Kedareshwara Temple, Halebidu

Halebidu is situated at a distance of 18 KMS from Belur housing important hoysala style of temple. There is a saying that the outside beauty of Halebidu temple is good and the inside beauty of Belur temple is good. Halebidu temple walls also have many stone carvings.

There are two Shivalingas present at the Halebidu temple namely Hoysaleshwara and Kedareshwara. Each Shivalinga has individual large Nandi in-front of them, housed in attractive temple like structures. There is also a museum housing many of rare stone carvings in the temple premise maintained by the department of Archaeology.

Hoysala royal family members used to pray this Ganesha idol before entering the temple. Instances from Mahabharatha are carved on temple walls. 

Ganesha Idol worshipped by rulers

stone carving on the entrance door

Temple roof

Band set performing 

Temple walls

Near the door, both sides have attractive stone carved structures like this 

Woman keeping Kumkum on her forehead looking at Mirror 

Temple view

Varaha Swamy

Rakshasa Vadha


The Gown used by Juries in England is depicted centuries before in India.

Indra on his Airavata fighting

eight hands carved beautifully

Chakravyuha of Mahabharatha

Ganesha with eight hands

inside temple

The stone carvings are not placed in slanting position even though there is an option to keep stone carvings down the roof as in the case of Belur temple. I feel that the temple is unfinished as there are few places which are not destroyed but still some carvings are missing.

Unfinished work, no stone carving is present on top of pillar

Next to temple premises is the lake called Dwarasamudram. Boating facility is there in this lake.


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