BIGROCK Service and Hosting Review

I was planning to create a website for students containing information about Admission notification, higher studies etc., I was planning to host that on WordPress platform and felt first I will register domain name. I purchased domain through BIGROCK, as their advertisements frequently move everywhere either on Internet or TV. Payment was successful and I was able to access the control panel of domain name I purchased.

I tried to change Name Server records, couldn't get the correct way to do it, and contacted the sales team using their 24 * 7 online chat service. I pinged and it took almost five minutes for someone to respond. When I asked, can you connect me to technical support, the guy on other side didn't bother to respond and disconnected from chat. Again I tried to connect but that also went in vain.

I thought of pointing domain name to the Google hosted blogger for the time being, so tried to change the Name Servers. I gave a message that it takes 72 hours to change the name server details, I waited till then but nothing has changed except the message being displayed that 'Name Servers are configured wrongly" making me to check whether I entered wrong DNS address.

Meanwhile I thought purchasing hosting from BIGROCK itself will be good as the prices were comparatively cheap than other service providers. The very first thing it ask is whether you own a domain name or you want to purchase, I selected I own and gave the domain name I purchased through them itself, it tries to map to the order with the domain name already purchased through BIGROCK. Later I changed my mind not to purchase the hosting package from them and didn't pay. After that every time when I am logged it displays a message, payment is pending. If we try to delete the hosting package it will delete the domain name purchased through them! It cannot be undone in any way as I tried all possibility.

After a week of deleting the domain name, I got a call from customer care asking reason and giving an offer of restoring services if deletion is done in last three days ( it was already a week when I received the call that I deleted that domain name while trying to delete the hosting package)

Some of Pros and Cons I felt with BIGROCK service:


1) Very less price compared to any other hosting service available in India

2) You can use any sort of payment such as Debit card payment or Internet banking etc., No compulsion on using only credit card to purchase

3) Customer service section is good as they at least interact properly regarding queries related to sales and offers


1) No flexibility as in case of other hosting providers as GoDaddy, eNOM etc., to change Name Server records. BIGROCK doesn't allow to change Name server details easily

2) Very poor technical support as no one from technical team will be available usually except sales and very difficult to connect to technical team

3) Suppose you purchase a domain name and try to host it using BIGROCK and later if you change your mind to take hosting from others, it is not at all possible to do it. If you try to delete the hosting order, it will delete the purchased domain name also.


  1. I want to post my blogs on a website of my own how to go about it?

  2. You can create website using, WordPress, Drupal or any CMS and good hosting service. You can create any content on it and all control will be with you itself

  3. Great review about bigrock .. i will think about it...

  4. This is a good review.. i have had a pretty decent experience with BigRock so far.. pricing is great for sure

  5. Hey Technophilo,
    Thank you for posting such a detailed review about BigRock. Really appreciate the time taken and for you pointing out the features which left you disgruntled.

    We're sorry about the problems you faced, especially the error while changing Name Server records.
    As far as our technical team is concerned, we have forwarded your concern to them, and we hope that neither you nor any other customers will face any further problems from their end.

    If there's anything else we can help you with, please get in touch with our support team on 22-30797979.

    Thank you,
    Team BigRock.

  6. A Very Good Review of Bigrock. Bigrock is indeed No.1 Domain Registrar and Web Hosting Provider in India.

  7. bigrock services have deteriorated in last one years. I have been using them since 4-5 years. I have faced similar problem with bigrock where they frequently change the name server for domain name PURCHASED FROM BIGROCK ONLY without any reason and your website will down again for three days. In a month they do it 3 or 4 times. WHEN BOTH DOMAIN NAME AND HOSTING PURCHASED FROM BIGROCK, WHY THE HAIL IT NEEDS POINTING TOWARDS A DIFFERENT NAME SERVERS LOCATED IN A DIFFERENT REGION. IT SIMPLY MEANS YOU HAVE OUTSOURCED YOUR SERVERS TO ANY THIRD PARTY AND DONT BOTHER ABOUT CUSTOMERS FACING THE PROBLEM. AND THIS IS WHEN YOU CLAIM 99% UPTIME.
    It impacts negatively on your business. better avoid going for bigrock if you want to host a website. It will definitely going to be a nightmare for you. In addition i have also filed a complain to icann to take strict action against bigrock. REALLY REALLY PATHETIC SERVICE......

  8. I too owned a domain with Bigrock ( and my experience with them is not good, they say that they offer 24/7 support but after 9PM you won't find any person from Technical team to offer service.. Also I have used their FREE hosting with domain, it is very slow.

    For now I can say that I find a better provider (Hostocol - and I am moving my domains to them in next few days. Also I see that Hostocol has a better hosting platform than the Bigrock guys. Sorry Bigrock!! Bye!!

  9. I have taken domain name registration services form and i would say that they are best registrar. They provide excellent service. good support .

  10. Some months back, I was looking for domain registration services. Then one of my friends suggested me Bigrock. I have registered my domain name form and got full customers support. I would say that their services were quite good. All details are available at their site

  11. I think Big rock is really good domain registrar, I am saying this from my experience with Big Rock.

  12. Bigrock is one of best web hosting provider. Earlier I was using another hosting company services but their customer support and server response was not Good. On based of good reviews I transferred my site to Bigrock. Now server response is better. It helps to increase traffic on my site also.

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  14. I have been using service for a long time & I really appreciate their customer support team they are very active. Their server uptime is great and I highly recommend it to every one looking for relaible and quality web hosting services.