SMS language even in answer paper

Conducting tests in between teaching is one of the ways followed in Indian education system to check whether the student has understood the topic or not. It wont check the over all ability of a student, it just checks how much a student can remember and reproduce in the specified test duration in the exam hall. This kind of testing students will not be fully authenticated, as we consider only the marks scored by the students in the exam.

I was also instructed to take the test, I announced two days before about conducing test and conducted too on the specified date. The same scenario of when I was a student was repeating in the exam hall. Few studios students were writing answers without looking anywhere else and a few were scratching heads and few were struggling to recollect the specific technical words. Only difference was that I was no more a student and was looking at how students will write.

After the test I collected the answer papers and the next step was evaluating papers. I returned home and started evaluating. I was shocked to see the answers a few students has written. Few students had used SMS language wherever possible. It was horrible to read and understand as few students wrote ‘u’ for ‘you’, ‘@’ for ‘at’, ‘d’ for ‘the’, ‘&’ for ‘and’, ‘ther’ for ‘there’ and ‘their’, ‘numb’ for ‘number’ and ‘btwn’ for ‘between’. Somehow I finished evaluation remembering the procession done by the Bangalore University students to legalize and give permission to even consider writing examination in SMS language! I was getting ready to go for class and my mobile beeped with a message which was from one of my student ‘ @ wat time u takn cls ?’ which in normal language meant ‘at what time you taking class?’ I just laughed myself and went to take class.


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