A short journey!

I planned to appear for Tamil Nadu common entrance test for post graduate engineering admissions. I applied and got the hall ticket ten days before the exam. I had applied for the Andhra Pradesh post graduate test also to increase the possibility of getting a seat. I checked with the train ticket availability as I needed to reach Vellore to attend test, as usual the website showed huge number of waiting list. I thought of booking for Tatkal tickets which can be done only two days before the journey. After two days completing the class, checked for tatkal tickets, again there was waiting list and with a hope it will confirm I booked and it was in waiting list. I waited till chart preparation but it doesn’t get confirmed. By this time I had no option other than travelling by bus so packed with the luggage and at the same time it started to thunder and rain heavily. I got confused whether to travel or not, as I had two days time and I can start next day.

Thinking over a long time decided to take up bus and went as the rain was almost stopped and started to drizzle. Took the bus and reached Shimoga half an hour late than scheduled time as water had overflowed on roads and blocked roads making unfit for travelling. Reaching Shimoga, crossed the road to take Government bus to Bangalore. Got into the bus and gave a call to home to inform my parents about me reaching to Shimoga and getting into bus. Disconnecting the call I was planning roughly what to do once I reach Bangalore, calculating all these didn’t know when I got sleep and woke up only at capital city of Karnataka!


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