Vellore to Shimoga

Reached Vellore by evening 6’o clock searched for lodge and got a room in one of the big lodge ‘Chelliamman Lodge’ near to new Vellore bus stop. Enquired people about where is ‘Kaniyambadi’ to reach the college where exam center is located with much difficulty I found that the buses to Kaniyambadi will go from new bus stand. Had dinner and slept early so that I can get ready and leave to exam center. On the other side Indian Premier League (IPL) was going on and it was almost clear that Chennai Super Kings will bag the trophy.
Got up early morning and went to take bath, didn’t take head bath as my mother clearly instructed not to take it as it is the main reason for hair fall. Left from the lodge, reached the old bus stand and searched bus to go to Kaniyambadi. I couldn’t search easily as every board was in Tamil, asked a bus conductor about the place and for much relaxation he guided me to take up the bus standing in the next row. One more surprising fact for me was bus fare was lower compared to other states, I calculated roughly “one can travel twice the distance at Tamil Nadu for the same bus fare at Karnataka”. Reached college and introduced myself with two guys who were standing outside the college gate, they were from Andhra Pradesh.
Entrance exam went fairly well. Finished exam at 12’o clock and rushed back to Vellore for taking bus to Bangalore. Vacating the room, had nice lunch at Alankar hotel and got into Bangalore along with the two guys whom I met earlier. It was almost 8:30 PM when I reached Bangalore the bus drive just took six hours to drive a distance of two hundred and twelve kilometers, I visited one of my friend’s home for lunch as it was his daughter’s birthday. Having lunch there, again rushed to railway station to catch a train to Shimoga. Finally, got into train finishing short journey and slept nicely till next morning!


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