Never ending Television (TV) serials!

Finishing with the classes early, I was back home by noon and tuned to television to see what is being telecasted. It is really difficult for those who sit with me to watch television as I change with the channels very often. I changed few channels and it was time for serials. Serials are major attractions of few channels and have high viewer ratings. I was just looking at episode numbers. Some numbers has crossed the figure 1000 and the serials will be telecasted only from Monday to Friday.

One year will have 365 days (except leap year); there will be usually 52 or 54 Saturdays and Sundays. Adding 52 Saturdays and Sundays totally there will be 104 weekend days on which there won’t be serial telecast. Simple calculation of subtracting weekend days makes the serial telecast days 265. Now, you can imagine the same serial which is telecasting 1086th episode is being holding viewers from just 4 years and one month (265 days * 4 = 1104 days!) I was surprised and also astonished how the serials will get content to run it for 4 to 5 years.

After this calculation, started watching a television serial, it took almost 5 minutes to finish title song and 2 minutes for Recap of previous episode. The serial started at the 8th minute and at the 10th minute there was an advertisement break which lasted for 5 minutes. The serial started and there was a break at 20th minute lasted for 3 minutes. After that Serial started at 24th minute and ended at a small twist at 27th minute and again list of actors and their role started to scroll on screen making it to end at 30th minute! Finally I calculated the actual serial content telecast time and it was summed up to 12 minutes or less than that. Then I understood logic and magic of serial’s content, they will show 100 minutes captured video for roughly 10 days or so. If by mistake anyone misses to see an episode it doesn’t make much difference as an episode contains only ten minutes content! This secret makes serials run for several thousand episodes and survive longer.


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