New Reservation System in Educational Institutions

Education has gained lot of importance as the awareness about it has increases among people. Educational institutions are also increased like mush room, every small city has minimum three to four colleges. Colleges are giving seats on merit basis and much negligence towards students who have scored less in examination. Indian examination system is not at all a measure of intelligence, it is just a measure of reproducing the subject whatever student has studied. The admission to colleges has become a matter of pride for parents and a critical question of life and death for students. Caste based reservation is one of ways of reservation, apart from that other kind of reservation has to be introduced based on marks what the students has scored. It not only reduces the burden on parents who pays tons of fees and also increases creativity and humanity among students.

More the teachers give stress on scoring high marks students tries to remember the concepts as long. As students stick to remembering concepts, creativity will not be developed. Teachers should give importance to applying concepts in the real world that definitely increases creativity and also students like to learn such subjects. If all the academic toppers are clubbed in a class there won’t be any fun or joy in learning as toppers most of the times tries to cram the concepts than understanding. If along with academic toppers students who have scored less are also combined, academic toppers will also have healthy feeling towards students who have scored less in examination. It may be an astonishing fact that the academic toppers will think that the other students are useless and develop superiority complex which is not a good thing in the long run.

Knowledge always forms an integral part of education. An educational institution which is not able to impart values, morals, ethics and a firm basement in the subject and fail to make a student a good human being such an institute is useless and it is only aimed at making money. Even though the student scores will in examination and if he is not able to become good human being facing the challenges of life, it directly reflects that the education is improper. Education is not only making students to score high in examination, it should also aim at building society of good human beings.

Keeping these things in mind to avoid unhealthy competition educational institutions should give seats to students of all grades ranging from just ass to toppers. By removing caste based reservation if the marks based reservation is adopted, it largely serves the purpose of education reducing unhealthy competition. It is also a challenge for educational institutions producing 100% results, it is of no wonder to give 100% results by admitting students of above 90% score in examination. Such institutions should also give admission to students who score less along with students who score high and aim at giving 100% result also giving importance to impart qualities of becoming good human beings.


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