Hasanamba Temple, Hassan

The very name Hassan to the city is because of presence of Hasanamba temple in the heart of city. Hasanamba temple is one of the popular temples of Karnataka came to light recently. Devotees from all over the state will visit this temple.
Hasanamba Temple

The specialty of this temple is that it will be open only once in a year and that too for only one week. With the request of many, in 2012 it was decided to keep the temple open for fifteen days. Temple renovation work is going on and the construction of large Gopuram is going on in-front of temple. Because of huge number of visitors even arrangements are made for special darshan with ticket costing Rs 250.

Gopuram infront of Hasanamba Temple

I visited this temple as I heard that the flower offered to Goddess a year back will be fresh as it is even after a year. When I visited this place because of huge queue of visitors it was not possible to see deity properly and enquire anything about it. There is no idol of Goddess as I observed. There was a large stone decorated with saree and flowers to which pooja is offered.
Siddeshwara Swamy Temple

While opening the temple, the banana plant is tied to entrance and it will be cut by the members belonging to a particular family. On one side of Hasanamba temple is the Siddeshwara Swami temple and the other side there are two three small temples.
Siddeshwara Swamy Temple

While closing the temple, raw rice of two bags will be kept. Also there is a belief that a kid who was mistakenly forgotten inside the temple was alive even after a year when temple was open. I didn't get any much info as it may be a rumor too.

In 2013, the temple will be opened from 24/10/2013 to 05/11/2013

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