Who will wipe trees tears?

Man is the most intelligent creature identified on this Earth. But sometimes even he also behaves in such a manner that nobody can beat him in idiocy. Trees of minimum two hundred or three hundred years of existence are being cut for the extension of roads. Human beings can come and go but trees are there from two or three centuries, how fair is it to destroy trees which have given shadow to people travelling on road and sometimes fruits. Such trees are being cut down mercilessly today. If it is very much required to expand a road one can do so by constructing a new road on the either side of tree rather than cutting down tree. Those who sit for strike in the name of country, caste or organization should think of these. Nobody can help us if we can’t survive ourselves. Organized effort is necessary.

We have worshipped few species of plants from the ancient times and considered cutting down of trees is a work of sin. At least think before you cut down a tree, a plant requires minimum of ten years to grow into a tree but it just requires just ten minutes to cut it down. We Indians showed the world that plants and trees also have life and they are not non – living organisms, it doubles the responsibility on us. Knowing that trees also has life how can we cut them and be happy even they are the creation of same creator who created us. How can we be so heartless without listening to trees cry?


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