Google AdSense's eighth birthday

One of the popular programs of Google is AdSense program. A boon for small publishers and a major portion of revenue for advertising companies is turning eight years old. AdSense has seen many developments from its inception. Google being developed as a small search engine as a part of an academic project developed into many folds in the last one decade. Google AdSense program has been so popular that everyone who tries to write blog will also try to have an AdSense account. Now the Google has become so strict that in its AdSense policy and having an AdSense account is not an easy piece of cake.

Initially AdSense started with only static image and text advertisement. Over a period of development even rich media and flash applications are also being employed. In the last eight years Google AdSense has become one of the popular programs and has given opportunity to people for becoming full time bloggers. The secret of how Google shares its revenue with publishers is not yet disclosed and it is still a top secret which many people are trying to find out. The blogger, popular blog site also has given enough options for the writers to integrate many things with blog site even including AdSense. Definitely anyone can agree Google AdSense has turned many lives who are spending enough time on internet and also people who love to do things on their own.

Such an enterprise is turning eight years old, I wish many more happy returns of day for Google AdSense.


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