also near by to do online currency transfer for my number.

I was helpless, learnt a new lesson to have enough balance in pocket as well as on my phone while going to other state.

AdSense enabled on one Gmail account and the feeds on the other

Having feeds for blog has become important, in the long run it provides a good number of followers to your blog. Monetizing the feed will help in publishing the advertisement to all readers at a time increasing the reach. The problem is having a Google AdSense account enabled on one Gmail account and owning feed or blog through another Gmail account. In this scenario one cannot directly put the AdSense on feeds, in blogger monetizing the blogs are allowed only if the feeds are owned by the admin of blog.

This problem can be easily solved in two ways:

1) In blogger, a blog can have hundred authors and they can be given status of Admin. If you are having a blogger account with and Ad Sense account with, what you can do is just invite as an author or a publisher to your blog. You will receive an email invitation on from for the purpose of verification. Once you verify, will be added as an author on blog owned by Logging into blogger through, you can change the permission of to Admin. Next set the address of feed owned by for email subscription. Now you can see that feeds are monetized.

2) Other method is also quite simple and considering the same case, using the blog by and owning the feed on Login into your feed account via, you will get the list of feeds. Click on desired feed and you will get three options edit feed details, delete feed and transfer. Select transfer feed, give the email address Authenticate the same on, now the feeds are transferred on to Set the feed address in the email subscription. Without any hassle you can set the address as the feeds are owned by itself.

Scheduling a future blog on blogspot or blogger

Blogspot or has many things to offer for its members or bloggers. The offers are ever increasing from time to time. Also one need to find out many more things which Google blogger is already offering. Self discovery is best one. You can schedule blogs to be posted on a particular day and time. One can use this powerful tool while going out of station so that the blogger don’t disappoint his readers who love to see new content each day and also the searchbots!

Scheduling a blog to be posted is an easy task. After typing or posting the content in the blogger editor before publishing click on Post Options. The post options will be visible as similar to the drop down menu. In the date and time, one can set the date and time of his choice it can be any date in future. One disadvantage of this is one can post also in the previous dates i.e. on June 20th, one can publish a blog for date 10th May. In the chronological order of blog listing the blog will appear after 9th May. Nobody can make put except the publisher when the blog was actually posted! May be few readers thinking now if they were allowed to go to their past, they would have changed many things which they didn’t like and couldn’t stop at that point of time.

The option of scheduling a blog in future is very useful for bloggers who are going for a tour or out of station for few days. If they don’t want to lose the frequency of searchbots visiting their blogs and satisfy readers curiosity in reading new content each day, bloggers can opt for this.

This post is also a scheduled one which was written on 19th July and being published today as I will be in Hyderabad without any plans to access the internet.

Going to Hyderabad for the first time

Today was an eventful day. Had many things scheduled, going to bank, purchasing a demand draft to appear for Tamil Nadu PG counseling, taking class. First went to college and took classes, next was to go for bank. Am bit uncomfortable to see the dull faces of Central government undertaking banks who works as if they are doing great honorary service for the mankind. No one can change them, may be not even their higher officers. I gave the cheque and sat waiting for my turn. My token was not called, the next numbers were called and when I went to ask for the same, the reply was that the cheque numbers are not fed into the system. Enquiring about it I got to know that the lazy bank officials issued the cheque books without even entering the series of cheque leaves.

Somehow managed to get the money bit late and went to other bank to take Demand Draft as that bank is quite famous to issue demand drafts quickly. I filled out the challan form and deposited money in the counter. The lady at the counter showed interest about the name in which the demand draft is taken and asked me regarding it whether its for distance education or regular. I said for regular full time course. She told all the best returning the counter file and asked for few minutes to wait. Mean while I got call from Hyderabad engineering college to visit them tomorrow. I didn’t even know how to reach there. I called one of my friends and got the instruction to go via Harihar.

Reaching home I informed regarding the call from Hyderabad and prepared mentally to go for Hyderabad. I booked tickets via Since it was the only bus available from Harihar to Hyderabad and may be someone else also had tried somewhere else, I was experiencing technical glitch. In my third attempt I booked ticket to Hyderabad and that was from Harihar. Inquiring neighbors regarding the rout e to Harihar I left home taking blessings of parents. I reached Harihar in two hours via Honnalli.

I searched the travel agency office at Harihar and located it near to the Shobha Talkies road. The movie theatre is closed now but still the name exists for the road. Without finding any interesting way to spend time at Harihar found a cyber center near by travel office and currently blogging from the cyber café.

I have not seen Hyderabad, going there to see new people, new roads, new environment, waiting for a totally new experience. Hoping things will go smoother at Hyderabad.

Blogging Block

Writing blogs continuously from last three months has given little experience with blogging. Along with that, it is challenge to blog regularly keeping constant momentum. The frequency of writing blogs has to be in the same frequency in order to satisfy the readers with fresh topics and making the search engine bots to crawl the blog site constantly. Search engine bots will reduce the frequency of visiting the bog sites as the number of posts published gets reduced. In midst of other work and blogging daily is also a difficult task as it is challenging. Daily am competing with the search bots so that they visit my blog site regularly.

Teaching also needs extra effort, preparation to teach in class and teaching the same to students is not easy as it seems to be. To make class interesting few extra things has to be added while teaching. By the end of class, teachers will be exhausted physically at the same time they will be equally exhausted mentally and difficult to concentrate much on any other work. I am in same condition trying to sail on both boats.

To think about a new topic and writing blog about new topic daily is challenging and demanding. Blogs should not bug the readers it should be enjoyable. To keep readers interest in blog one has to write on tempting topics holding reader’s interest. Daily thinking on such topics creates a block to the blogger’s thinking. The case will be so worse that many times bloggers can’t even write more than a paragraph. Going through this phase, I searched on the same in search engine. There was a huge list on bloggers block symptoms and solutions. Now it was my turn to scratch head looking at the search results.

The best solution to come out of such block is to divert from blogging and concentrate on other things till one finds himself comfortable to write blog again. It is not so easy, other prime solution was to sleep and give complete rest to mind! Am blogging as a hobby but think about full time bloggers or pro-bloggers if they get the same block and can’t even write anything. My suggestion to those is to think and write on ‘Blogging Block’.

Fort at Mirjan

Mirjan is my maternal grand mother’s place. My brother and I loved to stay there in vacations. For the purpose of job my parents were staying at Shikaripura so it was common for us to spend our vacation enjoying in the hamlet Mirjan with cousins. Mirjan is in Kumta taluk of Karwar district and situated thirteen kilometers away from Kumta on the way to Gokarna. National Highway – 13 passes through Mirjan and as a game we were counting number of vehicles going towards Karwar or Kumta.

Few attractions of Mirjan at that time were bullock carts, big coconut and arecanut trees, jungle, boats, church and fort. Church was mainly visited by the Christian community people and people of other religions involve lighting candles during one-day celebration ‘Feast’. It is a belief that wishes will come true by lighting candle on that day at the church. A few meters away from church building is Fort. I never visited there as a kid but had a dream of visiting it. The reason being not visiting fort was not properly maintained and was a drinker’s paradise. Only thing I knew that time was the tri-color flag was to be hoisted on Independence and Republic day celebrations. Even many told me that the flag pole inside the fort is the second tallest flag pole in India after the tallest being the flag pole in Delhi. I am not sure whether this information is correct or it is just a rumour.

Many years later archeological department showed interest in the maintenance of fort and took almost three years to convert it into a visitors place. I visited there during the renovation work. There are seven deep wells with one being very deep. All wells have steps which help in reaching the bottom of the well. May be the steps are constructed to reach the water level in deep wells as the wells get dried during summer. Also there is a tunnel outside the fort may be used to enter the fort secretly or during the night.

There are few evidences which show the existence of broken buildings or walls. Around the fort there is shallow channel, may be filled with water to prevent the sudden enemy attacks (My imagination is that the crocodiles are bred in this channel as a safety measure.) Flag pole is one more attraction. Recently heard that tourists visit fort regularly and slowly becoming a tourist spot.

Karwar district administration has celebrated ‘Kote Utsava’ to give popularity to this fort. No accurate information on history and rulers of this fort is known, many possibilities are given by the archeologists based on their observations. But all agree that Mirjan was an important spices market during the British rule as Mirjan is also connected through the water way (Thaari Bagilu). One more interesting fact is there are people who searched the fort with the hope of getting the ancient treasure.

List of Highly Paid Indian Bloggers

India has quality writers and the recent passion is blogging. Indian bloggers pages are visited at least a minimum million times per day. Here is the list of top 10 bloggers who are highly paid by the Google AdSense with their websites and blog sites. The list is taken from a survey report conducted,

1) Amit Agarwal -

2) Amit Bhawani -

3) Harsh Agarwal -

4) Jaspal Singh -

5) Arun Prabhudesai -

6) Nirmal -

7) Lohit Langde -

8) Raul Bansal -

9) Honey Singh -

10) Srinivas Tamada -

These are the highly paid bloggers by AdSense and there are many who make their living through AdSense earnings. Few of the above mentioned websites also has valuable information on various things one can make use of.

Opting blogspot or over the other blogging platforms

Many blogging platforms are available on the blogosphere each having its own unique technique of attracting publishers. Few attract sharing full revenue with the publishers, with condition of sharing revenue generated, helping in getting approved AdSense accounts easily and many more. Blogosphere is no way inferior to our super bazaars attracting customers with a slogan of huge savings on monthly budget or best price in market.

In this post I try to list few points on the benefits of choosing blogspot as the blogging platform -
  • Blogspot allows a blogging account to have 100 posts
  • Blogspot has no limitation on number of posts on each blog
  • Provides 1GB of photo uploading shared with Picasa (More requirement can be easily met by purchasing extra memory)
  • No limitation on number of comments a post can get
  • Can own a domain name without spending much from Google shopping and free hosting service even after purchasing custom domain name
  • No loss in traffic even after switching to custom domain name
  • Provides easy tools and widgets to create feeds (subscription), statistics counter, share the posts with friends on facebook ,twitter or google +1 and many more
  • Ease of design of blog as per blogger requirement by drag and drop options
  • Easy to monetize and to add third party advertisements
  • Ease with including any HTML or JavaScript
  • Recent addition is of having the favicon of blogger's choice
  • Easy to get indexed in the Google Search Engine ranking
  • No percentage of revenue sharing with the blogspot in the bloggers earnings from their blogs
  • Most important is, little technical knowledge is enough to use blogspot

List is endless and the blogspot is the best blogging platform to start with. Anyone interested in blogging can start writing blogs using blogspot, something is better than nothing.

Happy Blogging with blogspot or blogger platform

Giving Labels and related post link in the blog increases visitors to your blogsite

‘You can’t estimate the depth of water unless you get into it’ is the anonymous statement. We can’t say about anything unless we get into it, we can give our opinions but it won’t have any value as the listener will also know what we are up to. Blogging is also a big sea but the difference is blogging is ever expanding form its inception and sea has set boundaries. The suggestion or tips in blogging world or blogosphere will wok only if it comes from experience. Am sharing my experience with the blogosphere, trial and error methods also give some kind of idea on readers like.

Assigning label to the blog and displaying it in the right corner of website increases the visitor to the blogsite. Niche topic blogs will have blogs related to the particular topic but the non-niche or general blogs will have all the things and thinking going on in author’s mind. May be a new quote ‘General Blogs are blogger’s workshop’ suits best to the general blogsites.

Blogging sites will follow the pattern of stack (Last In First Out), the blog which is being published last will be available first on visiting the blog address. When a blogger publishes more than hundred blogs, for a new visitor it will be difficult to read what he likes. In such cases, the tendency is that the visitor will not return to your site again. It is not that you don’t have good posts but it is mainly because of the blog design. Design of blog also matters as the visitor will be in a hurry to get what he wants at his finger tips than digging the entire pile.

Assigning labels to blog is also one good idea to increase visitors to your blog. A visitor interested in reading blogs on travelling, will surely visit your blogs if you give a label to each blog and give the labels list in the corner of your blogsite. The visitor will be interested in and look for other posts with the label travelling.

Apart from giving label, one more is to give related post link. Suppose you are writing your travel experiences of visiting ooty and if you have already published a blog on ooty, you can even add it in the blog. Don’t give the web address of the complete web address of the related post, hyperlink the address with an attracting name chillness of ooty or places near by ooty. The visitor to your blog - travelling experiences of visiting ooty will also tend to read the related post.

Travel ticket reservation through Mobile Phones and Cloud Computing

Advancement in technology has even contributed on going green initiative. Online ticket reservation is the quite older known technology and the recent addition to the list is paperless technology. We are used to booking ticket online and taking print out on paper. Online reservation technology has reduced the long standing queues in front of reservation counters. But has made huge queue on internet web servers to book ticket online, without the capacity of handling huge reservation requests, web servers also hang many times.

The problem of server busy in online reservation system has another story too, the servers and the online system will be purchased or outsourced through the tender process. The person bidding for the least amount will get the tender, at low price how can he provide good quality even keeping his share of profit. Authorities should re-think on tender process and should also include minimum quality standards (keeping in mind the growth of popularity and traffic to website over the years) while issuing the tender notification.

Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) has introduced reservation through mobile phone recently. There is no specialty in it, as it has online reservation facility earlier itself. But the reservation done through mobile phone doesn’t require print-out of the ticket booked. The sms sent to the user after successfully reserving the ticket serves as ticket and no need of taking the print out of the same. It saves the paper to a greater extent as ticket print out is taken usually on A4 size paper and may be a few thousand print outs are taken every day. Red Bus has implemented mobile ticket or sms ticket and has gained much popularity.

Railway ticket reservation is mainly done through online now a days and only a few will have reservation done through railway counters. If the provision to do railway ticket reservation through mobile phone and sms tickets are considered equivalent to hard copy of ticket, it also saves tons of paper per day. The challenge with the sms ticket or mobile ticket is the sms should be delivered within time to the customers without any delay.

A good solution to tackle the problem with sever loading or hanging is to use the cloud computing. Cloud computing also has an unique feature of hiring extra servers whenever required, paying only for the extra usage. Whenever the load or request for booking tickets is more extra usage feature can be utilized and can be abandoned whenever load is within the capacity of existing servers. It not only provides better service to customers but also reduces the complaints of server slow response, payment delays or similar technical glitches.

Oats are not good for health

Human beings of different geographical areas are used to and living consuming the native food for centuries together. Our body gets well with the native light food and takes many million years to get adjusted with the food of other geographical area. Fast food is not a native food of India, it is also responsible for many ailments. Acidity and ulcers are the prime examples of effect of fast food on us. Wise and sensible intake of food is the best medicine and reduces the risk of all diseases, is the key principle which the queen of all medicines Ayurveda has preached over the years.

Oat is non – native food of India. Oats available in India is being exported from other countries with a label that it is good for health particularly heart. But if you observe carefully, no research has shown oats are good for health. Only the research carried out in the sponsorship or guidance of oats exporting companies has shown oats are good for health. None of the independent and non – biased reports has shown in take of oat is good for human beings. In many countries oats are being used as cattle feed forming a major source of food for livestock.

Oats are grown throughout the year and it is an annual plant with high production rate. Oats are being exported to developing countries with a label it is good for health by reducing the cholesterol levels in our body. Actually, oats doesn’t do anything and human body is not a fool to produce cholesterol if it is not good for human health. Oats are also being dumped into Indian market with a slogan of healthy food and it is the best food for maintaining good health condition. These are just the marketing tricks for dumping such goods in a big developing country. Even oats are used as feed to horses. There is no evidence of using oats as an alternative food source by human beings in any of the country.

Indian food system is one of the best food systems in the world. Many countries import Indian spices which even has the medicinal properties. Oat is non native food to India and consumption of it doesn’t make much benefit at least for Indians. Most of the times the media are being controlled by the marketing lobbies forced to publish biased news. Even the research institutes, research journals are carrying out the research based on the money what they receive from the companies or industries owning products, in a way indirectly proving the company’s product are best.

Favicon with blogspot or

Blogspot or provides all features for free to its users. Bloggers well versed with template HTML code and designs will go for WordPress than blogspot as the designs and looks are very special and attracting. Problem with the WordPress is its requirement to spend money on hosting and purchasing a domain name. Every blogger has thought once or more to have account on blogspot in his career of blogging as it is user friendly offering unlimited bandwidth, search engine optimization and easy monetization. Blogspot also provide an option to purchase a customized domain name without losing the traffic or page rank and extra space to store image if the user requirement crosses the limit 1GB. Blogspot is an user friendly and zero investment blogging platform. Much advancement is being done with blogspot and the recent addition to the list is ‘favicon’.

Favicon is also known as website icon, URL icon associated with a particular blog or website. WordPress was providing feature to use favicon and blogspot was not having any easy tool for adding favicon easily. Many branded bloggers have designed their favicon designs unique to their blogs and they are as famous as of blogger’s blog. Designing logos for bloggers is also an industry of multi – million business turnover.

Old browsers don’t support favicons and almost all new browsers support it. Browsers supporting favicons will display an image of favicon on address bar or title bar of website. Internet Explorer was the first browser to support favicons launched in 1999. Sometimes favicons itself takes much time to load the page completely on slow internet connections.

On blogspot one can add the favicon easily using the new user friendly tool developed, without any hassle without bothering much about the file format. Just by uploading an image using the favicon menu in design of blog structure will finish the job of adding favicon to your blog.

Favicons give a lasting impression on web visitors and make them to revisit the websites. Blogspot’s new move in easy adding a favicon to blog instead of usual blogger symbol will make at least a few thousand users to opt for blogspot.

Beware of Google AdSense misguides

Google AdSense is the sensible program offered by Google for online publishers. Most of the blogs are monetized with AdSense and receive payments per click and per impressions. Google AdSense is improving along with increase in number of bloggers, many tools are developed to help bloggers to use AdSense without any hassle. Little knowledge of internet usage and a bit of blog design is enough to make sense out of Google AdSense.

Google AdSense not only offers users to add advertisements to their site but it also provide AdSense for search, feeds, mobile and domain. Webmaster tools and search engine optimization tools are freely available for users. There is lot of useful content on Google AdSense available on internet providing help about its usage. Similarly, there are lot of misguides to Google AdSense.

Many websites claim that they provide useful information on Google AdSense’s publishing tools with an assurance of guaranteed returns just by investing an hour per day. Websites also publish few cheques and persons photo who have earned through their product within brief period of time. All these benefits are to be given to the users on payment of certain fixed amount. Actually Google offers all these for free which the website company offers for a fee.

Many websites even claim they have tie-ups with Google AdSense and helps users in getting AdSense account approved. For this also the websites charge fees as a standard practice in the name of only intension to help users. Google AdSense accounts will be approved by filing out necessary information in the AdSense application form and it takes few days to get approved. But officially Google AdSense doesn’t charge any fees.

Many websites also have offerings on getting traffic to your site which in turn increases AdSense earnings. Such offerings are false and never depend on them. Never rely on black hat techniques, they are strict violation of AdSense policies and may result in even disabling the AdSense account.

Try to post original writings and get ranking to your page in organic search methods or white hat techniques. Inorganic search methods and black hat techniques can help for one or two days but not always. Google AdSense offers everything for free, don’t fall prey to misguides.

Industrialization effects!

We have addicted to machines for everything and can’t live without them. We rely on machines for almost everything let it be washing cloths or writing blogs. Industrialization has helped our younger generation to get higher pay packages and especially IT companies are paying in huge packets such that each toddler attending the Montessori school is interested in becoming software professional. Other profession like teaching is the last option which our youth are looking for if they are sure of not getting any other job.

Careful and critical analysis of any industry reveals the fact that the industries are functioning mainly over utilizing freely available natural resources in its surrounding geographic areas. The land lords who sold the lands for the sake of making money are working as watch man or cleaners in such industries and also they have not paid proper compensation which the industries had promised for during the purchase of land. Industries have utilized many natural resources till they are extinct and no traces are left behind for their existence. No wonder in few years the mining companies will make deep pits on earth to look similar as that of other planet’s surface. It will be another man made wonder like that of Great Wall of China visible from other planets.

Frequent travelling of vehicles has made adverse effects on people’s health. People of heavy mining areas are suffering from lung cancer, respiratory diseases and asthma. The end-products of industries are getting mixed with ground water and surface water resulting in scarcity of drinking water. Majority of industry’s end-products can not be recycled.

We are not looking towards alternative sources of energy. Natural resources like coal, petroleum are getting exhausted on one side and the inventions are just pending for approvals on tables and are not getting approved and utilized for betterment of people’s lives by the lobby of industries on other side.

Industrialization is indirectly forcing our farmers to surrender their fertile lands, government is acting as middle men in delivering lands into the hands of industries. Our food production is already reduced greatly by the reduction of agricultural land and excessive use of fertilizers on top of it the fertile lands are taken away by the industries in the name of development. We will face scarcity of food in few years. Energy can be generated by alternative sources but there can be no alternative to food we eat. Hope the industries (mostly pharmaceutical and food products) will not come with the advice of having pills as an alternative to food.

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

Death can occur as a random number at any time and there is no exception every number will get a chance, a few may get late and a few early. No body knows when they will die. Even the astrologers who come for the show daily on television are also not sure when death calls a person. Without knowing the fact that we are mortal on this earth we aim at making at without any limitation even some times by unfair means. There is no limit to greed. If a person knows when his or her death is on a particular day what they like to do. Whether they like to spend with the loved ones or love to add more property to their list of belongings differs from one individual to other.

The Last Lecture is the lecture to be delivered by the professors or celebrities on superannuation or at the time they achieve something notable. One such lecture was asked to be delivered by Randy Pausch, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University and a researcher on aspects of virtual reality. Randy will be diagnosed with the pancreatic cancer and the doctors give his chances of being alive just for six months. Randy also sobbed like others who loved life, kith and kin knowing their death. But soon recovering from the fact, realizing all will die one or the other day, he wanted to live happily as long as he lives. He likes to show his love towards his children who were just toddlers. He barks on various things to let his kids understand how much he loved them when he was alive. He did all the possible things to keep his memory alive in his kids even after they grow up.

‘Last Lecture’ is the small book which Randy wrote created a storm in all the lists of best sellers. The book describes how Randy tried to fulfill his child hood dreams becoming an engineer at Disney, journalist and many more. Also, he doesn’t forget to add the names of many who helped him in achieving and fulfilling his dreams including one of his professors with a dedicated writing on ‘Dutch Uncle’.

Touched by the popularity of the lecture and the co – incidence with the lecture being the last to be given by Randy, the organizers changed the name of Last Lecture series to ‘Journeys’. The video of Last Lecture by Randy Pausch updated on YouTube has received more than million hits and the number is still growing. The book is also translated to many languages even to the regional languages.

Last Lecture is a must read for the people loving their life. Randy loved his life, job, wife, children and finally his death. Hope his soul rests in peace.

Blogging is also like an investment

Investment can be done in any sector, let it be real estate or petroleum products. Investment give returns only if we invest wisely in good companies and also depends on the period of investment. One of popular investment Guru said ‘Chances of earning more investment increases as early as you invest.’ This can be applied to any field whether it is starting a firm or gaining knowledge. Those who invest first or start first will get more benefits than others. Initially those invested in Infosys are now having share value worth a million.

Blogging can also be viewed as an investment. A balanced investment including all sectors gives more fruits than investing in single sector. Blogging on various topics attracts more people to a website than to a niche topic website. Niche topic only attracts people who want to go more deeply into the matter and many readers don’t like blog sites on only specific sectors.

It is best to start blogging as soon as the thinking about it grows in our mind than waiting for auspicious time to come. If we wait the auspicious time will never come and the capacity of making all the time auspicious rests with us. Early bloggers have huge traffic to their websites than the ones started two or years back. Early in the field is more likely to get more benefits, if anyone plans and starts blogging today, he will be at least ahead of fifty million people who want to blog!

Blogging requires an investment of prime – time, as much one spends with shares or stocks. Investing a minimum of two hours per day bringing out a good blog is enough to make a modest income out of it. The more time we spend in, more will be the benefit. Try to explore what others have afraid of or ignored, authentic posts will always gain attention no matter whether it is written by a novice blogger or an experienced blogger.

Suppose anyone starts to write blog from today, posting a new blog per day, one will have 365 blogs in a year. If he continues to write for two years, he will have 730 blogs in his credit. (excluding the blog likely to be written on February 29) If each of the blog attracts one new reader per day from the population of internet world, the website will receive 730 page views easily per day and may be more depending on the content.

Blogging is also like an investment, the better and wise one invests in it, more likely is to get better rewards.

Knowing what people like to search on Google

Newbies to blogging will be confused on what to write about and will have a doubt in mind whether people will read their writings or not. It is very difficult to know what the readers like and if the readers likes is known it is easy to write a blog on that doing a small research on the topic. A few bloggers have found niche topics for writing their blogs but majority bloggers who are just planning to start will wander for what to write on.

For such beginners Google has very good tools to analyze user’s likings. User’s likings vary depending on time, demographic location, topics etc., these tools can be even used to see what users have searched over a definite period of time.

Google trends is the site which provides valuable information on user’s search. Using Google trends one can find out what the people have surfed using Google Search Engine. Google trends will show the topics in brief what the users have surfed over the internet and also the list will be updating often. Google trends website can be reached on

The top ten searches of USA can be found using the link and top ten searches information of India can be got at Using the statistics, one can find the hot topic for blogging or what people have searched. Google has regional search engine websites for China, Japan and many countries, that country’s top searches can be got by just adding the text /trends at the end of URL (example Also, if you enter any key word, a graph how many people have searched for that key word will be displayed. Similar to Google trends, Google Insights also provide statistics on what the users have searched all over the world.

Google insights can be used to find statistics on what users searched depending on time, day, date, country, state, topics such as arts, science, shopping or news etc., and even filters can be used to know about whether it was web search, image search and product search. Google insights can be reached at

Google trends and Google Insights sites not only helps for newbie bloggers to find out hot topics but also for a few who are curious and interested in knowing about what people have searched much on Google.

Sexual Harassment at the Universities

Sexual Harassment at the work place for women had raised significant voice and a few rules are implemented by law. Sexual harassment at universities is going unnoticed. Investigations are made only for name sake. The investigation reports are getting biased and the victim is denied of justice. There is no article in our constitution which especially stress on point of harassment of women at work place. But there are few provisions in section 354 of IPC deals with the ‘assault or criminal force to a woman with the intent outrage her modesty’ and section 509 of IPC deals with ‘word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman’. These are not enough, strict rules has to be implemented for safeguarding women’s modesty.

Professors or deans at the universities using their power and position harassing girl students and women colleagues, not even bothering about their respect and duty. This kind of harassment is classified as Power – Play using one’s power in getting or keeping a job, favorable grades, recommendations, credentials, projects, promotions, orders and other types of opportunities in exchange of sexual favors. A person with a minimum of twenty to twenty five of experienced and qualified professors will be the guides and harass the students of the age half of their age. A few cases of harassments are getting public because of non – compromising nature of girls (we should encourage such girls) but who will care for those compromise fearing to the respect in the society and not been able to face the consequences of accusing the guides.

The guides / professors who were supposed to be the priests of knowledge getting involved in harassing their own students is a shame and indirectly creates a feeling of insecurity among girls who want to pursue higher studies at university campus. At least the faculties or people in power at private and government colleges will fear of serious punishment by management and betterment committees. But there is no such actions are being taken on university faculty.

We the Indians have introduced the concept of universities of the world. Nalanda and Takshashila (Taxila) are the two universities considered to be the oldest universities of world. Universities in such a country supposed to be the knowledge centers are becoming the centers of sexual harassment which is disgusting and disastrous.

Internet Games and Violence

Videogames and computer games have changed the way of our imagination about games. Outdoor and Indoor games (such as Carom, Chess etc.,) saw a drastic down in the statistical curves. Hand held video game operated with battery cells was very much popular and slowly it was taken over by TV Video games. TV Video games gained popularity as it had an opportunity for multiple – players, change is inevitable and now the turn is for Game Box and computer games. Game box or play stations are costlier and not yet reached the masses at large. Computer games reached to places wherever computer has reached. There will be few in built games and a few easily downloadable from internet with an offer of free periodic updates.

Being accessible to computers, children are attracted towards computer games. Any cyber center we visit will have minimum of five or six children playing video games, even at home we can notice that if there are any kids. In the midst of increasing creativity and popularity game developers have added Artificial Intelligence component to the games making them more interactive and challenging. Most of the games will have shooting at the birds, animals or soldiers. Games including soldiers will also include weapons, bombs and shooting. A player (a kid) has to shoot at the soldier in the game using weapons like gun or by throwing bombs thinking the soldier is an enemy. This will definitely increase the pressure on young minds forcefully making them to take decisions within fractions of second and also increase tendency of kids towards violence.

Few months back a shot out at a popular school in Delhi taking life of a fellow classmate was inspired by an internet game. In the game, child was playing regularly with a hallucination that he is a hero and can kill anyone. With that thinking he took life of a classmate hardly thirteen years ld. Playing such games creates an unhealthy condition in kids making them to believe, they can kill anyone and doesn’t bother to cultivate human values and ethics. If the same internet addicted game generation grows up, we can’t predict what kind of citizens will be prepared out of it. Slowly the humane feelings of love, care and help are disappearing among kids as we are living in divided family system along with that if unhealthy internet games get in to the hands of such kids it will be complete devastation.

Like any other inventions, video games and computer games are also wonderful creations of science using which children’s interest towards science can be encourages. For children who stand behind in learning, computer games are a boon as they can learn quickly using games. Video games and computer games should be properly designed as we are giving it in the hands of would-be citizens (kids)

Bloggers / Writers can't serve everyone

A common question asked by many in an online forum is on what to write? What kind of writings attracts people? This question doesn't have an exact answer. You can find people writing on everything let it be local fair or rocket science. Every article attracts a good number of people. The bindings which a book writer has won’t be there on bloggers or for writers on internet. Anyone in the entire world with an internet connection can read your writings. Books of Indian writers may not be available in other country and also the books of other country writers are not available here. Even if available that will be costly as currency conversion rates of countries are different. But bloggers doesn't have any geographical limitation on their readers. Every internet literate is a potential reader for blogger’s writing.

You can’t tell exactly what everyone needs. It depends on individual interest. As a blogger choose his topic to write, even the reader has the right to choose his favorite or interest. Readers cannot read whatever a blogger write and also a blogger cannot write particularly what a reader wants. Being a blogger he should focus on the things which he is passionate about and also readers can’t read every blog which is being updated every second over the internet. But there will be readers who like your interest. As I mentioned earlier, no matter whether you write about local fair or rocket science both will have its own interested readers.

Even the situation can be analyzed as that of buyer – seller relationship. Sorry for my immodesty in comparing bloggers to sellers and buyers to readers. Only to give an example am considering it. Buyers always like to buy the things which are necessary and useful to them, few rely on quality, brand, price and many more factors. Readers also like to read the things which are necessary and useful to them and also they search for quality of content as there are many resources which provides fake and false information (price doesn't come into picture here as blogs on the internet can be read freely.) Once readers like the write ups they visit regularly to read posts as buyers tends to purchase products of a particular brand.

Similarly, sellers like to sell their products giving quality and reliable products. A company can’t manufacture everything, there is a limitation and produce or manufacture the things which they are good at and which they can, understanding the needs of particular section of people. A branded company good at manufacturing pencils can manufacture pens, but people may not like the pens manufactured by the company and only likes the pencils. A reader may be interested in science and may not be interested in architecture, astrology, fiction etc., automatically making him to find the blogs which interests him. Bloggers can only write and it depends on readers to choose or follow a blogger’s writing or not depending on their interest. But there will be competition between companies to sell their product, in the competition the companies with reliable quality products wins the race. Same applies to the bloggers also, if they give accurate and quality writing readers will always follow their write ups. An anonymous writer rightly said ’if there was no competition, human race wouldn't have advanced so much’.

Readers and bloggers relationship can’t be taken as that of buyers and sellers, to make the concept clear I stumbled upon it. There are many sensitive writers and also readers whose write ups and comments can show light to others. Take up any topic which interests you and start writing, bloggers or writers cant serve everyone’s interest, a person who is in need if gets benefited by your writing that serves the purpose.

Doctors with an attached Medical Shop

Medicine is the noble profession and doctors are being considered next to God in our culture. Not only in our culture, in our mythology also doctors are given a high rank and considered sacred. Doctors are believed to inherit the capacity of healing people from their sufferings. ‘Vaidyo Narayano Hari', meaning doctors are equivalent to God in Sanskrit is our belief on them. Indian system of medicine Ayurveda has described the role of considering doctors as one among the family members. Now, the modern medicine has reduced to business and doctors are acting as agents of pharmaceutical companies.

Earlier there used to be no connection between medicine shop and doctors. Rarely medicines which were being prescribed were to be given by doctor itself and the quantity was very low. No big capsules or tablets were ruling the medicines. Importance was given to treating the patient and not the disease. The practice of making patients to believe that disease is just an assumption had healed many patients. It is being rightly said and proved ‘Faith heals than medicines’. But now the place of faith is being taken away by medicines. Doctors will prescribe a long list of medicines for even common body temperature variation.

Every doctor who has a clinic is default having a medical shop with him/her. The medicine which doctor prescribes is nowhere available except at his medical shop. The medicines will be of a particular company and if you spend some more time at the medical shop, you can see the gifts given by that company such as wall clock, furniture and some times even the dress, making us to understand doctor is being biased to give medicine of that company itself. In other words, doctor has taken the agency or franchise of a particular company. Doctors are in a way used by the pharmaceutical companies as their marketing agencies paying perks! May be a few doctors having medical shops with a view to help patients rather than making them to wander for necessary medicines. But in most of the cases doctors own medical shop for making money.

A noble profession, highly respected in the society is being reduced to money making business. If you observe carefully in many places doctors in government service are doing private practice owning a medical shop. It may be an astonishing fact to know that 75% of by-pass surgeries done all over the world were done unnecessarily. Human heart has its own mechanism and disaster recovery system, heart creates its own bypass when there is an obstacle to the blood flow in the heart but still doctors perform surgeries, need not to say explicitly money is involved in it from the pharmaceutical world making doctors to perform surgeries.

Time killing News Channels

Twenty four news channels have made new mark in news media. Earlier all news channels used to keep half an hour time for news and everyone liked to watch such news even few made a habit to reach their house early to watch news. The news was read by the news readers in a balanced way without any exaggeration. Now the television has reached to the remote parts and the Direct-To-Home (DTH) service provides hassle free service without getting lost in the wiring issues. To cater the needs of different kinds of viewers separate dedicated channels are started only to telecast news, songs, movies, serials, spiritual speeches and comedy scenes. In each category many channels are being telecasted any time you switch on such channels based on their specialization. Channels telecasting songs, movies and comedy scenes will get loads of stuff as there are many resources for that but the challenge is for news channels to telecast news all the time.

Any happenings or events in the different regions will be collected and read by the news readers was the usual way. A recent trend has started in which the news readers will make a phone call to the reporter at the place of incident and asks him or her to give information about the happenings at that place. News readers will read or tell about the incident first and later the reporter from the place will start the matter from the beginning killing time. A news or matter which can be read in five minutes will be expanded to fifteen minutes in the challenge of giving twenty four hour news.

To make news channels to be active all the time, reporters work meticulously to get even the minute news and project it as breaking news. The reporters can report directly from the place of incident using modern equipment and techniques. Reporting from the place of incident helped terrorists to a great extent to know the happenings around them during the attack on Mumbai. Terrorists constantly watched different news channels and updated about the strategy of police and national security guards about the operation. In the operation, NSG commandos disconnected the cable lines with an hope that terrorists will not get updates, but the techno-geek terrorists used their branded Black Berry handsets to access news channels. This is an example how the information over flow or stress on a particular event misused. Am not blaming any particular news channel, all have their share.

A worst thing which we can witness recently is reporting from a place of death. When an elderly figure or famous personality passes away, the reporters stand by the people near the place of death and asks their opinion about the death! What opinion or an answer a friend or well wisher of a dead person can give to the question? The responsibility on media will be more as millions of people watch it at a time. Understanding the responsibility, telecasting the programs is the way news channels should follow rather than killing time in the name of twenty four news channels.