Don't upload personal information on Social Networking Websites

Signing up in any of the social networking site is common. Along with signing up we need to enter pages of personal information starting from birth place to present job. Social Networking sites provide plenty of free space in which we can upload pictures, videos and much more. Socializing on these sites are much common, if you are member of any of social networking site you can read your friends’ status messages which even include purchasing of good quality ‘broom stick’. Even sometimes we also upload some of the messages and also share photos of trip or outings and any information regarding us.

If the images or videos are not set to private only to be seen by the members in the friend list anyone can see the photos and use the information publicly available. In few networking sites one can easily save the photographs of others just by right clicking on the image and opting for ‘save as’ option. There are chances that such that such saved photographs are being misused. It is always preferred to keep the photographs and personal information to be accessed by the people whom you know personally because sometimes unknown people can also be there in the friend list as there is no restriction that only known persons should become friends.

The personal information can be misused by anyone for illegal purpose making us to land in problem for the no mistake of ours. The purpose of socializing will lose meaning and it turns out to be something else by the series of problems occurring by the misuse. Try to keep the personal information to be accessed by the persons known to you quite well. It may not completely reduce the problem of misusing our personal information but certainly reduces to some extent.


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