Journey by Train or Bus!

A common dilemma usually everyone faces before travelling is whether to go by bus or train. Train is always comfortable, there wont be jumps, stops o even traffic. If it is a long journey you can sleep and travel but there won’t be much tiredness. Only thing is train should be ‘on time’ and the station shouldn’t be far from the city bus stop or Auto rickshaw shop. Bus is comfortable for travelling small distance may be up to hundred kilometers. There will be jumps, stops and even traffic sometimes, back pain will start without any delay. Only comfortable thing is you will get many buses to travel but not the trains.

When to take up train and when to take up bus? Train journey should be preferred when the distance you are travelling is more than hundred kilometers and the time of travelling also matters as few trains will reach late or early morning making it difficult to wait in railway station for long hours. The railway stations will be usually situated outside the city and travelling to bus stand will cost much than the train journey. It is best to get down in the stations having bus convenience or nearer to the bus station.

Bus journey should be preferred when the distance is not much and there is less traffic. There will be number of buses and there won’t be only one bus. If in case a bus is missed, one can travel by other but it won’t be the same with train. Depending on the situation and convenience travel by train or bus but never get into bus or train while it is moving because life is precious than anything else.


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