'Aadhaar' at Post Offices

Multi – Crore project ‘Aadhaar’ of Indian Government was incorporated with an aim to provide unique identity number to every citizen to India. Nandan Nlekani of Infosys gave resignation to his post to take the chairmanship of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). UIDAI later changed name into Aadhaar with a branded logo. The work of Aadhaar started at slow phase able to involve only three crore people under the project and Aadhaar cards for one crore people are ready to issue. To gain speed and complete the work as soon as possible, Aadhaar has tied knots with Post Offices. E – Governance has changed the working of post offices, operations are fully computerized. In the world of Internet and Mobile phones there are hardly a few people who send letters and post cards, that too to exchange token of gratitude now and then. Anyone who sends Email accepts the fact that Emails are fat and can be easily sent but it won’t be filled with the feelings and emotions as we feel while reading a hand – written letter or post card.

Post offices are now prepared for registering people for Aadhaar project. Aadhaar has listed twenty nine documents, among which one has to be submitted to get Aadhaar card. In case any of the mentioned documents are not found a person who has person already assigned with Aadhaar card can give introduction as similar to the process involved in opening bank accounts. While issuing Aadhaar card, a person’s finger prints and retina scan will be done which are unique to every person and impossible to have other persons having same kind of retina structure. Mainly Aadhaar is aiming at preventing scams and the people in need should get real benefits of Government schemes. In future Aadhaar card can be used as a proof of identity for all purpose.

Aadhaar started program of giving unique identity card from September 2010 and till now able to involve only three crore population of India. But in the same duration India’s population has increased by one crore fourteen lakhs. Like Janlokpal Bill, Aadhaar is also a project which created hope among country’s people that Aadhaar will also help to fight against corruption. Aadhaar should speed up its process and try to complete the project early as population is also like time which can not be stopped at a point!

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  1. Let there be a law made by the government of India protecting the personal information taken from the people from being illegally misused and also that only verified government personnel who have been authorised will have access to the information legally, else let it be scrapped.