How to insert an Equation in a power Point Slide

Using slides for giving presentations or talks has been common and popular. Even classrooms and companies will have an option to project the slides using over head projector or large LCD displays. Using Microsoft PowerPoint is simple and it is powerful software used for preparing the presentations. But for giving technical talks one has to make use of equations whenever necessary. This post will tell you how to insert equations into PowerPoint slides.

1) Open MS-PowerPoint as usual with the slide where you want to place the equations

2) Goto Insert -> Object

Select Microsoft Equation 3.0 from the scroll menu and click OK. New window called Equation Editor will be open having various equation types like fraction, exponential and also symbols like partial differentiation, Alpha etc will be present.

3) Once the equation of desired kind is typed, close the Equation Editor

The equations will be automatically inserted into the slide as soon as the equation editor is closed. Adjust the position of equation as required in the slide.


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