Where to keep Money if it is not safe in Banks?

I have an account with Canara Bank and operating it on a continuous basis from last couple of years except the normal delays by the employees and the network problems associated with the ATM card, I didn’t face any serious issues with the bank till recently. Even I don’t have net banking or any other facilities from the bank. On January 28th 2012, my account has been debited with Rs. 10486 in a single transaction. I have not done that transaction or I didn’t give my card details to anyone to perform such transaction.

The money was supposed to be withdrawn and to be given to one of my roommate who has paid on my behalf when I was in need. I was shocked to know that money in my account has been deducted and also felt guilty that I will not be able to return the money to friend on time. I informed to the bank regarding the transaction and it took some time for me to understand or feel that it’s an online hack.

In the ATM mini – statement it was displaying that the cash has been debited. The account holding branch is in Karnataka and am in Hyderabad. I complained to all possible concerned authorities regarding the same searching on the internet. No one responded except the bank manager acknowledging my complaint. No response from the circle office and head office. Only thing bank authorities did is blocked my debit card and suggested for applying for new card and they would like to serve me better in the future transactions!

Thinking that it is an online cyber crime, I complained to the cyber crime division Bangalore through email, again no response. I also tried to call the numbers given on the website during cyber crime, no one was there to pick the call even after trying couple of times. I dint know for what purpose Government is maintaining one additional department called cyber crime division consisting of some senior officials.

Being disappointed, I informed my father to give police complaint at least in the local police station. Those people also promptly responded that it is a banking issue; police has nothing to do with it. I don’t know why they told like that? May be without any knowledge about cyber crime or may be that it doesn't come under their limits!

When I called bank again regarding the refund of money, they directed to lodge a complaint in police station so that further step can be taken.

Police are blaming the bank and bank people in turn directing to give police complaint. Am in dilemma what to do next for getting my money back with guilt that I will be not able to give money back to my friend on time!

It makes me to think what uneducated and innocent people can do if they lose their hard earned meager savings like this? Thinking itself pains me a lot. Where to keep our money if it is not safe in banks!

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