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Couldn’t post any blogs from the last few days, being in small town am slowly getting used to frequent power cuts and low speed internet connection. This time pre-monsoon season has drastically changed the environment. Falling of trees by lightning on electric cable was common and power cut during that was inevitable. Along with it BSNL also has disconnected low speed internet service giving reason of thunder and lightning. There was no connection with outside world! Being in city for some years had made me used to high speed internet to browse anything and anytime but now nothing need to get the things done using what is available. The only connection is outside world is to connect to internet when the land line hone is working. Working and non-working of land line phone is another story, there are some instances in heavy rain regions where a zero candle bulb will be hanged on telephone instrument to keep it warm.

One of my friend had dropped from Bangalore, who has been working there from last couple of months as a software engineer. He sowed an idea of rural BPO in my mind. I was giving a thought to it as Government provides subsidy for starting and training the people for the working of BPO utilizing the rural talent. What I noticed is rural BPO will be mainly functioning based on the out sourcing work of Multi National Companies (MNC) and it is all about providing rural employment. One thing which made me afraid was frequent power cuts in the rural areas and low speed internet connections. Government has given permission to start rural BPO with an aim to provide better working opportunities for educated youth in the villages but at the same time Government is making not to explore possibilities in rural BPO by making frequent power cuts and no support for broad band internet connection. Thinking over the possibilities we left the idea of rural BPO.

Teaching biology has made me confident that I can take up a career in teaching. I finished teaching the syllabus mentioned for the second PUC Biology, now I have been assigned with the work of teaching Mathematics. Mathematics being one of my favorite subject and am enjoying teaching it. Along with syllabus of 2nd PUC am also trying to include the tips and tricks for CET and other similar exams. Hope things will be fine!


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