Remembering Einstein at Railway Station

It is very difficult to understand how the things work in Bangalore, some roads will become one way and few will be blocked temporarily. Now because of Metro Train work and constructing fly overs has made few routes unfit for travelling by traffic jams and less space for vehicle movement. Similar thing happened at Railway station, it was almost a year that I took train ticket standing in queue for more than half an hour. I was nearing railway station and was happy that no queue in ticket counters. I just reached and saw counters they were empty, no one to issue tickets or the table and the computer at the desk. I got confused and asked police man on duty, he guided to go outside to but ticket!

I rushed out and searched for ticket counter. Somehow I made it to reach counter. I stood in queue for tickets. I was feeling the queue in which am standing is moving slow and other queues are moving faster. I looked at the guy sitting at the issuing counter, he was issuing tickets quickly but still I felt something is wrong with the queue am standing. All of a sudden I remembered a chapter relating to Einstein which was there in high school curriculum.

At that time what I knew about Einstein’s theory of relativity is “ we wont feel the time spent with a beautiful girl for hours, we feel we just spent some time but it is not the same while siting on a stove we can’t sit even for a minute”. The same thing happened to me at railway station “Even though the ticketing counter guy was issuing tickets quickly I was feeling it is late compared to other queues and also I felt am in queue from a long time which I was not”


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