IT Coolies!

It was long time I called any of my friends who were in Bangalore after I left from there. I went to Goa and changed the SIM card and couldn’t give it to all as I was getting adjusted to Goa and many other things were happening parallel with that. I left from Goa and back to native conducting tuitions to students. I thought of contacting my earlier classmates and friends whom I knew in Bangalore. I messaged few of my friends but there was no response for even two days, then I thought of giving a call.

I called one of my friends and he didn’t pick, I tried to call on next day, then also he didn’t pick. I thought something is wrong and called back again, he received the call and spoke as if he is ten years elder to me. There was no usual happiness or excitement in his voice. I asked what happened, why are you so dull? He answered that the work load is heavy and he is not able to cope up with the work tension, he mentioned about the deadlines which they have to meet being the employee to get good impression or rating in the review. Even he added that life has become so mechanical that he is not able to spend time with family members.

He was so upset that he is thinking himself as similar to a robot which does a routine work without any entertainment. Only entertainment he gets is on weekends that too sometimes he need to login and work from the home also. I felt it just like an unavoidable extortion of employees by the Multi National Companies giving perks and higher salaries making them exhaust to the core. I remembered one of my senior in school and now an engineer in one of the reputed multi national company who used to tell software engineer is nowhere different from a construction labor, only difference is construction labor works with bricks and stones at his choice and we work at closed Air Conditioned rooms on computers at others wish and choice! I felt software engineers can also be called as IT Coolies!


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