The next danger which needs immediate attention

The next danger to our planet ‘Earth’ is not the nuclear power or the wars between the countries. The next danger is the plastic we use in day to day life. In a recent research survey it is clearly shown how plastic will make living of organisms itself difficult on Earth. The plastic we use is less than 20 micron units and it is not possible to recycle. If we try to recycle such plastic which has less than 20 micron unit thickness, it will produce or release toxic substances to the environment. One of the best examples is release of Carbon – Monoxide (CO) which will be released to atmosphere when plastic is burnt. Even the left over food which we throw to garbage in plastic covers is eaten by the cows or the animals resulting in death by the rupture of plastic in the digestive tract making swallowing of food difficult. Plastic has become so inevitable that for anything we depend on it. You can rarely see people going to market carrying bags, all will go to market with a hope that vendor is forced to give plastic bags to keep his business or else we won’t mind walking to vendors who sell vegetables and packs them in plastic bags! This scenario has to be changed.

Minimizing plastic not only keeps our planet Earth greener but also healthier. Plastic doesn’t get degrade, it will be deposited in the same way for centuries together and the plastic which is deposited in Earth’s crest also prevents water to be absorbed by the Earth. Slowly it may enter into the human food ecological chain creating imbalance as it is non – bio degradable and producing toxic substances which can result in genetic mutations in the further generations. Avoid using plastic covers as much possible, prevent going to market without bags. Be healthy and allow mother Earth also to be green!


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