Charminar, Hyderabad

Charminar is present at the heart of Hyderabad city. Four minarets are connected with arches. Charminar attracts visitors from all over the World and Charminar has the popularity of Global Icon of Hyderabad. The Archaeological Survey of India has declared Charminar as a protected monument and also it is one of their very few ticketed monuments of India.


Closed look of upper portion of Charminar

The name Charminar also means four towers (char=four, minar=towers) Each Minaret is having Onion like dome at the top popularly called as bulbous dome found in Islamic Architecture. 

Beautiful Minarets

The purpose of tall Minarets was to announce or give specific instructions to people assembled at Mosque for offering prayers.According to historical sources, Charminar was built by Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah in 1591 to commemorate the end of plague disease in the city.

Arch connecting the Minarets

It is allowed to go till first floor and public visit to second floor is restricted. From the first floor one can spot the Mecca Masjid present very near to Charminar, High Court and Golkonda fort.

Clocks are present on the four sides 

Design of roof visible from ground

View of Charminar roof

The Minarets look like blossomed flower with its petals encircling the style.

view from the balcony of first floor, there is Choodi Bazaar outside the visible arch

Recently Charminar is in news because of the construction of Bhagya Laxmi Temple attached to the Charminar walls. When I visited Charminar , the entry to Bhagya Laxmi Temple was closed with Paramilitary forces guarding the surrounding area. Also there was the aroma of special food being cooked on the occasion of Muharram.


  1. Yes I have visited to Andhra Pradesh but not Hyderabad...I really wants to visit that place...

  2. I've been this way a couple of times, but never got to look at the inside. Thank you for these shots. Elegant!!

  3. Good pics... I have been there many times but never climbed.. need to do that..