Getting ready to go for Hyderabad

Completing a semester at Goa, I left there as it was nowhere fetching me anything. Assurance of giving job of working as research fellow given by the faculty in the department also turned to be just a false assurance later offering the job to other candidate based on the nativity. I was not a Goan, didn’t have any option than leaving the campus. Applied to many places for job, as it was the middle of semester I didn’t get any job in academics but few assured to take me in the next semester making me to move to native and stay till the next academic year.

Back in native taught biology and mathematics to students for the last few months. It was a good experience to teach the innocent students of small town. Popularity as a good teacher inspired more to learn things well before teaching to students. Recently I had joined a minority college for teaching mathematics. Everything is coming to an end as am leaving to Hyderabad. New assignment is to teach the engineering students, the probable course I need to teach is Data Communication Networks. Data Communication Networks was a subject which I studied some three years back and now I need to teach the same to students of other university.

I heard that Hyderabad is a quite place, recently in news for some communal disturbance of Telangana. Going to Hyderabad in search of new opportunities and setting my career right hoping everything will be fine. Looking forward to know what Hyderabad has in its bowl to offer me as I will be there at least for two years till I finish the Post - Graduate studies.


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