Teaching Biology with a bit of Evolution Theory

Continuous preparation for teaching biology to second PUC students has been routine from the time I took teaching assignment. Usually I manage to take class in the morning from 8’o clock or sometimes I will take class in the afternoon. Morning classes will go smoothly as students will be fresh and can teach them any topic, they will grasp easily. But the class is scheduled in the noon then it will be a problem. Students will get bored or get tired listening to classes from morning. Teaching in this noon classes making students to listen is very tedious task.

I like to make class interactive in the afternoon rather than we teaching concepts continuously. I will ask questions regarding how universe has evolved? Who was the first man to take birth on earth? Whether any relation is there between Tsunami and Earth’s formation? These kind of questions not only makes students curious, they will try to know answer to these questions on their own. Once they get interest in subject, it is not so difficult to teach any concept. Along with students even I feel like telling them new concepts daily referring to books or internet. With all these I don’t forget to finish the class five or ten minutes before the actual scheduled time.

Finally, I have got adjusted to teach students in vernacular language and a happy news for me is student’s feedback about my teaching is good and class strength is slowly increasing!

Heartless cheaters and Sensitive helpers!

After posting blog on ‘Counselling for seat selection’ few of the incidents happened in the earlier years of Karnataka CET counseling just came into mind. Remembering one of them I felt bad how we human beings are, how we at least feel that we can cheat someone who are totally innocent and ignorant and also felt happy to know the helping nature of some kind hearted souls.

That was the day of seat selection counseling held at Bangalore, many students had come to attend counseling, to seek their luck. One among them was a girl from rural place of Karnataka. She had done her exams well and got god ranking in the CET exam too. Being confident of taking up seat in an engineering college, she came with her father somehow arranging the fees for counseling as the later fees can be taken as loan from bank. Thanks to government and banks for providing loans to students for studying professional courses. Coming back to the story, neither girl nor her father knew they need to take demand draft for prescribed amount before attending counseling. They just took the saved hard earned money and debits cam to Bangalore. Only after coming to Bangalore, near counseling center at Malleshwaram, they realized they should take Demand Draft in the name of CET authority. Girl and her father being totally ignorant of how to take demand draft, asked a person there who had friendly gesture to help them in getting demand draft. The person agreed to help and assuring girl and her father that he will back in sometime with D. D. Innocent village girl and her father waited till evening, but the person never returned. Only in evening they realized that they are cheated.

As girl and her father understood they are cheated by the person whom they believed and handed over the money, they started to cry and no-one could console them. Media persons who were there to report happenings at CET cell moved by their situation and gave wide coverage featuring father and girl. Within one hour more than hundred people called up to the media office expressing their interest in helping the cheated girl and father. One of the reporters gave his personal number as contact number as duo didn’t have mobile phone to be contacted. Many called up to the mobile number and assured of helping girl, one person even took the responsibility of taking care of all the expenses of girl till she completes her education. In no time, DD got prepared and girl went inside the counseling hall to select the seat of her choice with joy. Hope she will have a bright future.

Counselling for Seat Selection Process

All most the professional courses entrance exams are over. In a few days results will be published and the next step is seat selection. Seat selection process is not so simple as much as it appears to be. This is the time where the destiny of the students for another four or five year will be decided. How to prepare for seat selection process? What necessary documents to be carried for counseling? How to select college or seat? This procedure you can follow for any kind of counseling of seat selection.

Before proceeding further how to make list of courses and colleges for selection we will have a look at what should be done. Almost all professional courses counseling authorities ask students to take a demand draft(D.D.) for specified amount before attending counseling process, there will be different category of seats such as Merit Seat, Higher Payment seat, Government seat in Government college and Government seat in Private college etc., be aware of it and take D. D. accordingly. Take the D. D. in the same place where you stay or at your native, it avoids unnecessary tension of taking D. D. at the place of counseling as it will be held at cities and also in case if you don’t select any seat you can cancel the D.D. easily at your native itself. Among documents don’t forget to take all marks cards, hall ticket of entrance exam, caste and income certificates(if any to claim reservation), if the entrance exam authority has issued marks sheet or score card or ranking card, take that also along with you. It is requisite to take all necessary above mentioned documents and demand draft along with you.

Now, the crucial step is how to select the college and course. First make a list of courses in which you like to take admissions. Suppose, if you want to give first preference to select seat in Electronics and Communication Engineering course make a list of colleges and number of vacant seats in it according to your ranking. Take help from your seniors or from people who have knowledge in this. Similarly make a list of colleges and number of seats for Computer Science, Information Science, Civil, Mechanical, E and E branches. After preparing the list keep it up to date. After going to the counseling hall, there will be large LCDs or seat matrix print outs which will be given for sale, take those and update your personal list. Once your name is called or your turn comes in the order of rank, just walk in and select the seat which is vacant and of your choice from the list you made. Don’t be panic if the seat is not thee in the college you wish to select seat, as there will be parallel counseling sessions and chances are there that others may select the same seat which you planning for. Just take seat in the next college from your list. This is the advantage of making list as it avoids unnecessary tensions and selecting seats in colleges which you never heard of.

Once seat selection is over, proceed to take admission order or follow whatever instruction you get at counseling center. Now you got the seat, if you are happy with the college, go to college and report with in specified date. If you want to wait till casual vacancy round wait till that. One more thing, don’t discuss with other candidates at the counseling hall about the list you made, there may be chances that the person who have higher ranking may take the seat which you planned for and all your labour put in preparing list will be in vain.

These are the steps for counseling, after joining your course of study if you need any further guidance or information for higher studies or placements have a look at www.guidancepool.blogspot.com

Good Luck!

A good initiative by O'REILLY publishing house

O’REILLY is the technical publishing house which has published many books on cutting edge technologies. All the books on popular software, software tools, computer principles, Electronic Commerce are being published by O’Reilly. Safari Books Online is an On-demand digital library by O’Reilly which lets you search over thousands of reference books quickly. Apart from this one more initiative by the O’Reilly makes it different from other publishing houses.

Recently had ordered the book Using Joomla from Flipkart and it was shipped to my address within time. The cover page of the book was impressive as it has some bird sketch on it. I thought it may be the other way of attracting people towards books. After going through the book page by page, breaking head for developing a simple content management system using Joomla (as I was trying it for the first time) I was quite confident enough to install and use Joomla. I was flipping through the pages of book, found the name Colophon and read the content below that name. Then I came to know it is the description of image or sketch of bird found on cover page, felt happy to know about the bird, its diet and its breeding etc., Also felt bad to know about its sharp decrease in population.

Colophon on cover page of book Using Joomla

I was curious and looked at the other books published by O’Reilly, most of its books had bird sketch on cover page and its description inside book. It is a very nice idea to educate people about birds. Really a good initiative by O’Reilly, hope other publishers will also get inspired by this and provide some useful information on the cover pages.

Miracles of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

All of you know passing away of ‘Self – declared God’ Sathya Sai Baba. Whatever people may tell about his divine powers or mystical powers, no body can comment on enormous work he has done. No one qualifies to comment on educational awareness he has created among rural people. Anyone who has seen ‘Puttaparthi’ will definitely wonder how a rural village boy transformed it into the land of modern hi-tech facilities which includes free health treatment to even poor people at ‘Sathya Sai institute of higher medical sciences’. I don’t know anything about his divine power or he is an avatar of God, I know only about his work for the betterment of mankind.

Drought hit areas near Puttaparthi are having good water facilities. People of Puttaparthi have found their own ways of living through self – employment because of people visiting Puttaparthi everyday. Starting of educational institutions in rural places of Karnataka such as Alike and Chokkadi in South Canara and Muddhenahalli near Bangalore has created an opportunity for rural students to study in these institutions. These institutions are providing quality education, not only education every care will be taken such that students will imbibe moral and ethical values along with conventional education. Thousands of children who are educated in these institutions are in top – positions of various public sector companies and high profile jobs. Not only education, in every aspect Sathya Sai Baba has contributed, free health treatment to the poorest of poor people is given through Sathya Sai Baba super specialty hospitals. Some of you might have come across Satya Sai hospitals at Bangalore and Puttaparthi which are giving treatment to people free of cost without any discrimination. ‘Prashanthi Nilayam’ which has got status of Deemed University is imparting quality education to students taking just nominal fees. You may be astonished to know that the fee of entrance exam of ‘Prashanthi Nilayam’ is just Rs 100 where as it is Rs 1000 in any of the other deemed universities. Sathya Sai Baba has preached the same principles which our Vedas have in it, that is love each other, be honest and do good work.

These are just the indicative instances, there are many other works and trusts which are started under guidance of Sathya Sai Baba are doing very well. You can look into any website or ask anyone about Sathya Sai Baba, everyone speaks about good work he has done. He has done ‘miracles’ through his work which any one else or government find difficult to do.

Images always speaks better than the textual content

I always hate to read lengthy textual content and find it irritating to read whole lot of sentences and understand it. If the text matter is of simple words or contains simple sentences, I can read couple of pages but if the content or text matter is with usage of complex words and sentences. I just hate to read such contents. If any popular or best seller book is available in market, first I will search reviews about the book on the internet, what the book is all about, what it contains and its description then only I will proceed to purchase or even I will try to find whether anyone has translated the book. Hope at least by now some of might remember having difficulty in reading any book or best seller written by some popular author.

On the other side, if the same content of the book is expressed in an image, we won’t have difficulty in understanding things better and accurate. It is always easy to explain anything to anyone with the help of image rather than breaking head in explaining it just with words let it be house blue print or world map. One more thing I observed is we can recollect things from an image better than textual content.

If you are planning to remember something or preparing for any examination make sure that you will try to figure out the concept you understand i.e. express whatever you understood in the form of an image. Draw a free hand sketch including important observations or points you made while reading such that if you just look at the image you should be able to recollect whatever you have read in the form of text. If your kids or anyone is finding it difficult to understand any concept or subject or failing to recollect something, teach them the way of understanding or recollecting with the help of an image because images will always speak better than textual content.

Summer Camps or Money making factories

Summer schools or summer camps have become very popular in the last few years. It has almost become a trend that each and every school makes it compulsory for their students to attend. In the name of summer camps schools like to make handsome income apart from the regular yearly school fees. If students are not willing to attend, school stick the summer school name with scoring good marks in board exams and start to teach subjects from the beginning of summer camp so that students can excel well in the board exams. Recently I saw a new banner in which they have carefully made statement that they will help in career building and personality development of students. I do not know whether students who attend will make use of what they have paid or not, but schools will fully utilize money collected in name of camps or schools.

Summer camps were started with an aim to develop extra curricular skills among kids and children so that the young minds will relax without regular exams or home works. Usually classes would be of learning swimming, painting, horse riding, photography, bird identifications, astrophysics combined with star gazing activities in night etc., but now everything has vanished and summer schools have become money making business. Whatever may be the reason or justification summer schools give, the main agenda is to make money out of it. I we look at outer world, we will find numerous schools and colleges which teaches students indirectly that making money is the main aim in life rather than developing thirst for knowledge. What can be done in summer vacations which will be of beneficial to our children.

In vacations, plan properly so that children can enjoy maximum as far as possible. They will be stresses out of regular exams, competitions and home work through out the year, again don’t let them in the same pool. Engage them in extra curricular activities like gardening or culturing plants in the pot. Always develop activities that encourage children to develop love or liking towards nature. Always love with the nature is the best way for children’s mind to nourish and best learning is always from nature. Our children are not knowing human values like sympathy, love towards fellow children, kindness etc., All have developed to see others as competitors or enemies rather than universal brotherhood or world is like a whole large family. Try to remove the feelings of hatred, jealously kind of negative thoughts from their mind. If the children are not taught with our own heritage and culture, years are not so far that we will be sent to old age homes, where old people will be admitted to taken care of by our own children. Everybody will teach about making money but no body speaks about imbibing values and culture in children. Tell them stories of great epics such as Ramayana and Mahabharata. Don’t forget that children of today will be the citizens of tomorrow. Please try to make mother Earth a heavenly place for tomorrow, it is our responsibility.

Late Professor Rajeshwari Chatterjee

India’s science and technological development took its own time to develop and cherish to what it is present today. Hundreds or may be thousands have dedicated their sincere service for the development. Among many places in India where Indian Science architects were present, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore stands top on the list. It has the reputation of having Noble Laureate Sir C V Raman as its director. In this blog I will write about a woman who was the first woman faculty member at the Indian Institute of Science, who was even the First Woman Engineer of India, Late Professor Rajeshwari Chatterjee.

Madam Rajeshwari was born on January 24, 1922 in a prestigious educated family of Nanjanagud near Mysore, Karnataka. Those were the days during which giving education to girl child was rare and young girls were tied knots even before knowing what the meaning of husband or life is. But Madam Rajeshwari was lucky, as she was from an educated family. She completed her graduation and post- graduation in Mathematics and Physics from Mysore University in 1942 securing First Rank. Being a post graduate she attended interview at IISc for project fellowship. There was a huge discussion and debate in accepting her, as she was the first woman candidate to attend interview. After a little hesitation, Sir C V Raman, being its director agreed and accepted her for the post of project fellow. It was the period of Pre-Independence.
After Indian Independence, Government of India invited applications for scholarships to pursue higher studies in aboard, with a condition to serve the country for three years after completing education. Madam Rajeshwari got the scholarship and went to University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA to do her Master’s in Electrical Engineering and also did her Ph. D from the same university in 1954. She came back and joined IISc as faculty in Electrical Engineering. She was the first woman to be on the faculty of Indian Institute of Science. Being on the faculty of IISc, she has guided 20 Ph D students, who are in top positions of many research institutions. Apart from this she has published seven technical books related to Antennas, Microwave Engineering. She was married to Dr Sisir Kumar Chatterjee who was also a respected professor at the Electrical Engineering department of IISc. Having spent much of her time at IISc she finally retired as Professor and Chairman of Electrical Engineering Department in the year 1982. Madam Chatterjee was respected by her colleagues and students. Students were used to approach her for even suggestion for their personal problems. One more non-technical book to her credit is ‘A thousand Streams: A Personal History’ which has anecdotes of her life starting from her childhood to present which includes conditions of Pre and Post Independent India, her journey to USA all alone and status of women in society. The book is the reflection of intellectual brilliance and phenomenal memory of this great woman. A must read rare book which documents the situation of past by experiencing it.

After living a dignified and content full life Madam Chatterjee passed away on 3rd September 2010.

On a personal note, ‘Women in Engineering’ international conference was organized by IEEE at Bangalore in 2009, I was fortunate to attend as it was organized at the college which I was studying. In the same conference many who had done little work or contributed little to the field of Engineering were honored but no body were aware or known about Dr Rajeshwari Chatterjee, who had honor of being the first woman on the faculty of Indian Institute of Science.

Some of the featured articles about Dr Rajeshwari Chatterjee in current science and other newspapers, sadly some of them published after her passing away:

Following website was developed by Late Rajeshwari Chatterjee to share some of her ideas and thoughts – www.rajchat.info

How to know whether a website uses Joomla?

Joomla is the Content Management System or CMS in simple which is used to maintain websites. Using Content Management System it is easy to develop websites. It has lot of advantages, in any business application or running online stores, it definitely helps as online store contents has to be updated often. One of the key feature of Joomla is it is available free and you can also get support and complete information about Joomla on www.joomla.org

If you are planning to start any online business or develop website which will have contents updating frequently, you can go for website development using Joomla. It is helpful for the end-users who own the website with little technical knowledge to easily manage the content of website without contacting to the actual developer for simple changes on the website.

To know which of the popular websites uses Joomla content management system you can just add ‘administrator’ at the end of the website domain name. Suppose you want to know about website www..com just suffix administrator at the end of domain name(www..com)/administrator) You will be directed to Login page which confirms that the website uses Joomla. Suppose the folder is password protected, then also you will get a message ‘password protected’ or ‘password protected folder’, which confirms that the website uses Joomla.

Overcoming 'Mobile Phone Addiction'

After posting the blog ‘mobile addiction’ yesterday, I thought for a long time what can be done to overcome mobile addiction. Like any other addiction ‘mobile addiction’ can also be overcame by self-control. Self control is the best way to overcome any addiction rather than switching to medicines and doctor. If at all it is not possible to control yourself, don’t hesitate to consult a good psychologist because this addiction also has same complications as that of alcohol, tobacco or smoking addiction.

A few tips to overcome mobile addiction by self-help are as follows, give a try:

  • Understand that mobile is to communicate and not for conversation. Keep mobile conversation short
  • Centuries together people have lived without mobile phones, try to understand it
  • Don’t send excessive messages or do unnecessary calls, before messaging or calling think for a while whether it is necessary to do that
  • Engage yourself in other works, don’t keep thinking about it. Keep yourself away from it
  • Try to keep mobile phone in loud or ringing mode if you have habit of looking at phone often, Develop attitude that if at all anyone messages or calls you can hear and no need of keeping an eye on it
  • If you have land line phone connection at home and given it to all as contact number, keep your mobile switched off when you are at home
  • Don’t chat for longtime in messages, it will be developed as habit and you can’t control it
  • Don’t think negatively if the person whom you are calling is not picking your call, think that he or she is busy when you had called up and will surely call you back once they are free

Try to follow these tips and get away from addiction rather than getting things complicated has someone wisely said ‘Prevention is better than cure’.

Addiction to Mobile Phones

Because of IT and electronic revolution mobile phones are becoming part and parcel of life. Life is no so far where we can’t even imagine our lives without mobile phones. At the same time are we getting too much attached to mobile phones? A recent survey conducted by an university says Yes. Too much attachment with mobile phone also leads to some of the psychological disorders and it can also b listed under top addictions as that of to alcohol, drugs etc.,

How to identify whether we are addicted to mobile phones? There are some simple identifications by which we can judge ourselves whether we are addicted to mobile o not?

  • Having mobile phones in your hands for hours together and you are not getting any calls or sms, whenever you feel this you will get a kind of boredom
  • Waiting that someone or the other will call you or message you and if any other mobile rings or beeps if you look at your mobile scree often
  • You are getting tensed if the person whom you are trying to call is switched off his or her mobile continuously or that person is not receiving your calls continuously
  • Getting angry if the person whom you are trying to call is rejecting your call because he or she may be busy
  • Not able to control your emotions
  • Are you confusing with the words having same pronunciation but different meaning?(Ex: Their and There)

If you are having any of the above mentioned symptoms then there are good chances that you are addicted to mobile phones. Like other disorders this also has many side effects such as anxiety, fear, negative thinking, too much stress etc., These are just the possibilities you may also end up in any kind of physical or psychological disorders, don’t neglect it. Prevention is always better than cure, if you think that you have addicted too much to mobile phones try to avoid that. Please remember once that our ancestors have lived centuries together without mobile phones, it will certainly reduce your dependency on mobile phones to an extent.

Before you do investment in share markets and buying or selling your shares

Making money from share market is the much attracting slogan you see everywhere on internet, news paper, TV and sometimes on your mobile phone. Is it so easy to make money from share market? Don't invest in share market if you are a starter or you are planning to invest based on anyone's suggestion. Finally you are the one who is going to be in loss whether you listen to anyone or to any share broker. There is no shortcut in making money. Similarly in share market also if you buy good company share and keep it for long time, that will fetch good returns. Do not be panic, believe and invest in good companies. Surely you will be benefited.

Here are some of the techniques and tips before you start investing in share market

  • Buy good companies share and try to keep it as long as you can say for three or four years but be sure that you are regularly checking the progress of share value
  • Don't go by the market hype, usually that will be a trick used now a days to make loss to investors
  • Go by the past performance of the company and analyse how much relevant the company product is in the future perspective
  • Buy share associated with the companies which have close association with the day to day life such as soaps, detergents, tooth paste, textiles etc., This may sounds funny but you cant imagine your day without that
  • Be careful on investing in electronic gadgets company as the technology itself may change once in six months or a year
  • Don't go by the online survey reports or just by your agent's words
Be careful and invest keeping in mind above techniques and also experience teaches you a lot. Learn from experience once you start investing.

Happy investing!

We are encouraging corruption!

We are only root cause of corruption, until and unless we stop encouraging it, there will not be any end. Suppose if any Government servant is not ready to do work, we will only bribe them asking them to work rather than opposing to it. For all, getting their work done is the more important. Any rule and regulation will not end corruption until and unless it comes in mind of common people. Recently two incidents I observed that encourages corruption.

Had been to Regional Transport Office (RTO) for checking the status of my Driving License as I didn’t get it for a long time after applying. Officials had told that the card will be dispatched to the residential address mentioned in the application form through Speed Post. But I didn’t get. Reaching the office I went to enquiry first, there they directed to the mailing section. I enquired there also they told to wait for a while as they search through the documents. In the mean while I saw a person standing near reception and I over heard the conversation between the person and person sitting in reception. Summary of their conversation was to issue a Driving License to the person who is actually failed in the driving test. The person who was standing was offering he will give Rs. 200, so that the Driving License is being issued to the person failed in test.

Another was in train. Train was full of reservation and no signs of any seats being vacant. A person without ticket got into the train and waited till the Ticket Checker (TC) comes for checking. When the TC arrived, the person without ticket gently approached him and told he will give extra money so that he should allocate him a reservation ticket. TC agreed instantly and allocated one of the seats which can be allocated by him, so the person without ticket got the ticket and did journey too.

These are just two instances, you might have come across similar circumstances. We are only encouraging corruption, we in mass should fight against it to remove it from the roots.

My own tribute to Uncle Pai

Studying in vernacular medium as medium of instruction, I didn’t have proficiency in reading English comics or any books which are in English. My cousins who were studying in other states have English as their medium of instruction and they used to speak in English and read English comics. It was a kind of communication gap and their mother’s used to act as translators, translating my words into English and vice versa. The main things of attraction when my cousins used to come are the huge traveller bags and the English comics particularly ‘Tinkle’.

‘Tinkle’ was a colorful collection of some designs (even didn’t know that the designs are called as cartoons) with full of sentences in English and I never used to understand anything out of it. Only thing is I could to imagine myself that they are speaking certain sentences depending upon the gestures of the cartoons in the book. I used to collect all those books which were left by my cousins to read some day when I learn English. I was also not knowing that ‘Tinkle’ is a magazine which used to be printed often once in fortnight.

I had collection of all such Tinkle comics and kept safely. After learning English as a subject in high school I could read some sentences joining words and also could write some simple sentences on my own. I started to read all the piled up comics. I felt it as a wonderful world of fun, finished reading the entire comics one after the other. I was very happy reading all those and also searched in market to take new ones. But sadly it was not available at my place as nobody asks for it often. That’s how my association with ‘Tinkle’ ended.

Recently had read about the news about the person who was behind the comic ‘Tinkle’ passed away. All of a sudden I remembered everything from childhood and read the full article featured about that person. Thanks to that person who created a sense of imagination in me from childhood. There is no one who has not heard of popular comic series ‘Amar Chitra Katha’.

Hope now you can make out about whom I am speaking about, it is none other than Anant Pai who led the comic ‘Tinkle’ for many years, popularly known as Uncle Pai to ‘Tinkle’ readers. Children of today and myself will surely Miss you.

Hope everything will be fine!

Being in home all the time made me mad. Used to get very bad dreams and fear about the future what happens next. The problem has been solved at least temporarily. Tuition boom is up now as the students of +1 or first PUC have finished there exams and attending the vacation coaching classes of +2 or second PUC. I had studied the same subject few years back. Now I got the opportunity to teach two subjects in them to promoted first PUC students.

Somehow I got to know that tuition classes are going to be started at my native and went to the concerned coordinator for asking about the tutor job. Over a brief discussion we spoke about the subjects and my qualification. He discussed with one of his colleague and asked me to teach any subject of my choice. I said anything as am new to teach any of the subjects. They finally teach biology. The person in-charge responded positively, informing me to teach for the students coming to that tutorial.

I started teaching from last three days. Students are slowly responding and giving positive feedback compared to earlier. On the very first I went prepared for the subject well and started explaining the subject matter after giving a brief introduction about myself. After teaching for a while for about five minutes, I had a feeling that students did not understand anything out of what I am teaching. I asked them what is wrong. No response. I felt something is missing then I asked them what is wrong in local language Kannada. Polite answer came they are not understanding anything as they are new to listen someone teaching in English. Then I had no other option than teaching the subject in Kannada at least the concept leaving technical terms. I was new to such kind of teaching, slowly adjusted now to teach them concept first in Kannada and then using technical terms again in English. Meanwhile, I even had an offer to teach physics to same students and have accepted and started teaching. Am trying to make students understand concepts rather than memorizing derivations in physics

It is an entirely new field for me as am new to teaching and also to teach in Kannada. Also I need to prove myself in the next two months that l can teach students well, as am not an experienced and usual post graduate in any basic science. But my aim is to make students understand the concept better and start to like the subject rather than studying it only for the sake of marks. Still waiting to know how much payment I may receive for teaching two subjects. Hope everything will be fine!

Recognition of Engineering and Management courses (B. E./M. E./M Tech/MBA/PGDM)

Results of GATE, CAT, MAT and XAT exams are out. In another month or so all the Post – Graduate Engineering or PG degree colleges (MBA or PGDM) invites applications for the admissions. At the same time many institutes in India are not recognized by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) or University Grants Commission (UGC) but claim that they have recognition. It will be very difficult to tell which institutes are having recognition and which are not having recognition. In view to help people to identify Fake institutions this blog is written.

If the university is recognized by the UGC then the name of the university will be listed in the list of recognized universities on the UGC website and it will be updated frequently. There are three kinds of Universities are permitted in India by the Central Government namely Central Universities, State Universities and Deemed Universities. Central Universities will be directly established by UGC by the act of Central Government, State Universities will be established under State Laws of respective State Government and will be running under the guidelines of UGC and Deemed Universities will be established by taking permission from the UGC and will be having there own curriculum and the degree will be awarded by the Deemed University itself.

Even the name of colleges affiliated to the universities is also provided in the UGC, refer to all sites before you take a seat in any professional college. There are many fake institutions as many as good institutions. Some of the institutions are started by the Central Government in order to promote science and technology namely International Institute of Information Technology and International Institute of Information Technology Design and Manufacturing etc., which are situated at Hyderabad, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Jabalpur, Kanchipuram are examples of it.

Respective links are given, one can go through these links before taking admissions. Recently AICTE has also given the list of recognized Engineering colleges and the courses which are running in it. Search about college or take advice from the seniors before taking up of admissions in any institute whether it is recognized or not. Education is the right of everyone but having it in proper place also matters.

List of Central Universities – http://www.ugc.ac.in/inside/centraluni.html

List of State Universities – http://www.ugc.ac.in/inside/stateunivupdated040411.pdf

List of Deemed Universities– http://www.ugc.ac.in/inside/plangrant.pdf, http://www.ugc.ac.in/inside/onetimespecialgrant.pdf, http://www.ugc.ac.in/inside/nonplangrant.pdf, http://www.ugc.ac.in/inside/deemeduniv.html, http://www.ugc.ac.in/inside/privateuniversity.html (visit all the links once as some of the universities are listed as established taking special permission from the Government)

List of AICTE recognized colleges – http://www.aicte-india.org/misappengineering.htm# (click on the link List of Institutions, which will open list of recognized engineering colleges), http://www.aicte-india.org/misappmanagement.htm (List of institutions which provides MBA and PGDM are listed)

Is this the reason for Breast Cancer?

Anything which is present on this Earth should obey the laws of nature if not; the existence of such units will be very unlikely. You might have seen all living organisms will undergo or will obey the rules of nature even at the minute level of cells. If there is any violation in these rules by the cells or the organisms, it will be against the nature of cells and nature will act on destruction of such organisms.

Any object or anything which is present parallel to the surface of the Earth at a certain height will undergo physical stress because of Earth’s gravitational force. In simple, if a stick is parallel to the surface of earth at a certain height will undergo physical stress by the Gravitational pull of Earth. If the balance is provided at one end to the stick, then the other end will undergo stress by the Gravitational pull and if the balance is provided at the center of the stick, then the stress will be there at the both ends of stick. If again some balance or strength is given against the Earth’s gravitational pull at the places of stress then the stick will undergo two kinds of forces, one is the stress which stick is undergoing because of Earth’s gravitational pull and the other is the force acted by the balance or strength on the stick against gravitational force. Now the stress will be transferred to the other area of the stick. The stress is negligible if the stick is thin, but it will be considerable more if the stick is considerably thick. This is the story of non-living things. What may be the case in living organisms?

Living organisms will also have a similar stress. In case of obsessed belly, the outer portion of the Belly is gently held if you are wearing pant or saree or any dress. If you are wearing tight pant or any dress tightly then also belly will have two kinds of stresses acting on Belly as explained above. This causes accumulation of cells at a single region leading to many diseases. Similarly in case of Breast or mammary glands in human beings, female mammary glands will be developed sufficiently to feed milk when a female gives birth to a child. The breast will also undergo same kind of stress effect by the Earth’s gravitational pull. If breast is tightly held by Bra then two kinds of forces will be acting on Breast, one is by the Earth’s gravitational pull and the other by the Bra against the Gravitational pull. It means Bra is holding the breast against the Gravitational force. These two kinds of forces acting on breast causes accumulation of cells or any wastes leads to formation of Cancer cells. In earlier days there was no report of cancer cells in breast as there was no forces acting against the Earth’s gravitational pull. But now it is observed in the Breast, this may be the clear effect of wearing tight bras.

The above theory is just the observation and needs sufficient support to prove this. Even wearing Bra may be the reason for Cancer causing cells, Chimpanzees and Gorillas also have similar anatomy as of human beings but there are no reported case of Breast cancer in them. May be am not aware of it. This is just the possibility or the hypothesis, anybody who is from medical back ground or working on these kinds of problems should give answer as am no where related to the medical field.

Sri Damodar Temple - Zambaulim, Goa

Goa is famous for temples as much as for its beauty, beaches and church. Goa is the only place where the temples have not yet become the centers of commercialization as that of other popular temples in India. Apart from this all Goan temples have excellent infrastructure for travelers, almost all temples have good maintained, moderately furnished guest house.

'Damodar temple' is situated at Zambaulim is one of the popular temples of Goa. Lord Damodar is being considered as another name or avatar of Lord Shiva. The temple is present on the banks of river Kushawati. People have strong belief that the water of Kushawati river has medicinal properties and also there are instances that many illnesses, skin diseases are being cured by taking bath in the water of this river. Earlier the temple was present in the Margao but the idol of Lord Damodar was shifted to Zambaulim to escape from the Portuguese inquisition. (In Margao, the temple was present in the place where now the ‘Holy Spirit Church’ is present.)

Sri Damodar Temple Entrance

Shigmo, the goan hindu festival of color is the main festival celebrated at this temple. The festival includes a week long celebration of colorful fair, exchange of gulal, collective meals, and presentation of shows on popular legends and folk culture are the main attractions. The unique feature of this festival is both Hindus and Christians together celebrate this festival in harmony.

Damodar temple is situated at a distance of 22 kms from Margao and 8 kms from Sanvordem or Savude as it is called in local language. Direct buses are available from Savude frequently and rarely direct buses will be available from Margao. To reach temple one has to pass through the Tilamol circle, so if direct buses are not available from Margao or Savude, one can get down at Tilamol Circle and hire a pilot to reach the temple. Temple has an excellent lodging facility with nearly 100 rooms and available on request. Be sure that you reach the temple before 7’o clock in the night as the bus frequency is less in entire Goa after 7’o clock. Also temple has facility to have food in the temple canteen for free by taking coupon from the administrative office. Room rent is also very low, if you are only visiting the temple, then it is always better to stay in the temple premises than to spend thousands of rupees in outside private lodges. You can enjoy the sanity of temple.

PS: Pilot refers to person with motor bikes who serve people to go from one place to another by charging a fare, similar to auto-rickshaw.

Why this has happened to me?

Being outside the home from the last six years made me not to involve directly in the day to day life at native where my parents are staying. During my stay at home (I told about it in the older blog) slowly understanding present situation which has changed significantly over the few years. Father being retired from the service not yet settled with the pension benefits and the house is running on the salary of my mother. Don’t know what is the reason why my father’s pension is not settled? He is keep on telling that all are asking bribe in the office and related files of pension settlements are not at all being processed. We never asked anything about it in detail thinking he may feel bad.

Mother was casually speaking about making pickles and going to the marriage of cousin which is scheduled in the month of May as she is having vacation now. At the same time Milk Man came to give us milk, he usually comes late night after 10’o clock. My father told him lies that day before yesterday’s milk got spoiled because you come late and all similar things. After Milk Man’s departure Mother asked dad why did you lie?

I don’t understand why my father got angry and started shouting at my mother for mentioning about Milk Man. He told he is getting all troubles in life because of my mother and she will be pointing out or commenting out mistake in whatever he does. In anger he told Mobile phone on ground, which shattered into pieces. My mother was spell bound and didn’t speak a single word. Being a respectable teacher for nearly twenty years till today she teaches till today and show love towards children as their own kids. Tears rolled on her cheeks without a single word.

I didn’t speak anything to my dad or mother regarding whatever my dad did or spoke; I simply sat in the corner of the room thinking why the situation has become like this? My mother being a caring wife, mother and a teacher, perfectly balancing all the three caps. My memories just rolled back to the days when my mother used to take care of me and my brother all alone when my father was away doing a job in a far away town. My mother have done everything to keep us happy, in turn me being at home couldn't do anything instead of keeping my mouth shut helplessly, my eyes were moist and couldn’t dare to look at her.

Bhrantesha (Anjaneya) Temple of Shikaripura

One of the attracting and more people visiting place at Shikaripura is the Hucharaya (Hu-Cha-raya) Swamy Temple situated at the outskirts of Shikaripura town on Honnali (Ho-NAa-li) road. The temple is also called Bhrantesha (Bhran-Tesh-Aa) temple. Every year Car festival of the temple is celebrated on the day of Dhavanada (Dha-vana-da) hunnime (hun-ni-may) or Hanuma Jayanthi grandly followed by the Theppothsava (Tep-poth-sava) with burning of crackers. There is estimation that nearly three lakh people visit the temple every year during the festival.

Government of Karnataka has granted sufficient funds to renovate temple. Entrance of the temple is newly built and old temple building is renovated. Temple is also having an interesting history of many hundred years, but the sad thing is none of the published books or guides are available to give information on history of temple.

Newly built entrance of the Temple

Theppothsava will be performed in the Lake a few meters away from the temple building. The main attraction during this time is the burning of crackers

View of Lake in which the Theppothsava is performed

Temple also has Cars which will be puled on the day of festival one smaller and the other one bigger. One more astonishing fact is every year when the Car is pulled out of the room for the purpose of decorating for festival, there will be definite rainfall.

Image of the bigger car getting ready for the festival

Also, recently Government has taken up project to develop garden on the banks of Lake, construction of 42-foot Shiva idol in the garden adds beauty to it.

(PS: Shikaripura is in Shivamogga district of Karnataka and also famous as rice bowl of this region)

What city's Children of today require?

Children of cities today get so many resources for entertainment like comics, television channels showing full day cartoons, video games but it’s not the scenario in the rural areas. Children in rural areas have fun in playing healthy village games which makes children stronger and may be this only makes children stronger psychologically too in the future. Children of cities may get the mental or logical development but not the Emotional Intelligence which is much required than the Intelligence Quotient.

Emotional Intelligence is the attitude shown by any individual when they come across tough situations in life; research has shown it can be developed by involving ourselves in the group games, living together in big joint families, learning to do different things and enjoy the fruits of labor. Intelligence Quotient or IQ as it is popularly known has gain significant importance over the last decade. IQ determines the brain’s capacity of a person. There are many tests which are used to measure IQ of a person but none of them proved to be unique to determine it. Many claim that there are medicines, techniques and tools to develop IQ but none of them are proved to be authentic.
Some of the major behavioral changes showed by the children of cities as a result of tight schedule in schools, less relaxation time at home, lack of physical exercises, exposure too much electronic gadgets are as follows, these are just indicative and list grows on -
  • Children are not able to live in harmony in a group as they are grown up in the divided family system
  • Lack of physical exercise has increased Obesity rate
  • Exposure to cartoons has created an imaginary world among them which is far from reality, when children are exposed to real time scenarios they are dumb shocked and not ready to accept the reality
  • Exposure to electronic gadgets has significantly increased cruelty levels in children, some video games are so designed that killing co-players in the game is a pleasure. (Recent shootout cases in the schools indicates the scenario)
  • Children are slowly losing the love, sympathy, brotherhood and moral values, indirectly parents and schools are pressurizing children to aim at Money making jobs
  • Children also can’t tolerate tough situations of life once they grow up and react too much for simple problems
On the other end children of rural areas are not getting good education, access to resources, what can be done further to improve themselves through education etc., These are just the indicative problems, list is endless.

By popularizing group games in the city children, we can improve situations much better. Village children will get love, care and facts of real life as there are no electronic gadgets or divided family systems. They are much exposed to life and dream of having better future rather than creating hypothetical world around them. Village children must be given access to resources and opportunities to nurture the talents among the rural kids. Schools which are taking donations and fee in 5 or 6 digit numbers should also look at developing moral values and emotional intelligence in the kids rather than making schools as just commercial factories which will have only buyer-seller relationship. Role of parents is also important in this matter, so a balanced approach will keep children happier. After all whatever parents do is for the betterment of their children’s life itself and nothing else!

Stress should be given to cultivating moral values in the schools as the children are like white papers on which you can write anything, if you educate children about this then you are educating an entire generation as children of today will be the responsible citizens of tomorrow

Why I started writing blogs?

I never had dreams of blogging. Completing my engineering studies in Computer Science from one of the reputed university and also joined for higher studies in another university. After spending a semester in the course I came to know that the course which am studying will not fetch me any fruits and also after finishing it wont be considered equivalent to post graduate degree in computer science, with much courage and determination I came out of that university and told to faculty members that am leaving and vacated from the hostel too.

In the mean while I started applying for various teaching posts at engineering colleges but none of them responded except a few with a suggestion to finish PG degree or no vacancy. Some colleges which had called for the interview will be usually situated in the North India, journey only would cost me around Rs. 2000 including travelling and staying in hotel taking a room for a day. So didn’t attend interviews which were too far.

I appeared for interviews at research institutes but the thing which saddened me was the posts which were meant to be filled by conducting interviews were already filled and the interviews were just name sake. After leaving the course I started asking for vacancy in any projects to one f the professor, he assured me to give the job and wait till the interview. I stayed there and worked for him doing every single thing at his office (without salary) finally the day of interview was announced and I was supposed to attend. On the previous day of interview he called up to inform that he wont be coming to office that day and spoke to me about interview also that I should attend and he will take me. Next day interviews went well, results were not announced and I also didn’t ask that professor anything as he said he will inform me. After that also I worked at his office for fifteen more days. He didn’t discuss anything about job. One fine day he called up in the morning and told me to get ready with the format of Appointment letter I was very happy and kept it ready leaving the space for name and project names. He came to office and took the format soft copy to type the name to give appointment order. I was happy thinking he may give me. But that was not the case. He had written some other person’s name and gave it to me to post it. I said ok and he told me to wait for another few days so that he can assign me some other job. I felt that my presence is not at all necessary and left from there wishing him bye…

Landed back at home and thinking what to do next? Whether to join again for studies or to search work? Was in dilemma. I spoke my mother and she told to continue my studies and told she will arrange for course fees as the fee is costlier. With a sigh of relief I started thinking to do Master’s degree and waiting for next academic year. Meanwhile I went to the local colleges in my home town which has numerous schools now of state, CBSE and ICSE syllabi, everywhere the response was no vacancy even though there were vacancies. But they offered me to teach on free basis. I was wondering if there are no vacancies why they want me to teach. Don’t know whether I would have accepted if the schools were near to my home but these schools are 12 kms away from my home. Daily travelling by bike cost me almost quarter liter of petrol calculating these things I decided not to go as free teacher and decided to write blogs.

During my studies as an undergraduate student I searched a lot for any scholarships are available to me, as mine is middle class family and brother is also studying I thought if I get some scholarship it will reduce burden on my parents but none of the websites gave any relevant information. I was got bugged by that and stopped searching for that. As am staying at home now I thought I will make a habit to start writing blogs giving information about various things. Am using the dial – up connection to connect to internet and post blogs. In the coming days am interested in writing how to go for any counseling, information on scholarships, information on entrance exams, some of my previous experiences, about places, fairs, technologies, topics related to computer science or whatever comes to my mind with a feeling that it will be useful to others etc.,

Recently I came to know that even revenue can be generated by using Google AdSense. When I searched for it, I came to know that I should have my own website to register for it, as I was searching I came across blogger website and registered for that. Now I have added Google AdSense to my blog page, I don’t know how much I may get from it, but my aim is to write anything that will be of helpful to people and to share myself…


Apart from the spring season other season which has started and gained importance in the last few years is admission season. Parents will have lot of dreams about their children and ready to send their children to any schools not even bothering about the heavy fees. Whatever may be the fee structure or reputation of the school, send your kids to the school where they can enjoy the childhood rather than fill the tender age with loads of home work, activities which makes kids to over work and slowly loss interest towards studies.

Other than schools running with state syllabus or affiliated to state government, these days lot of schools are coming up which are affiliated to the boards of CBSE and CISCE. The 10th standard examination of CISCE board is called as ICSE i. e. Indian Certificate of Secondary Education. Let us briefly look at the difference between the structure in CBSE and CISCE board.

  • · CBSE stands for Central Board of Secondary Education and CISCE stands for Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations
  • · CISCE curriculum has practical approach; students can learn doing experiments, this kind of learning by doing is not available in CBSE curriculum.
  • · In India, all the competitive exams like AIEEE, AIPMT, AIIMS, JIPMER etc., will be conducted based on the syllabus of CBSE
  • · CBSE has got recognition from the central government as CBSE is a board formed under Government of India guidelines, CISCE has also got recognition from Government of India even though it is not directly managed by the Central Government
  • · CISCE exams have global recognition where as CBSE exams has recognition in India
  • · CISCE schools are mostly run by the private management so the fee is very high compared to the other schools.
  • · CISCE curriculum includes continuous assessment of the students where as the CBSE curriculum has annual exams
  • · Both CISCE and CBSE schools have vast syllabus in curriculum which requires qualified teachers to teach the subjects, the private managements which are running schools won’t give good salary to the teachers as the schools are running for gaining profit. The quantity of qualified teachers will slowly reduce and as a substitute less qualified people will be appointed as teachers which creates burden for the students
  • · For information on CBSE visit www.cbse.nic.in and for CISCE visit www.cisce.org

Never to buy books on learning softwares

To learn certain stuff you need hands on experience. All the things or techniques cannot be learned by reading textbooks. One of the best examples is learning any software. There will be numerous books available on the software, its specification, usability, applications, description of various options etc., but the fact is by the time the books are available in the market, the software will have some updates or changes in the version. This makes the book useless. What should be done to learn any software?

As a result of easy of access to internet, major reduction in download costs (many internet service providers have unlimited plans) and also speed of access many of the resource materials can be got on the internet easily. If you go to any of the popular search engine and type the name of software you want to learn you will get hundreds of results showing link to what you have searched.

Not only text materials now a lot of stuff is available in video format by which you can learn just by looking at the video. Many of the users worldwide who have used such software will discuss through many open forums about the various aspects of software starting from downloading software from freeware, installing to the uninstalling from your computer, such wonderful resources to technical problems are available on internet forums. If you have any problem with the software and if you post that on the related forum, there are 99.9% guarantee that your queries will be answered.

To add a personal note, I took a book on Content Management System to learn deigning Websites using it. I started reading the book and the entire book was having explanation of menus and buttons of software. No where it was mentioned clearly how to create databases and connecting links to the webpages. All pain in reading the book went in vain. Being determined to learn the software I started searching on internet, amazing contents I got which can even make you learn designing basic websites using content management system in one hour and I got video on how to design. I felt very happy and learnt the method of designing quickly and also firmly decided never to buy books on softwares!

Having an unified curiculum over the Nation...

Every state in India have its own customs, religions, rituals and many more which is very difficulty to list also. Similar to all these rituals, customs and beliefs every state has its own curriculum for its students. Education has become a business and every state has schools which have syllabi of state, central and ICSE. Whatever may be the syllabus of the school are we able to generate the knowledge hunger among the students making them responsible citizens of tomorrow? How about having a unified curriculum for the entire nation?

Students of small age starting from six years old will get the best education if it’s given in the vernacular language. As the vernacular languages will be the local communicative languages students can easily get the feel and hold of the subject. If the education till the seventh standard is given in the vernacular language it helps in creating a strong foundation of the subjects and also creates an interest in the education. After that if we can have a unified curriculum it will have much benefits.

Some of the problems or challenges faced by the students of state syllabus in high school and at +2 level, the central syllabus is comparatively of higher standard than that of state syllabus. All the competitive entrance exams like IIT-JEE, AIEEE, AIPMT, and AIIMS will be based on central syllabus. It will be better to have unified syllabus. One astonishing fact to make you understand the gap between state and central syllabus is Trigonometry to the state syllabus starts in +1 o first year of Pre-University College which starts in high school itself in the Central syllabus.

Having unified syllabus from 8th standard will make students prepare well to create strong foundations of basic subjects like Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Social-Science and also Languages. A qualified set of teachers can create awareness about knowledge, benefits and power of it. Education is the best investment which any country can believe in guaranteed returns.

It is best to have education in vernacular language till the class of 7th and later on having a unified syllabus all over the nation certainly helps.

The fall of roadside 'Mango'ism

The main attraction of spring season is the leafless trees which shed their leaves to have all new green growth. Apart from this another attraction is the flowers of Mango tree which starts to bud in this season and slowly starts to grow up tender mango’s which are soar to taste and gives an immense pleasure in eating them. We being kids of around eight to ten years old used to have fun in eating them without the notice of parents!

Those days are awesome golden days, used to eat tender mangoes stealing from the neighbor gardens without the notice of gardener or the worker of it. Before going to garden in a group of 5 or 6, making arrangements to take off the mango and eat it. One used to bring salt, other chilli powder which tastes best than anything with mango and it’s not comparable to anything. This is story of eating in Gardens.

Road side Mango trees also used to have fruits of spring, we being taking the contract of those trees on our own used to guard them from morning to evening thinking some other people may take the charge of those trees. One fine day without notice of parents as I told before used to bring the usual ingredients to mix with the mango and eat.

Like this I used to spend my vacation jovially and also making it a point to go to Grand mother’s place, to have fun. Gone are the these old days of happiness, now the children will have fun on electronic gadgets more than the other games and also trend is changed in the name of Summer Camp or Summer Schools. Even the road side trees are cut for the cause of widening of roads without even knowing the necessity of these, while travelling on those roads where the trees used to stand from may be more than hundred years are just added to the pages of the history. I just felt it’s the fall of roadside ‘Mango’ism.

A revolution in Indian Market by Flipkart

As I mentioned in one of my earlier blogs, E-Commerce has literally changed business prospective. One among them which contributed much to this development is Flipkart started in Bangalore which provides its service in India through www.flipkart.com on internet and has four branches now. Flipkart offers much more than any online shopping mart can provide. Currently, Flipkart offers exciting discounts on Books, CDs, DVDs, Computers, Laptops and much more electronic gadgets.

You can get nearly five million collections of books on Flipkart and ever increasing. It’s user friendly interfaces and easy payment options through Debit or Credit cards, Internet Banking and the recent addition is Cash On Delivery (C. O. D.) of products makes Flipkart very popular. Not only Indian editions. Even you can buy foreign edition books it reduces headache of currency conversions from Rupees to Dollars or pounds etc., Flipkart will handle it. Recent addition to the Flipkart store is videogames and play station. It is understood that in these also you will get handsome discount from any showroom!

While you order for any article before ordering only you can get to know when you will get the order delivered. Subsequent E-Mail and SMS updates on product order and shipping makes customer happy. In spite of all above features one distinguishable feature which separates Flipkart from everything else is Reliability. Flipkart is highly reliable. If it commits to deliver product within three days, you will get the article shipped to your address within the given time. There is no absolutely no fraud.

Thanks to Flipkart!

Are we giving too much importance to Cricket?

World cup fever has slowly started to subside. Getting world cup after twenty eight years is a sensation of joy, proudness and a dream come true situation of many years. Thanks to all the players who made us proud by taking the Word Cup. May this is the last world cup of Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar, as Dhoni added to this as he is dedicating this world cup to Sachin. But one thing saddened me is are we giving too much importance to the cricket players neglecting all other sports players of be Hockey, Weight lifting or Athletics. After knowing the bumper bonanza announced by BCCI and the central minister for railways for the cricket players the thought came to my mind is why I didn’t become cricket player!!

BCCI has announced cash prize of rupees one crore to each player, apart from all the benefits they get from ICCI along with the trophy. This may be equivalent or more than the amount which BCCI offered. As the Srilankan team being runner up in the World Cup, ICCI offered rupees seven crore as prize to the entire team. Union Railways Minister of India announced free travel to these players for life time in the A. C. coach (Thank god as there is no instance of Cricket players travelling by train even by mistake). Chief Minister’s of one or two state have offered to give land to the players in their state remembering this memorable occasion. Basically Indian cricket players are on the top in getting highest revenue from the advertising companies may be in few days most of the players will tie up with the advertising companies for a bigger deal as we are World Cup Champions. Indian Cricket players will have handsome income this time which can be only calculated in crores or millions!

This is the story of world cup players. Do these Advertising companies, Central Government and State Government provides so many facilities to the medal winners of Olympic, Asian or Common Wealth Games? I am not able to recollect any one announcing offers neither the Governments nor the Advertising companies. Those who have won medals in the games are finding it difficult to get jobs and no facilities at all to practice. In Asian, Common Wealth or Olympic games you won’t find the same players in the subsequent games. Clarification may be good performers will be sent to games but the truth is those who have gone once and won medals are not getting any facilities to either practice for games or offers of job and similar facilities. They are the people who also make India proud but we don’t have remembrance of their achievement.

By this we can clearly make out we are neglecting all games except Cricket. National game of India Hockey is also slowly shading away from the memories of younger generation. Athletics have no value at all in front of cricket. Earlier small children used to play any village games but now everywhere cricket fever. If proper prominence is not given to other games, days are not so far where we can read about other games in the pages of history!

You can be Healthy by Dr B M Hegde

Do you want to know how to lead a happy life as long as you can? Do you think Cholesterol produced by body is the main reason for all the diseases? If it is not good for health why the body produces cholesterol? Taking tablets daily for different ailments really has meaning? Is it the physical food we eat is the reason for all kind of diseases? Does continuous exposure to sun light causes cancer in human skin? Whether modern hi-tech hospitals are really important for making people healthy? To know about all these things you must read a book ‘You can be Healthy’ by Dr. B. M. Hegde.

Dr Hegde clearly tells how disease mongering is done by the pharmaceutical industries to create fear among people and sell their products. It is creating false knowledge and belief that taking drugs will keep the diseases away but it’s not the truth. Another much debated topic is production of cholesterol by the human body. If human body is not benefitted by cholesterol then why human body is producing cholesterol? The interesting debate goes on. Diseases like cancer, ulcer or any other ailments are caused by the food what we eat, it is not the rice, wheat or ragi we eat, but it’s the egoism, jealously, selfishness are the real culprits causing cancers. Also Dr Hegde suggests people to have heart transplant it’s not the one done at Hi-Tech hospitals, but it’s the one to have sympathy towards people and let’s make the life of other people on the earth happier. It can also serve people as Health Wisdom Guide and good book to have in your collection.

On a personal note Dr B M Hegde is an internationally renowned cardiologist, being retired as Vice Chancellor of Manipal University heading Bihar State Health Department Association. Dr Hegde is recipient of numerous awards, honors including Padma award from Government of India, he continuously educate people through All India Radio and Doordarshan. He is probably the only Indian to work as an examiner at the Royal Colleges of England which is rare to attain that eminence.

Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) revolution

Last one decade had brought lot of revolution in the life style of people; mainly advent of internet has changed the outlook of life. In general the mode of communication, collection of information (through search engines), reservation of tickets in trains, buses and flights, recharging of mobile phone and DTH currency, booking of hotels, paying utility bills, applying to various jobs and even admission procedures of educational institutions has undergone drastic changes. Everywhere everything has become online. Time is not so far where anyone wants to be a part of one or other online communities or social networking sites. A best example is the revolution caused by Facebook, Orkut and Twitter. Twitter has become so popular that all celebrities leave a Twitter message or update than a press meet as it is the best way to reach people.

E-Commerce in simple can be described as ‘Commerce aspects associated with Electronic Media or Technology’. In earlier days if you want to buy or sell any product you were supposed to go to market, describe your product, wait till any customer turns up and if customer turns up and if customer is satisfied by your product he or she will purchase after substantial amount of bargaining. But now technology has advanced the life, as in market you can buy or sell anything through internet. Even banking transaction on internet has become so simple that people avoid going to conventional banks and procedures. You may be astonished to know many of the Online Shopping centers operate from a small room rather than any big buildings!

As a revolution of E-Commerce you can buy or purchase anything with a few mouse clicks. Big Bazaar, one of the leading retail chains of India has started retail trading of products online so that you can buy any of your household needs of day to day life. You can now also purchase Mobile Phones, Books, and DVDs online and can be shipped to your address. An attracting feature of online book store is it provides much better discounts than any book store as there is no infrastructure cost involved with it, even if it is involved that is very negligible.

Online shopping marts provides much better discounts and flexibility in choosing what you want just by searching in the mart or store website(which is far better than searching for a simple object in the entire store building). Payment methods are also made simple; at the end of shopping you can pay your bills through Debit card, Credit card, Internet Banking using standard Payment Gateways such as CCAvenue or PayPal. Now some of online stores have provided an option to pay Cash On Delivery (C. O. D.) of products. 

E-Commerce was thought 'Not for me' few years ago but it has become 'Now for me'.

Idli, Orchid and Will Power by Mr V V Kamat

Along with Viaya Karnataka Kannada daily everyday there will be a four page supplement by name ‘Lavalavike’, it will have lot of news about places, persons, rituals, health tips, featured articles by eminent persons etc., Few months back ‘Lavalavike’ had an exclusive interview with great dreamer, entrepreneur Mr. Vittal Venkatesh Kamat, director of Kamat group of Hotels. A simple man with a spirit of trying out something new always. After going through the interview I was curious to know more about him and ordered the book ‘Idli, Orchid and Will Power’ from one of the online book store(Thanks to the E-Commerce revolution)

The book is simply superb. The way book is written will effortlessly take you from first page to last page. This book is a must read for those who want to be successful entrepreneurs, who want to grow overcoming challenges faced, using SWOT(Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) analysis technique to make a difference from other competitors. Being conned by his own brother, with an huge overhead of credits Mr. V. V. Kamat started all alone from scratch building Orchid group of hotels, which own the prestigious global awards for its eco-friendliness. It is one of the India's first fully Eco-Tel hotel aimed at minimizing the risk to nature.

I finish off this write up just by narrating one of the incidents how entrepreneurs should look at business and grow up using new ideas and techniques. One of restaurant of Kamat group was established on the highway side, the main challenge was to attract customers. To attract customers Mr Kamat used a simple technique and placed a mirror in the Ladies wash room so that the customers who comes to wash room will make up themselves and stay there for quite long time and also they like to come the next time while travelling via that route, this may look simple and filmy idea but it works out well as it’s a way to attract customers. I can challenge you can’t stop yourself laughing while reading some chapters in the book and also moistening your eyes in some chapters!