It is difficult to get anything in pure or original form in market. Whatever available is a mixture or contamination or an imitation of a reputed brand. When there are so many branded companies still why the vendors go for local or contaminated brands. Am not telling local brands are of low quality, even there are exceptions whose quality is much better than branded ones. What matters much is the money. In branded items the margin of profit will be very less. Very less means the profit is not even 5% percent of the money what the vendors invest.

The next brilliant idea what vendors will do is buying local contaminated brands and selling it mentioning no supply of branded items or distributor is not there or any reason convincing buyers! The contaminated products not only give better profit margins for vendors but also give an opportunity for customers to buy at lower rates. Many times the local contaminated brands will be an imitation of original brands itself. These duplicate brands not only looks similar to original ones but also have ISI certification label on them which makes customers like me to go for it thinking it has ISI certification. But if we observe carefully we can make out false brands or duplicate brands. The names of such duplicate brands will have little variation. The graphics design on the cover will be same as that of original but the name spelling will be different. Almost all popular brands have the duplicate imitation brands. You might have come across names such as Alpliabe - a variant of Alpenliabe, Bislery – a variant of popular branded water bottle manufacturer Bisleri, Aquafine – a variant of Aquafina, Parel G – a variant of biscuit Parle G the list is endless. Only thing which can be done to stop or discourage such variants is we the customers should be aware of what we use and buy!


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