Movies advertisement tactics

New movies used to be released on every Friday and huge crowd was guaranteed. On Friday’s every theatre used to be full of college students who will present on first show of Friday without fail. Movies used to be released only in selected theaters after showing it for few days, the movie was to be showed in other small cities, like that the cycle used to continue. People used to enjoy the movie and song. There was no separate release for Audio and Movie. But now all the movies will be released at a time in all the theaters and also audio will be released before the movie. Why is it so?

The main objective of releasing movie in all theaters at a time is it generates the revenue as much as it generates after running hundreds of shows. People will watch on first day of movie even if it is good or not. Before the people who watched film and comment on the movie, substantial portion of people will watch the movie and the producer will get the money whatever he invested on the very first day without waiting for fifty or hundred day collection. Other technique movie releasers do is releasing Audio before Video.

Every movie will have one title song and it will be made popular. If the song is made popular, people will be tempted to see how the movie is and will wait for the releasing date. The song will be telecasted on television repeatedly to attract people. Once this is done half the work is finished. Along with playing song releasers make sure that they also display the movie release date. Automatically this attracts people on first date and they surely watch the movie at theaters. Even if the movie fails at the Box – Office, producer will get the money back whatever he has invested.


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