GOD - Generator Operator and Destroyer

I had been to Kedareshwara temple at Halebidu recently. Temple guide (I mean the people who are very well acquainted with the history of place and explains the same to visitors) was giving interesting summary related to the stone carvings made on the walls of temple. His major carvings made on the walls of temple. His major claim was that the Westerns have inspired from Indian culture, traditions and even epics. One of such claims is that the word ‘GOD’ is also derived with inspiration from Indians.

Pointing at the beautiful carvings of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara made on temple walls, the temple guide was explaining the meaning of word 'GOD' with its expansion.

Brahma - the Generator 

Vishnu - the Operator

Shiva - the Destroyer

According to him the acronym ‘GOD’ stands for Generator Operator and Destroyer. Hindu Mythology has characters like Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara. Brahma being the Creator of Universe he was called as Generator. Vishnu being responsible for all the activities of Universe, he was called Operator. Maheshwara or Shiva having the image of destroyer of evil is called Destroyer.

Putting all together the Generator, the Operator and the Destroyer are responsible for all the happenings of this Universe. 

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  1. I got to accept your explanation for GOD. It's absolutely true