Location display in Mobile Phones

I took Shastra express to reach Katpady junction as it is near to Vellore and I can reach Vellore by city bus. I got into train buying tickets, general compartment was crowded and there was no place to sit. Kept the bag below the seat and was standing thinking someone will get down in the next subsequent steps. A couple looking at me told that they will get down in K. R. Puram stop and I can take their seat. I was happy and at the same time I took care that no one should sit there before me. I was succeeded in doing so and sat once the couple got down from the train.

At subsequent stops instead of people getting down from the train, people getting into the train was more. There was huge crowd that even I couldn’t see which station has come. The people who were around me did not know any language except Tamil and I didn’t know Tamil. It was very much difficult to know which station will be the next and I was new for that route.

Mobile phones earlier used to show the place of tower so that it was helpful for passengers to know from which tower the mobile is taking signal and easy to know their location! Now, the mobile service providers have stopped that and give brief advertisement of their offers and similar stuff. I looked at the mobile phone instead of showing tower name it was displaying “dial *123*1234# for dial tone”. I cursed the service providers who mercilessly charge for roaming once we move to other state and doesn’t even bother to anything for subscriber’s benefit to know where they are!


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