Got back the Money Hacked from my Bank Account

It was relieving from ten month’s tension. I got back the hacked money from the bank. In an earlier post I mentioned about the hacking of my bank account and Rs 10486 was withdrawn. Repeated complaints and reminders have really worked to get my money back. Hope this post may be helpful to anyone who lost money as a result of hacking.

First thing after noticing deduction in account balance, I called up bank searching number from internet and informed that balance is deducted from my account. In mini statement, it was showing that cash was withdrawn from ATM. After discussing with bank manager I came to know that the transaction was done at Germany according to bank records.

Wrote a letter regarding the unauthorized transaction and mailed to the bank through speed post, mean while my account got debited second time with Rs 486 just in few hours. I was confused totally and sat perplexed thinking what to do next as that money was supposed to be given to someone else.

Without wasting much time, sent an email to the bank with cc to circle office, head office etc. I somehow felt that this is related to ATM card so called up ATM customer care and requested to block my ATM card giving reason of fraudulent transaction.

I didn’t get any satisfactory response from the bank authorities except the mail sent by the bank manager acknowledging my mail has been received! Surfing many websites got to know that this is related to crime and need to inform police. When I tried to contact police they said they want letter from bank stating such hacking has occurred. I tried even contacting cyber police station Bangalore, I called up many times but no one was there to pick my call. I sent email with all details but still no response.

I called up circle office of bank and informed about the incident. They said they will get back to me and in a day or two I got a call from bank and the officer on line told to block my card. Whenever I called up or I got call, the prompt suggestion given by bank officials was to block my card, which I did on the initial day of identifying unauthorized transaction.

Calling up and mailing for couple of months didn’t fetch any results. Poor bank manager didn’t have any details and no updates from higher authorities on how to proceed next as he is also new to such case. When I called up to bank circle office, they told to contact ATM switch room, switch room in turn pointing circle office. I sent email to customer service section, the manager of that wing replied in few days stating the circle office has taken up matter!

I decided to go for Banking Ombudsman even though the matter of hacking doesn’t fall under any category of RBI complaint section and also mine is not related to credit card. I filed case under ATM transaction within a day I got call from RBI regional office Bangalore asking for details.

I also registered for online grievance redressal system which had the tagline of resolving complaints in 30 days time. As I am in touch with Bank Manager I got to know that higher authorities of bank have directed him to lodge a complaint in local police station regarding the same issue. I felt something is happening!

After a fortnight’s time, I got message from bank that my case has been resolved and money will be refunded on a condition that I should give an indemnity bond that I didn’t do any such transaction and if found I did, I will return money to bank. Completed all such formalities put by bank.

I got my money back. I am happy that at least I got money back after ten months of tension whether I will get back money or not! 


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