Going Green

One more World Environment Day is set and as usual many companies recited the same one day mantra of ‘Go Green’, which will be added to the pages of history like the previous years. Saving environment or ‘Go Green’ should not be a slogan for a day, it should be a celebration every day. The major aim at going green is avoiding manufacturing new products and encouraging recycling or reusing the products which are manufactured already using Green resources such as Wood and its by products, plastic containers etc., Not only those, we can think of alternative sources of energy such as Solar Energy, wind Energy in day to day life.

Today popular English daily Times of India has also printed the news paper using the entirely recycled newspaper, it is a welcome initiative. If it adopts the same through out the year, it will be very helpful for saving trees. Not only Times all news paper should think about going for recycled paper. Now internet is readily available every where at least they should read the paper online version that is e – paper version. Al the news papers have e-versions but none of the news papers are encouraging people going for e – versions. It considerably reduces the paper printing cost.

Next is milk, even one can think of using containers made of glass or steel instead of using non – bio degradable plastic. The danger of recycling milk cover is there are chances such that recycled plastic may add any toxic substance to the milk. One should think of alternative resources of doing so as the toxic agents once enters the food chain make generations to suffer. Hope all know about the effect of spraying ‘Endosulfan’ as an insecticide, which entered the human food chain and disturbed the normal genetic behavior.

There is no hard bound rule to be followed which keeps planet Greener. If everyone makes sustained effort following their own way and contribute their share, one can think of better future. We are the ones who should change and the style of our living rather than waiting for someone else to do!


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