Writing giving rice

Writing is an art giving freedom to express writer’s feelings and thoughts. Many have taken writing as full time profession and making their living on it. Few write for hobby and a few as a profession. Writing as a profession has also become one of the trends in the recent years. Earlier the writers, poets were used to be working in some office making their means of living and in their free time they used to spend time on writing. Trend always change for every five or ten years, what was there ten years before as a trend is not there today and what is there today will not be there in future. It’s the turn for writers, many gave up their profession and took writing as a full time profession.

Internet has changed lives of people in many ways and it is hard to imagine most of the times in which way it can influence people, it has generated many writers on internet. Internet has also gave a new path for online advertisement and marketing, as a result many ways are created such as affiliate marketing, displaying ads, pay-per-click, pay-per-impression etc., Affiliate marketing is marketing products of a company on a writer’s or publisher’s website. A list of all products or selected products will be displayed on website of a writer or publisher, if any purchase is made following the affiliate link, a percentage of revenue generated through sales will be shared with the publishers. Displaying ads is advertising or displaying advertisements of a company or many companies on writer’s website. When an advertisement is displayed on a writer’s webpage, the company will pay directly to the writer or to an agency who acts as a middle man in the process. The authors will get paid for pay-per-impression and pay-per-click. Pay-per-impression is decided on the number of visitors to a website, the percentage of revenue shared will be low for pay-per-impression. Writers will be paid depending on hundred or thousand impression and not for every impression. In pay-per-click the writer or publisher will be paid when there is a click on the advertisement display portion of website. The percentage of revenue shared per advertisement will vary from one company to other.

Using benefits of online marketing many have found their means of living. Few are earning in five or six digit figure per month or year. Innovation has no boundaries and it will be always out of any binding, innovation in online marketing is giving rice to many writers worldwide.


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