Eatables prepared using Maida flour

Maida flour has become a flour of wonder to me as it doesn’t have any dietary fibers and roughage creating more interesting fact how it get digested inside us. With much curiosity and with a spirit of enquiry started to search how maida flour will get digested inside human beings Many eatables such as Samosa, Vegetable or Egg Puffs, bread, biscuits are prepared using maida flour as a base. Along with maida flour there will be chemicals which gives extra softness and taste to eatables, their digestion in human body is very complex and many a times these chemicals kill the micro – organisms which are necessary for other bio –chemical reactions taking place in human body (approximately human beings will have 10 to the power 26 billion micro – organisms along with the digestive tract from mouth to anus, the chemicals which are used in preparing eatables are capable of killing all these in organisms in the same way as of a pesticide or an insecticide) Maida flour along with hot water makes a very good glue for posting wall papers.

Once we consume eatables prepared by maida flour, the salivary glands will produce more saliva as the eatables will be soft and difficult to swallow. The food we intake should pass through oesophagus before reaching stomach, if the food has dietary fibers and roughage the movement of food will be easy. But maida flour in eatables getting mixed with saliva forms a compound similar to glue and get stick to walls of oesophagus obstructing the easy movement. Human body should spend more energy for movement of maida flour turned gum to stomach and subsequent digestion. The maida flour will not have any vitamins, proteins or any other minerals useful for body but it requires more energy to digest such maida flour turned gum complex. The chemicals present in the maida flour (such as alloxane) mixing with hydrochloric acid (HCl) secreted by stomach forms toxic substances resulting in other stomach or digestive problems. Only stomach is not affected, the entire digestive tract starting with mouth, oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine will also get affected. Even the alloxane used for making maida flour extra soft will destroy the Beta – cells of pancreas which produces insulin, indirectly maida flour resulting in onset of diabetes. Avoid eatables prepared with maida flour as much as possible, it requires approximately five times more energy than the energy required to digest normal food.

Recently was going through a bi – monthly, it has an article featuring an organization in Kerala which is creating awareness among the people of state about using maida flour and its danger combing with twelve different prominent organizations. Even they have published a small book on danger of using Maida flour.


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