Sri Gnana Saraswati Temple, Basara

Basara is a small village on the banks of river Godavari. Basara has Sri Gnana Saraswathi temple along with Godavari Ghat, Ganesha temple, Vedavathi Shila (stone), Dattatreya statue and Vyasa Guha (cave) Basara is connected quite well with the bus and trains. The trains running between Hyderabad to Maharashtra will pass through Basara and have stops there. Many buses are there to reach Basara.

garden around temple

Main deity is Gnana Saraswathi Devi and along with her Lakshmi idol is also present in the sanctum sanctorum. Many were ignorant about Lakshmi idol in the sanctum, when I asked other visitors about idol. Later I asked priest and got to know that it is Lakshmi idol. The temples having Lakshmi and Saraswathi together are rarely found.

devotees can sit and take rest under shade on the way to temple entrance

'Aksharabhyasam' will be done in masses making devotees to sit in two different halls in front of sanctum based on the tickets taken. For the devotees with Rs 500 ticket, Aksharabhyasam is done in the hall in front of sanctum and for devotees with Rs 20 ticket the Aksharabhyasam will be done in the adjacent hall having small idol of Devi Saraswathi. Devotees making individual request to priest to make their kids to write on slate is seen once the pooja is over.


large hall in front of Saraswathi Devi Sanctum where Aksharabhyasam is performed

adjacent hall of performing Aksharabhyasam

Adjacent to Sanctum is Dattatreya idol is placed in front of topless tree. The top of tree has an attractive hanging of Devi Saraswathi holding Veena.

Lord Dattatreya

Gnana Saraswathi with Veena

Behind Sanctum there is Mahankali idol to which devotees can offer oil for the lamp. Oil brought from outside will not be allowed to pour in the lamp. It has to be purchased paying Rs 5 in temple premises itself.


Saraswathi statue is found on the adjacent hill on the way to Vyasa Maharshi Guha. Vyasa Maharshi Guha is having idol of Vyasa Maharshi and Devi Saraswathi. The entrance to cave is quite narrow and one has to crawl a bit to reach inside the cave. There is an entrance fee of Re 1 to this cave and also photographers will be available around for devotees interested in taking pictures.

Sarawathi statue near to Vyasa Guha

Vyasa Guha entrance 

Saraswathi idol at Vyasa Guha

Vyasa Maharshi in front of Saraswathi statue

Behind Vyasa Guha there is Ganesha temple. Temple is recently built but it is having the old stone like idol having the similarity of Ganesha.

Ganesha Temple at Basara

Another attraction is Vedavathi shila (stone) producing different sound when hit by a stone. We can listen to many sounds if we keep ears to stone and hit on other side. When I asked about it to a person designated to look after the stone premises he told that the stone is a kind of ‘Tanka Shila’ producing musical sound.

Vedavathi Shila (stone)

Godavari Ghat has Shiva temple on the banks of Godavari River. It is considered to be a holy river and one can take bath in the river. Even boat ride is there. Temple trust runs free buses for the convenience of devotees to visit Godavari river.

Godavari Ghat

Shiva temple on banks of Godavari

Saraswathi statue at Godavari Ghat 

Even railway station at Basara has temple kind of entrance

Food and Accommodation at Basara: 

Basara has many private lodges (may be around 20) apart from the Andhra Pradesh Government own Haritha Hotel. Reservation at this hotel can be done online through APTDC website or through E-Seva counters of Andhra Pradesh. Standard check out time there is 11:00 AM so adjust your timings according if you are booking at this hotel. Basara also has Guest houses owned by TTD committee and Vaishya community. Tariffs are mainly season dependent with minimum being Rs 200 for normal Non-AC rooms. 

Pulihora Prasadam given at temple premises is good. The hotel present in temple premises provides hygienic food but not so tasty. Many hotels are also present near Godavari and Saraswathi temple. Many shops selling Notebooks and slates are found around temple.


  1. It seems to be a great place..but I personally do not like this ticket system in the temple of South India..Do the poor not have the rights to pray the god or goddess as per their own wish?..Anyway, it is a nice trip through your blog to Basara.

  2. Dear Solo Backpaper,

    thanks for your comment. I am too against this ticket system...

  3. I want to visit this temple while my yatra to Parli Vaijnath and Aundha Naganath near Nanded. Thanks for sharing

  4. Dear Vishal,

    thanks for the comment. From Nanded it is two and half hours journey by road and there are many trains so visiting Basara is a good idea...


  5. Hi, Could you confirm if Asthivisarjan(last rites) can be done at Basara Godavari Ghats, if yes, are Pandit(Pujari/Purohit) available there...It would be great if you could provide me with the correct info.


  6. Hi Dip,

    yes it will be done on Godavari ghats,I have seen people doing this and also locally pujari are available to perform the rights.