Exam based Teaching

Teaching has reduced to business. India is the only country which has rare divine culture of student – teacher relationship. But now spoilt to the core, teaching has become business. Students will pay money and teachers will teach for the money they take. Teaching is no more a noble profession, it has lost its moral and ethics. The trend has come up such that the teacher will be good only if he or she teaches the things which are necessary for exams. If he tries to impart any moral or values to students, he will be considered as a preacher than the teacher in the modern scenario. The scenario is so worst that students consider a teacher as an ideal only if teaches the syllabus well and prepares the students well for examination purpose. This kind of attitude makes students only informative but not knowledgeable.

There is lot of difference between a student being knowledgeable and informative. An example for this is, a student knows that it will be harmful and chances of accidents will be more if any one speaks on mobile phone while driving or riding. But knowing this still student like to drive or ride while speaking. The students won’t be having knowledge of how it will spoil their life if they meet up an accident. This is just an instance. You can just verify yourself what is being informative and knowledgeable. They may look similar but that is not the case. Current scenario of teaching that is exam based teaching will make students more informative but less knowledgeable, which is always dangerous.


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